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Keep your eyes open folks, this kid is going places https://t.co/pkxjZBXq4M
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Thanx for the shout out!! https://t.co/I0Orp0L5Um
Lost In The Sound https://t.co/Ae5Qbemj6A
Lost In The Sound ~ Roger Cole & Paul Barrere: https://t.co/pyaoljwmIi via @YouTube
@razvan255 Hi! I am using one of your animations in a video & would like to credit you properly on YouTube & need your name. Pls contact me
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RT @myworld2121: https://t.co/qB5ZvBP6Ma
Jambands Interviews Paul Barrere https://t.co/7ID30o1zsB
Hear more of Roger & Paul at https://t.co/jLS8jiKHoR https://t.co/AuQMwGCsJn
Congratulations !!!!! https://t.co/0gK9pbu7b7
EPK Page Temporary Removal https://t.co/aLPmvBhV7q
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All Your Questions Answered About \"Lost In The Sound\" https://t.co/OajUCjqQid
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Jamsphere Reviews \"Grain of Sand\" https://t.co/xtEj0u7Iza
Stereo Stickman Reviews Grain of Sand https://t.co/Xn5j4KGjmh
"'Grain of Sand' Coming 11.08.2016" https://t.co/p9aLusBj9l by @BetterDaze3 on @LinkedIn
Stereo Stickman Reviews Political Freak Show https://t.co/OhMypwiRgE
Roger Cole https://t.co/7CxKvGXcG6 via @stereo_stickman
‘You’re Annoying’ Now Available for Streaming and Download https://t.co/3gntb2lSUS
The Blues Discovery, Pt. 6 https://t.co/NBoYWPkx4D
Hear You\'re Annoying Early! https://t.co/STARLZK3vU
Jamsphere Reviews All That I Need https://t.co/8PEGrZgRCr
RT @Coolestvibe: This dog blowing bubbles is seriously the cutest thing ever 😭😍 https://t.co/oHWmTeoi7r
The Blues Discovery, Pt. 5 https://t.co/dLQMQMrU21
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SBS Reviews All That I Need https://t.co/D2LK4G2yUb
All That I need https://t.co/zLLAb9AVrX
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The Blues Discovery, Pt. 3 https://t.co/ce2AFqEVIy
Jamsphere Reviews Right Outta Wrong https://t.co/s1gvoksWhB
RT @eclipse1905: Lake Pehoe, #Patagonia, #Chile | Photo by Daniel Korzhonov #Dream #Love #Hope #Health #Peace & #Art https://t.co/AvJEWO5LQk
RT @PianoClassic100: Good evening from Vienna.The Best of Piano, Chopin Nocturne https://t.co/lcJyQWhoWg
RT @OceanChampions: MT: These #photos showcase incredible #underwater moments in 2016. https://t.co/A5NTDPlWft via @therightblue https://t.co/aap1SRvVhB
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The Blues Discovery, Pt. 2 https://t.co/xaiqOC3Ohb
\"All That I Need\" Official Announcement https://t.co/mHRXimRLbd
Indie Band Guru Reviews Political Freak Show https://t.co/DwLMw1lQtz
All Aboard the Nova Train https://t.co/IOdVjr1s62
Website Updates 08.15.2016 - 08.20.2016 https://t.co/INmko5fo01
Sleeping Bag Studios Reviews Political Freak Show https://t.co/A5tAuCnqkf
What Does a Music Producer Do https://t.co/TOTdnlSKRA
CrossRadar Reviews Political Freak Show https://t.co/j7q9WH9pPV
RT @MindBlowing: Blind dog was scared to walk, so it's owner made this nice little device https://t.co/KunoeDTO9E
Roger Cole & Paul Barrere – “Political Freak Show” https://t.co/stSHJVA8xL
Hey Everybody! Check us out on TunedLoud! and Jamshere!! Thank You Rick Jamm your the best!!! https://t.co/i5d5VqdMBo
Guitar Talk, Pt. 2 Different Guitars, Different Styles https://t.co/MzitKWOtXS
Political Freak Show Now Available For Digital Download https://t.co/MrPrtOpwWP
Political Freak Show Now Available For Digital Download https://t.co/MrPrtOpwWP
Thank You Jamsphere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! https://t.co/3iHbEsDyyS
Guitar Talk, Pt. 2: Show & Tell https://t.co/7oukYaOusN
The Art of Classical Music, Pt.2: Defining Classical Music https://t.co/Bnw8o8UQSs
