The team at Better Daze is thrilled to announce the official launch of their brand new, highly anticipated album. ‘Lost In The Sound’ is now available for purchase on their website.

‘Lost In The Sound’ is the third album to be released by Roger Cole and Paul Barrere. It follows the albums Musical Schizophrenia, Riding the Nova Train, albums that have both earned the duo a following of fans that they extend their gratitude to.

‘Lost In The Sound’ features ten tracks: “In My Prison”, “Send in the Canary”, “Lost in the Sound”, “Let It Go”, “All That I Need”, “Final Curtain”, “Grain of Sand”, “Political Freak Show”, “Indifference”, and “Your Annoying”.

The album comes as a crown jewel for a team that has worked passionately throughout the year, overcoming personal struggles and medical issues to deliver the music that they love so much to fans who they cherish.

As with both of their previous albums since forming Better Daze, Cole and Barrere have collaborated every step of the way to create every inch of fabric that is the music heard on ‘Lost In The Sound’. Everything from vocals to instrumentals and engineering to mastering has been a joint effort by both Cole and Barrere.

The Better Daze team has become synonymous with their highly recognized sound, which takes a step away from the mainstream music heard on the charts today. Instead, Cole and Barrere have created a sound that resonates as a careful fusion of rock and blues with lyrics that are bold at times and mysterious at others.

“With most musical groups, either the music is great, or the lyrics are great,” said Rick Jamm with Jamsphere. “With Paul Barrere and Roger Cole, it’s definitely both. Each song has a life of its own, but each one has something in common: they are all poetic.”

The Better Daze team is thrilled to release ‘Lost In The Sound’ in time for the holidays, offering the gift of authentic, soul-awakening music to all who listen. More information can be found at http://betterdazemusic.com.  ~  Heather Hawkins, Contributing Writer