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Jambands Interviews Paul Barrere
Posted on 12/26/2016

Paul Barrere talks about his partnership with Roger Cole, his health, the state of the music industry, and so much more!

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EPK Page Temporary Removal
Posted on 12/14/2016

We have temporarily removed our EPK page due to ongoing issues.This page will be put back in place in the near future.  If you need any pictures for publication, company bio or other  information, please contact us at the following email address: 


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TunedLoud! Reviews "Lost In The Sound"
Posted on 12/7/2016

"A masterpiece of lyrical poetry, musical artistry and dramatic cohesiveness..." ~ TunedLoud! review

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All Your Questions Answered About "Lost In The Sound"
Posted on 12/3/2016

Lost In The Sound" Goes Live!

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Jampshere Reviews "Lost In The Sound"
Posted on 11/28/2016

"Roger Cole & Paul Barrere both know that mankind has gone too far in its endless search for riches, while totally disregarding any respect for nature, and must now pay the price." ~ Rick Jamm, Jamsphere

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Thanx Man You Rock https://t.co/BE19Yspj7v
@DestinBennett1 @JasonAldean wonderful!
Keep your eyes open folks, this kid is going places https://t.co/pkxjZBXq4M
Thanx Rick your the best!! https://t.co/KzIBlDZli0
Thanx for the shout out!! https://t.co/I0Orp0L5Um
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