The Art of Classical Music, Pt 1: Mozart Did It First https://t.co/Ph3zGY8Oky
Vinyl: The Phoenix of the Recording Industry https://t.co/V6JsiYxH1b
Vinyl: The Phoenix of the Recording Industry https://t.co/AYe90gWu42
Moto\'s Monkey https://t.co/EV7zoCxzEY
Moto\'s Monkey & Breakdown Available for Digital Downloads https://t.co/9Se8L0Kknb
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Catching Up with Streaming https://t.co/Q6yDR5wKCI
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Touring vs. Live Streaming https://t.co/wMIyUbP1NB
The Death of the Album https://t.co/VB2x0gjV6F
Sail Away Digital Release https://t.co/BMPDlJLzdy
How The World of Music Has [Changed] https://t.co/Un1mqw8wg6
Sail Away: https://t.co/03tQlAHaKe via @YouTube
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/03tQlAHaKe Sail Away
Musical [Influences] https://t.co/638J87WHGX
Lessons from Others https://t.co/502XcSUFDp
The Art of [Writing] Lyrics with Paul Barrere & Roger Cole https://t.co/6UIajxynTy
Website Issues https://t.co/qazDpn2P7A
Music [Talk] with Roger Cole https://t.co/kPoUd0rczn
Indie Band Guru Reviews Just Keep Walking https://t.co/6QiZpxF6Ap
Slide Talk with Paul Barrere https://t.co/qUXVIuvAoy
New Video Enjoy!!!! https://t.co/nRRSKhKQn6
How They Got Started & Advice for New Musicians https://t.co/2jLFq0Vzug
Official Just Keep Walking Video https://t.co/cj5ppyHQXe
Official Just Keep Walking Video https://t.co/cj5ppyqfyE
Just Keep Walking https://t.co/poYRk7BKFp
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I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/k1Oen9jyz7 "A Night with Roger Cole & Paul Barrere" Highlights Pt. 2
Highlights Pt. 1 from 12.20.2015 Show https://t.co/zgz5lVXXGD
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Paul Barrere & Roger Cole @ Kulaks - LIVE online show Thu December 10th at 8:00pm PST. https://t.co/8eli3eKvId via @concertwindow
Paul Barrere, Roger Cole To Perform Live https://t.co/8NUUs8FMEN
Hey everybody. Come see Roger & Paul perform all the songs from both albums @ Kulak's Woodshed 12.10.2015
Roger & Paul Announce Live Performance https://t.co/BYaxIM4ST0
Come see us play live at Kulak's Woodshed, Laurel Canyon Blvd., N. Hollywood, CA 12.10.2015 https://t.co/u4qsuePhZ7
Come see us @ Kulak's Woodshed 12.10.2015! https://t.co/BeQeSe9D5U
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/xeLx2gV8nU Right Outta Wrong
Right Outta Wrong on CD & Digital https://t.co/RvAj5fUvEc
Right Outta Wrong https://t.co/DYuzj8dYaH
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TRICKY LITTLE NICKY Available on Amazon https://t.co/8j8yXZUYBs
Click to watch Tricky Little Nicky, just days away from it's digital release. Get a new look at fairy tales! https://t.co/5HZmooiJhA
Better Daze & Streaming https://t.co/bJe0b3zjW8
Riding The Nova Train New Prices http://t.co/vCFC0BJ074
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Bad Blood Live Performance http://t.co/tgvdW2662c
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I added a video to a @YouTube playlist http://t.co/s5lhYwQSob Right Outta Wrong Spotlight
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I added a video to a @YouTube playlist http://t.co/vM4SrHAXJK Roger Cole & Paul Barrere perform Who's Right
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Roger Cole & Paul Barrere - Musical Schizophrenia http://t.co/jPNINLLMgT
"The new Cd is here! Get yours now while supplies last!" on @LinkedIn https://t.co/rhYvccwasO
What the Critics Said 2 - Musical Schizophrenia http://t.co/SD9DCpsMQj
The CD\'s Have Arrived! http://t.co/PF07cKB96L
Hey Everybody, The New Record is done Go to http://t.co/D2AsfseF8p and have a listen! Check out the reviews and Order Your Copy now!
