Roger Cole and Paul Barrere at Better Daze Music have made it their mission to deliver out-of-the-box music that their fans love, and along that journey, the duo has released numerous albums and singles that have been met with pure joy by listeners. Now, Better Daze has announced the release of a brand new, previously unreleased single.

“Send In The Canary” is the newest song to debut from the Better Daze team as part of the Lost In The Sound album. It was collaboratively created by Cole and Barrere, who’ve worked diligently together since the very beginning of Better Daze to deliver newfound sounds for music lovers.

For fans who enjoy Better Daze’s intellectual take on music making, “Send In The Canary” doesn’t disappoint. The opening lyrics offer a gritty introduction to the song’s meaning: “If I had my head in the clouds, wouldn’t I be taller; and if I keep my ear to the ground, don’t you think I’d be much smaller.”

The music and lyrics for “Send In The Canary” were crafted jointly by Cole and Barrere; the two also joined forces for the guitars and production. Cole’s vocals are heard on the new track, and he also offered the bass, drums, and engineering/mastering.

With lyrics like “Low tide at the gene pool; somebody broke the drain; seems like half the world’s gone stupid; the other half insane”, Better Daze’s latest single will leave listeners thinking about the direction of the world as a whole, as well as the individual journeys met by all.

Other songs on the Lost In The Sound album include “Let It Go”, “Your Annoying”, “All That I Need”, and “Final Curtain”.

“Send In The Canary” will be available for purchase and streaming on major digital music outlets on May 10, 2018. Find out more by following the Better Daze “Music” page!