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TunedLoud! Reviews All That I Need
Posted on 9/25/2016

Roger Cole & Paul Barrere: "All That I Need" - All About The Groove And Textures!

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SBS Reviews All That I Need
Posted on 9/18/2016

"I gotta hand it to Paul on this one – for me it was those accenting lead-guitar notes that fit this song so perfectly I couldn’t take my ears off’em at times. "

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Jamsphere Reviews Right Outta Wrong
Posted on 9/7/2016

Click here to read Rick Jamm's review of Right Outta Wrong

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"All That I Need" Official Announcement
Posted on 8/30/2016

We are pround to officially announce the release date of our next single, All That I Need

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Indie Band Guru Reviews Political Freak Show
Posted on 8/19/2016

Click here to read Indie Band Guru's review of Political Freak Show

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TunedLoud! Reviews All That I Need https://t.co/UmQxiJCmYB
The Blues Discovery Pt. 4 https://t.co/hO5qmXDFOu
SBS Reviews All That I Need https://t.co/D2LK4G2yUb
Awesome!!! https://t.co/x14cehkXzo
All That I need https://t.co/zLLAb9AVrX
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