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RT @sleepingbagrec: Music from Roger Cole & Paul Barrere reviewed: http://t.co/r5RPhbNwbu Excellent rhythms & grooves on their new album! http://t.co/WwrqiQ8Kyf
Album Review by Crossradar http://t.co/2GcvUP6989
MUSICAL SCHIZOPHRENIA Release Date http://t.co/YO2ViGzF2x
\"Musical Schizophrenia\" Pre-Release Review http://t.co/KcbRkTIIrb
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@toriLallred Hey Tori :) Thanks for asking. I have Tweeted a cover photo along with the video link. We hope you enjoyed our little promo
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@toriLallred Hello Tori> I will post it on YouTube today and share to twitter. Thanks for asking :)
RT @toriLallred: @BetterDaze3 will you share the promo video you made here?
Go Fund Me Update http://t.co/iGComJiKr9
SOE Reviews MARY http://t.co/wIJ6OXHdyI
@UrsulaLygarlis @AVRevolution Thank you so very much! :)
@AVRevolution Awesome contest, thank you all!
RT @AVRevolution: Last months $50 Prize winner! Roger Cole & Paul Barrere – BREATHE @BetterDaze3 http://t.co/g6EjP6h2a3 #alternative #music
SOE Review of Breathe http://t.co/7S09TlNPWG
Hey Everybody, Just wanted to check in and say thank you again for the generosity you have show... http://t.co/TLS5UI9aq5
Thanks to all of you, I was able to go to a pain management specialist, and have since received... http://t.co/TLS5UI9aq5
Jamsphere Review of The Quiet Man http://t.co/TRlwp8gvle
RT @AVRevolution: Vote for Roger Cole & Paul Barrere – BREATHE @BetterDaze3 http://t.co/g6EjP5ZqLt #music #alternative
RT @christinagommez: Vote for Roger Cole & Paul Barrere – BREATHE @BetterDaze3 http://t.co/cX1UFOgE3R #music #alternative
@AmyBrownamy767 Thank you Amy, we'll check this out today.
