What Happened to the Record Business?

Hello folks, are you still buying cd’s? If so, where are you getting them? There seems to be fewer and fewer outlets for actual cd’s these days. Now it appears that Best Buy will quit selling cd’s by July 1st, 2018. Another retailer, Target, has hinted that they will change the way they will do business with record companies, limiting the number of titles it will carry, although it denied reports that it might quit selling all cd’s. They have a marketing plan that still works for them, signing exclusive deals with artists like Taylor Swift, artists that can still drive traffic to their stores. A few years back the Eagles had a similar exclusive deal with Walmart stores. So there seems to be little recourse for lesser-known artists, or even the new indie musical artists.

This has been a result of falling cd sales over the last couple of years, 20% alone in 2016. Meanwhile paid subscriptions like Spotify, Amazon, Pandora, and Apple Music nearly doubled in the same amount of time. In 2017, cd sales dropped another 19% selling 85.4 million cd’s, while back in 2000, sales were at an all-time high of nearly $13.2 billion. What does this say for the future of the compact disc? Will it follow the cassette and 8 tracks and die a slow death just waiting for some sort of trend to bring back the old ways as vinyl has shown? But even those sales have started to slow. Even digital downloads have slacked off 20%. Perhaps the fact that automakers are phasing out cd players in their newer models could be a good sign of what’s in store for the physical cd.

These are the facts as reported in Digital Music News and cited in an article in US Today released at the beginning of February. So how do you like your tunes, and can you tell the sonic difference in the different formats, as opposed to a streaming service that compresses the sound? Do you like the convenient instant accessibility to today’s music, or even older music streamed to your digital device? It’s a quandary for artists who would love for you to have the disc that represents the full spectrum of sound that they’ve worked so hard on, but that even requires a sound system that can reproduce the full mix.

I have kids all in their 20’s and the only place they shop for cd’s is at used record stores like Amoeba where they can get older music, but for all new music, they stream it.  We at Better Daze Music are wondering which is the way to go, do we need to keep pressing cd’s if people only want to select certain songs and download them? They do make pretty Christmas tree ornaments if they catch the light just right. I hope that once you’ve read this blog you will send us a note either to our Facebook page or our website and let us know what you think.

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