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Indie Band Guru Reviews Political Freak Show
Posted on 8/19/2016

"When an artist is a skilled songwriter they can easily craft a song that hits on what is going on in current events in a timely matter.  This can help the song gain some attention outside of the normal fanbase and get some viral spread around the internet.  Our friends from Better Daze Music have done just that with their latest track “Political Freak Show”.

Their brand new single, “Political Freak Show” is here to blend in with the craziness of the American presidential race. The newest song from Roger Cole and Paul Barrere puts a funhouse twist on politics, and it paints a colorful picture for listeners to mull over. 

Get Ready For the Election with “Political Freak Show”

This one blends some interesting sounds and an almost progressive feel to their alt-rock sound.  The bouncy song will get heads bopping along as the lyrics dive into the serious issues that most elections end up being a choice between the lesser of two evils. The pounding piano melody pushes the track forward with an eerily strange energy.  The addition of exotic sounds makes “Political Freak Show” one of their most interesting songs yet." ~ Keith Pro, Indie Band Guru

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Website Updates 08.15.2016 - 08.20.2016
Posted on 8/15/2016

We will be making changes to our website the week of August 15 - 20, 2016

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SleepingBagStudios Reviews Political Freak Show
Posted on 8/4/2016

Dat Bass!  Jeremy Gladstone of Sleeping Bag Studios sure does love his bass!  Click here to read his awesome review of Political Freak Show

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CrossRadar Reviews Political Freak Show
Posted on 7/29/2016

"...It's somewhat refreshing that Roger Cole and Paul Barrere are creating music that doesn't pander to some of the throwaway pop that we are subjected to from every angle these days..."

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TunedLoud! Reviews Political Freak Show
Posted on 7/21/2016

"Only a band totally confident in its own abilities could produce a song called “Political Freak Show” and not only get away with it but make it sound like an absolute classic."

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Indie Band Guru Reviews Political Freak Show https://t.co/DwLMw1lQtz
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Website Updates 08.15.2016 - 08.20.2016 https://t.co/INmko5fo01
Sleeping Bag Studios Reviews Political Freak Show https://t.co/A5tAuCnqkf
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