We\'re In Print! http://t.co/uEwJGmuvxK
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The Critics Have Spoken! http://t.co/Vp3onBCTp7
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I want to take a moment to say thank you to all my friends and fans alike who have generously d... http://t.co/TLS5UI9aq5
I'm raising money for Help Roger fund 3rd spinal surgery. Click to Donate: http://t.co/a3erqmRx00 via @gofundme
I'm raising money for Help Roger fund 3rd spinal surgery. Click to Donate: http://t.co/a3erqmRx00 via @gofundme
Goodbye To Jango http://t.co/nmZ8qBUvUl
Me recuperating after the last surgery. Yes, my wonderful friends Paul & LJ really moved my st... http://t.co/TLS5UI9aq5
I'm raising money for Help Roger fund 3rd spinal surgery. Click to Donate: http://t.co/a3erqmRx00 via @gofundme
Rogers Go Fund Me Page on BDM http://t.co/wA03FMRGef
Thank you Jamsphere for another awesome review! http://t.co/9d3pXbPe3V
Media Page Update http://t.co/Qd6chuH2o6
HELLO NY, CHICAGO & LA http://t.co/yipQ817VaW
Check out our new video for the single BREATHE available now on iTunes, Amazon! http://t.co/tfvF7Ux1KV http://t.co/njWPiffL4n
BREATHE Now Available! http://t.co/0kGSBNfycL
BREATHE Sneak Peek http://t.co/byAhhesXfW
BREATHE - COMING APRIL 1, 2015! http://t.co/pPTTx6NqhX
Better Daze Records Releases Second Single http://t.co/EW7SsUlIdu via @music_existence
New to Better Daze? Check us out @ http://t.co/M5QEGT3wYR listen to our New Releases and watch videos too! http://t.co/7Ulx9xAqnX
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Come watch Paul & Roger in our newest video IN MY TIME OF DYING on YouTube and subscribe now! http://t.co/2UPBymHuVW http://t.co/fv2LPCHXue
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IN MY TIME OF DYING Reviews http://t.co/McIuUWXc0Q
RT @AnthonyCDavison: Fireman stuck on roof rescued by brave sheep... http://t.co/dUx808BxAL via @johndonoghue64 #AnimalRescue
RT @RollingStone: Marijuana is now officially legal in Washington, D.C., but the battle is far from over: http://t.co/ET1Qayonbk
RT @SPACEdotcom: What Would It Be Like to Live On Dwarf Planet Ceres in the Asteroid Belt? http://t.co/TEi3tt1pKV http://t.co/suNvmktLl7
RT @SETIInstitute: Physicists offer a solution to the puzzle of the origin of matter in the universe: http://t.co/bbSDRVaD69 http://t.co/ALbNtK4E6u
RT @UltClassicRock: How @VanHalen's 'Women and Children First' cover shoot nearly destroyed the band: http://t.co/wbTb7HE3mB http://t.co/0DE7l875hV
RT @BBAnimals: baby otter drinking milk from a bottle 😊 ^ http://t.co/ruBbLQMmGA
RT @Jamsphere: Paul Barrere & Roger Cole: “In My Time Of Dying” – unleashing the Blues! http://t.co/pcWHD7aQAE http://t.co/29S4pooOXK @BetterDaze3
RT @drumdial: #drumtuning #drums Get any drum in tune with itself quickly, easily and accurately. Click http://t.co/116uR8t68j http://t.co/7wPzkt78W3
RT @RockersDive: #Listen to @jimnovmusic - Jim Noviello - We Only Say Goodbye - on Rocker's Dive Radio http://t.co/OkhKOpIFQC
Come check our latest review! http://t.co/bgNK7B5mtl
Just happy to see the trees blooming and the sun shining!!!!!
Check out our new video for In My Time Of Dying http://t.co/2UPBymHuVW #betterdaze3 #betterdazemusic #rogercole #paulbarrere
Official Video Release! http://t.co/g1DCm2Gbps
Have A Fun and Safe Superbowl Sunday everybody
RT @BPA_UK: Hungry for piano knowledge? In the past 100 years there have been approximately 5000 Brands of piano. #Piano #Brand http://t.co/cOVSLycEKC
RT @StephanBeneking: "We do not play the #piano with our fingers but with our mind." Glenn #Gould ....."and our soul." Stephan #Beneking #piano #pianist #quote
@nowyld @SonyATVMusicPub CONGRATS!!
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RT @AvaMaha: Tune in to my Dash Radio performance along with 2 Cellos on Thursday Feb. 5 at 7pm EST! Download free Dash Radio app! 🐷😇💖🎵🌟
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SBS AIRS MARY http://t.co/K8iqM5j6ux Thank You SleepingBagStudios
RT @RScountry: Mary Chapin Carpenter revisits the hits on her spring acoustic tour: http://t.co/lNDqBAnWdc
RT @grlldcheesetruk: LOVE the GRILLED CHEESE? Share it with who you love for VALENTINE'S DAY: WE HAVE GIFT CARDS! http://t.co/R3ZNvFQxAL http://t.co/gmpQFCaeX0
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@NewTalentDiscov @Alexander_Ocean @New_Aristocrats @thirdplacemusic @MarkSheppard19 @HunsleyMat @JBCabbie Always happy to follow new peeps!
