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JamSphere Reviews 'Lost In The Sound'
Posted on 12/18/2017

"Thick haunting atmosphere...intense melodies, beautiful vocals and mystery-veiled lyrics, are part of the deal on their latest, freshly baked album “Lost in the Sound”. " ~ Rick Jamm

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Sleeping Bag Studios Reviews
Posted on 12/12/2017

"Take note, independent musicians & bands from around the world…this is how ya do it…" ~ Jreemy Gladstone, SBS

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Roger Cole & Paul Barrere Release New Album
Posted on 12/10/2017

The highly anticipated album includes ten tracks that have been sporadically released over the course of the year

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'Let It Go' Digital Release
Posted on 11/9/2017

'Let It Go', Paul & Roger's latest single from the upcoming album 'Lost In The Sound', is now available for digital download and streaming.

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JamSphere Reviews 'Let It Go'
Posted on 10/21/2017

"Meaningful lyrics, amazing songwriting, superb heart-warming yet angry sound, musical teamwork, everything is so perfect in this track. " ~ Rick Jamm, JamSphere

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