The Impact of Social Media

Why Roger thinks you should go out and do something, and Paul hated having a last name that starts with the letter “B”


Paul:  There’s an old showbiz adage that says all publicity is good publicity, just as long as they spell your name right.  T think that social media can and sometimes does fall into that scenario in a lot of ways.  It has made stars of people with no discernable talent other than being a social media star, and it has taken careers to another level by reporting every little digression in their personal lives.  I call that the Unsocial media, and love it or hate it, it is a fact of our tech driven lives.

Then there’s the real value of social media, especially for the more unknown musician, model, artist, etc.  It is a platform that can be used to advertise, promote and just plain get ears and eyes on your work. And for the most part it’s free, however, there are some resourceful young entrepreneurs who are starting companies that will help those without tech skills to do just that.  There are funding campaigns, blogs, videos – just about anything you can dream of to help promote your work, and therein lies the rub.  These things do cost you something, a pittance compared with ad agencies and promo departments of major labels that can cost a pretty penny.  I know this because my son works for a company that does just that, and through my travels I have met more and more social media coordinators who do really good work and are reaping the benefits of this brave new world.

We at Better Daze are so lucky to have our own Girl Friday, Miss Moneypenny Extraordinaire – our own secret weapon who investigates all of these platforms, gets us more bang for the buck, and who has clued us into the fact that if you want your product listed, played or sold, (in our case, songs), you need to have a video to go with it.  Oh joy, just what I’ve always wanted.  I must say that it has taught me a good lesson in being more sociable.  One needs to engage fans and not only get them to like your sites, but to get them to share that with their friends, comments, likes, hashtags – love them hashtags.  The more clicks we get, the higher up the old algorithm scale you go.  I always wondered why there was AAA plumbing, or whatever in the phone book - well, it puts you ahead of the class, top of the page, first in line.  And here I always hated having a last name that started with a ‘B’ – you can get away with anything when you are up front!!!  Party on dude…

Roger:  The pros would be that it is really cool to talk to people all over the world, share concepts, have a laugh sometimes.   It’s nice that people can send pictures to each other with ease – you know, people that they wouldn’t be able to travel to see, their kids and all that stuff.  It’s also a really great marketing tool, especially for independent artists.  The ability to spread the word about things at a low overhead is always a great help to getting the word out. 

The cons are, I guess, it seems that a major percentage – literally billions of people – spend about an hour a day, some a lot more, some less, on social media.  Basically going back and forth about things that they disagree with, and getting pretty uptight about it.  It seems that if you do that every day – you know, spend that much time every day on social media – that by the end of the week, you’ve just spent an 8-hour day either ranting, or just cruising around, you’re not getting paid for that time.  So, how about (just as a concept), if all these people took half of that time, a half a day, and got together in their own community and did something more constructive with that time.  It’s not like you’re really going that far out of your way, it’s not time you wouldn’t have given away to nothing anyway.  It’s a concept, just throwing it out there.  Lots of things can be done instead of just taking about things and ranting about what you feel the outcome should be – actually go out and do something.