SBS AIRS MARY http://t.co/HAr0Yr2zXS
Hey everybody check out this review for MARY on Independent Music News http://t.co/6EQLlOvldl #Mary #BDM #NewReleases
RT @Jamsphere: Roger Cole & Paul Barrere: “MARY” – A great, thought-provoking track http://t.co/DKdkRPJeRD @BetterDaze3
@Jamsphere Thanks #Jamsphere for the rockin' review!
WE LOVE JAMSPHERE! http://t.co/i3tLAvcaBj
RT @UltClassicRock: On this day in rock history, one of rock's biggest bands was banned from Boston: http://t.co/9VPt4qUguo http://t.co/4TMpkY1APR
RT @SnoopDogg: #puffpuffpasstuesdays wake n bake http://t.co/6ekKLVbLpg
RT @BBAnimals: this is how real men shoot animals... rt if u agree! ^ http://t.co/kBbN4j6vkU
RT @earthskyscience: Comet Lovejoy closest to Earth tomorrow! Best time to see ... http://t.co/sCYChq19VV Photo: Gerald Rhemann http://t.co/ai4mvdqZEi
RT @beautifulpixx: Sunset at Pfeiffer Beach in Big Sur, California. Photo by Matthew Hansen. http://t.co/akyz3tmdaZ
@MarkSheppard19 @CheekyPromo Excited to have you!
@CheekyPromo @MarkSheppard19 @BetterDaze3
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Merry Christmas everybody! Hope you all have a great day. From all of us at #Betterdazerecords.com
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Roger Cole - https://t.co/qMaR2O6Jqt #iTunes
RT @awkwardgoogle: The man with the longest beard in the world (4.5 feet) tripped over it, broke his neck and died. http://t.co/bEQsQgPrum
RT @FreakyAbandoned: http://t.co/wy2rqtfdSM
RT @Ms_Toni_Mann: Sponsored: Roger Cole & Paul Barrere @BetterDaze3 BAD BLOOD: http://t.co/wnCIM1ZavR #acoustic #folk #music
RT @ThatBucketList: Mont St. Michel, Normandy http://t.co/7N2S15f2pt
RT @ProductPoet: I love this...#coffee #goodmorning http://t.co/St7bmSabrJ
Don't forget to come have a listen to our newest single, MARY. http://t.co/jLS8jjjTot and please share! #Mary #music #BDM
RT @OBsMusicUk: Better Daze ( @betterdaze3 ) are here with music without mainstream constraints - http://t.co/G7mFiDGLPB -
@OBsMusicUk Hello UK! Thanks for the kind words, we hope you like it and there is more to come! Roger & Paul
"MARY" RELEASE DATE SET http://t.co/Ms0wrG8gp6
Thanks to Leona @ldevaz for an incredibly FUN interview! read it here: http://t.co/4UXgcvOvsG
RT @musicnationsi: Roger Cole & Paul Barrere released new single "Who's Right" on @BetterDaze3, check out the official music video! https:/…
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WHO'S RIGHT Review http://t.co/jLQHozCzk3
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Got some great reviews coming out for WHO'S RIGHT! Thanks to Jamsphere, Weekend Notes (Leona) and MusicEye Reviews for the great words!
@Jamsphere Thanks for the amazing review!
