Founded by writing team Paul Barrere and Roger Cole, with the idea that it would be nice to have a company where creation, imagination and quality could be the only guidelines that had to be followed. The magic began when Paul and Roger decided to write some songs together, just to see what would come of the collaboration. Over time they found that their combined styles yielded some interesting music, which inevitably led to their debut album titled “Riding the Nova Train”.

With many years of experience in the music industry by both Paul and Roger, there was no lack of understanding about the amount of responsibility, both financial and time required, to get exposure for a new music project in today’s markets.  Still wanting the ability to create, promote and share new material without being forced to adhere to mainstream music guidelines set forth by larger labels and distributors, they created Better Daze Records.

With the motto “Music for the sake of music”, Better Daze Records continues to grow by creating new material, as well as inviting other artists who share in the idea that music can be creative, experimental and still have an appeal to listeners the world over, regardless of style. 

Don’t let it be said that they are just another kid throwing a tantrum over the current state of creative industries. There is no misconception of the gargantuan chain of people necessary to keep the wheels turning that make the “flavor of the month” business practices which appear to make sense to large corporations. We here at BDR simply feel that a lot of great material doesn’t have a fighting chance for success within those constructs, and at some point is has been overlooked  that expression, creativity and experimentation in all forms of art, was the very foundation upon which they were built.

We welcome you to Better Daze Music – where creativity meets quality, every time!


Enjoy the music!