RT @Jamsphere: Roger Cole & Paul Barrere: “Who’s Right” – timeless purity and gritty intimacy...http://t.co/YvqHraUVvY @BetterDaze3
RT @EarthPix: Antarctica http://t.co/eqiJnkJ8Qc
RT @Jamsphere: Paul Barrere and Roger Cole: “Bad Blood” http://t.co/0cYZe0jCkU @BetterDaze3
Pic of Fruit Bat, taken in Bali. http://t.co/rhpLv7Ggdr
RT @CosmossUp: Kepler-186f, the first Earth-size Planet in the Habitable Zone http://t.co/6jnACtdqn0 http://t.co/BnUgEliZ9y
RT @Discovery: #AnimalOfTheDay: RT if you love the Walrus! http://t.co/OmB7ricQ7A
Better Daze Music : Video - Who's Right http://t.co/nCT1nAHD6K
@ldevaz What a great feature! HELLO AUSTRALIA!
RT @ldevaz: My chat with Rhythm & Blues duo Paul Barrere & Roger Cole @BetterDaze3 new single 'Bad Blood' http://t.co/ui9laC3gHp http://t.c
As Philae detached from its mothership, an eerie comet song | Science Wire | EarthSky http://t.co/hswGWBhYNk
RT @Jamsphere: Paul Barrere and Roger Cole: “Bad Blood” http://t.co/0cYZe0jCkU @BetterDaze3
BAD BLOOD Jamsphere Review http://t.co/HyVI3HXatX
WHO'S RIGHT Available for listening http://t.co/rsQqq5cf13
RT @sleepingbagrec: It's about time we unleashed the beast again! ALL MUSIC EPISODE of SBS Live This Week! https://t.co/PJhPvUevGE http://t…
RT @HistoryTabloid: 1959 Car Phone http://t.co/OCXJ0jXmE4
RT @Fascinatingpics: I'm a little jealous of this happy little guy http://t.co/y4JJL49i46
Bad Blood Review http://t.co/ChPIuaQ7Xd
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RT @AnthonyCDavison: Baby #Octopus http://t.co/GSDm4fSbfG via @BBAnimals
RT @SpacePornx: Road to the moon. : ` http://t.co/I5Z0Xc3GEE
Come check out the new video #BadBlood by #RogerCole & #PaulBarrere http://t.co/HPaybQG14G Enjoy!!
RT @fabulousanimals: 14-year-old photographer from India won the 2013 Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition with this pic htt…
RT @OMGFunniest_: Come to the park they said. It will be fun, they said http://t.co/ESa1N3UMpx
RT @DaddarioandCo: Today would have been #JohnLennon's 74th birthday. May he rest in peace as his music lives on forever. #RIP http://t.co/
RT @earthposts: a skilled photographer http://t.co/81ykIfMfi8
RT @TheFactsBook: Rare Golden Tabby Tiger http://t.co/aHN0BUlolb
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BAD BLOOD Now Live! http://t.co/IAiMxD02Sl
BAD BLOOD RELEASE DATE SET http://t.co/7o5tnVybw6
RT @TheFactsBook: The Quokka, the happiest animal in the world. http://t.co/fr7RofMNCF
RT @Gotham3: A waterfall under the sea in Mauritius. http://t.co/md9MqMfERw
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Pauls Ice Bucket Challenge http://t.co/wfdebzBfn6
PAULS ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE http://t.co/wfdebzBfn6
Have you ever had one of those mornings where no matter how hard you try you just cant create the perfect cup of coffee oh the horror
NEW "VIDEO'S" PAGE http://t.co/C26x4qtwb3
The Quiet Man - Official Video http://t.co/VNodsLV32O
@LoverOfDH is there a Clara twitter pg that you know of? we've been supporters of hers for some time but have not found one for her.
Coming soon - THE QUIET MAN official video. Stay tuned, and don't forget to come visit us here to listen http://t.co/jLS8jit60h #BDM
RT @GooglePics: Refreshing summer drink http://t.co/C1aTqLszr3
RT @GooglePics: Nutella pops http://t.co/JjoAzKwR6Y
JUSTICE FOR CLARA http://t.co/BSIMvi5mxo
RT @BBAnimals: subwoofers http://t.co/2i44l8fFGV
RT @SpacePornx: What a sight... Supermoon. ` http://t.co/OJZQ9ivTJV
RT @planetepics: Cute Baby donkey. http://t.co/VfRAtmn2l1
RT @OMGFunniest_: Perfectly timed shot! http://t.co/Fpv2VObXr3
RT @Sierratp: Can you guess the location of this week's #MysteryDestination? We have hints...http://t.co/mGBTaXbNwk http://t.co/noAs4azZAX
RT @SWildlifepics: An adorable couple of Tigers! Spread the love http://t.co/89ePDIk7t0
RT @TheGoogleFactz: There is a place in Venezuela where lightning strikes 280 times per hour, 160 nights a year: http://t.co/rx6ukrQw6T
RT @EarthPix: Hot sand, hot sand, hot sand! http://t.co/PYxn6Ga9fY
Just 4 days into the release of The Quiet Man and we've charted! Thanks to all of you #TheQuietMan http://t.co/MxqgudRjgH
RT @BabyAnimalPics: What a weird piano http://t.co/9W2yo54BBE
RT @TheGoogleFactz: This is what the Blue Pond of Japan looks like. http://t.co/etMtO0T01x
RT @EarthAddicts: Zakynthos, Greece http://t.co/n5SoruYitM
The Quiet Man http://t.co/EgMsX5Qnip
THE QUIET MAN http://t.co/v3QLQkOVYe
Coming August 29, 2014 "THE QUIET MAN". http://t.co/6BrrXidGof
NEW RELEASE DATE SET! http://t.co/m0eoQmdsRx
RT @HistoryTabloid: Ann-Margret and Elvis Presley on the set of Viva Las Vegas, 1964 http://t.co/sKELxDDdXb
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RT @OMGFunniest_: Monorail cat has evolved http://t.co/NqHpi6xLyj
RT @OMGFunniest_: You can achieve anything http://t.co/gc3aQtKm5S
I'm the kind of guy who stops the microwave at 1 second just to feel like a bomb defuser
@baesicposts @NairnMilne Good luck! #BetterDazeMusic
RT @Seasaver: #Florida paddleboarder encounters curious manta ray http://t.co/gGittpvIHs via @fcn2go #paddleboarding http://t.co/MjAJF61TjL
We can't wait to see what her future holds for such a dynamic young lady! Check her out http://t.co/2lTTD1N6OI
RT @UltClassicRock: Genesis have revealed the "exciting news" they've been teasing. Details here: http://t.co/sVu9qZKSLg http://t.co/O7CdhE
RT @TheFactsBook: Legitimately Incredible http://t.co/RtQeUzM5iT
@TheFactsBook @UnusualFactPage Where is this stunning place??
RT @TheFactsBook: The water is so clear it looks like the boat is hovering! http://t.co/mZ22Fzkfqi
@TheFactsBook @UnusualFactPage Heartwarming - makes you believe in humanity again.
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RT @NASA: Live Now! @MarsCuriosity's 'Martian Chronicles' w/ latest results: http://t.co/SXNEQ7dFLL Questions: #2YearsOnMars  http://t.co/Z
RT @ObservingSpace: Northern lights over Faskrudsfjordur, #Iceland | Credit: J. Óskarsdóttir http://t.co/BwVkJQUAyk #aurora http://t.co/EUy
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We are please to announce a new video for Number Six Dance! Click here and have a listen http:youtu.beds2ZEf5U_3E
R.I.P. Robin Williams. My the love of the million of fans around the world follow your laughter to Heaven. http://t.co/qsQCebttc5
RT @NASA: See @Google's Perseid meteor shower doodle? Watch the real thing streamed live tonight: http://t.co/JFI22XqFfW  http://t.co/sEb9
RT @OMGFunniest_: Nice catch! http://t.co/7KthjGXVgB
RT @thewarrenhaynes: Tonight's the final show w @JerryGarcia Symphonic Celebration. See you soon @PNCBankArtsCent #NewJersey #GratefulDead …
New Single coming real Soon !! keep an eye out gonna start mixing today!!! #Betterdazemusic.com #RogerCole
A great song to start a happy Tuesday! #BetterDazeMusic http://t.co/3iDnwcZ1LT
RT @planetepics: Cutest Pig Picture Ever http://t.co/8nV6FFi3RV
UPCOMING NEW SINGLE http://t.co/V549Y82bqe
RT @BabyAnimalPics: giraffes take selfies too http://t.co/Qtm8nhEvng
Taking a break from the studio tonight to watch the premier of Sharknado 2 should be a riot!!
In My Time Of Dying http://t.co/F7Xxol5tNK
RTNT Now Available on iTunes, etc.!
#Twitterversary We just turned 1!
Good morning everyone! http://t.co/kRDf4OZwUe
RT @fabulousanimals: The Cat No, I haven't seen her! http://t.co/F2YrDPtAme
RT @marynmck: awww RT @kady: This fox was found sleeping on the seat of an OC Transpo bus in Ottawa this morning. http://t.co/0uWtd8WPTC
RT @SinfiniMusic: ★★★★☆ This is a truly historical set http://t.co/oRSdznDAYh #Normanreview #AlbumoftheWeek @SonyClassicalUK http://t.co/gr
RT @ObservingSpace: A solar filament erupts http://t.co/31ZfGkSJG7 #apod #sun #solar #filament #nasa #sdo #cme http://t.co/gDP6u7mxqB
@nickdrumsalot your cover photo looks like the kit Terry brought on the Zappa plays Zappa tour we did together. Is it?
RT @oceanexplorer: Happy #OctopusFriday! Hope everyone has a safe, fun weekend. (Octopus seen during 2002 Ring of Fire expedition.) http://…
RT @Earth_Pics: Beautiful sunset in Kauai, Hawaii http://t.co/ihO50BchIE
RT @BassPlayerNow: .@Aerosmith bassist, @THaerosmith, kicked cancer's ass and #LetRockRule in Boston (photo: tourmate, @brentfitz) http://t…
RT @AnthonyQuintano: And there she goes! Safe travels #Antares! #NASAsocial #orb2 @OrbitalSciences http://t.co/3COpTC5Et7
RT @planetepics: Satanic leaf tailed Gecko. It's like a real life Dragon! http://t.co/jx37GvA3jt
RT @planetepics: 10 Bizarre Creatures Of The Amazon Found at http://t.co/jooGfEknMP http://t.co/zToEcIXVVA
RT @MeetAnimals: Hedgehog to the sky! http://t.co/KxyRkHRShh
Have you ever had reverse paranoia when you thought you were following someone?
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Some people never go crazy, What horrible lives they must lead. Enjoy your weekend!!!
Spending the day getting guitar sounds. Will it be the #Gibson or the #Stratocaster #RogerCole
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When someone asks you, 'A penny for your thoughts, 'and you put your two cents in, what happens to the other penny? #RogerCole
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#RogerCole Chilling in the park. Hope your all having a great Monday! http://t.co/13rxk9Smq9
RT @ObservingSpace: The #sun over #Stonehenge photographed by Dave on Jun 21 https://t.co/kfMBlqLn8q #solstice #summersolstice #nature http…
Happy B-Day Bob Marley. Your message will always be an inspiration! http://t.co/KcvfhDplUB
Congratulations to the LA Kings for taking hope the Stanley Cup!!!
A Full Moon on Friday the 13th! Very cool won't happen again for 4800 years Everybody lookup!!
Spent the day yesterday shooting for a new music video. Lots of fun! So Cal is made for settings so much to choose from!!
another tune coming guitars and bass are in the box now time for drums!!!
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We are very excited to tell you that the new website is coming along beautifully and can't wait for the reveal-be sure to look for updates!
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