Better Daze Records was founded with the vision of creating “music for the sake of music.” Wishing to create music that is unblemished by mainstream restraints, the musical talents of Paul Barrere and Roger Cole have merged to yield a collaboration like no other. While their musical styles are vastly different, the guys found a middle ground that is irresistibly engaging and fun. Paul and Roger work flawlessly together to infuse their independent talents, creating a stream of authentic music.

The duo draws inspiration from a wide variety of music, but place emphasis on the styles of Dire Straits, Pink Floyd, Traffic, Leonard Cohen, and many others over the years, as there are too many to name. Paul and Roger’s unique blend of styles results in a mellow, smooth sound that is reminiscent of a bygone era of rock and roll that can be enjoyed across the generations. With a no-holds-barred outlook, Paul and Roger enjoy a limitless space for soulful, real music.


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" “Lost In The Sound” is simply one of the best Adrenalin-pumping, epic rock songs ever produced by Roger Cole & Paul Barrere.  It climaxes with the most exciting instrumental music they have ever recorded too – unlike anything any other rock band has produced outside of the progressive rock era." ~ Rick Jamm, Jamsphere, Lost In The Sound review


"These guys are leaving no stone unturned right now in their writing and really getting to the core of their grooves and fully expanding and exploring the ideas in the music they create – and I’ve got a lot of love for that.  I’m seriously impressed by these guys and just how strongly they continue to grow as the bond between them thickens and the music tightens-up as a result…I’ve really enjoyed their evolution in sound and I’m stoked that they’re making music with passion, rhythm and skills all coming together as one & sounding as strong as it does now."  ~ Jeremy Gladstone, Sleeping Bag Studios, All That I Need review


"While Roger Cole & Paul Barrere  started out releasing purely roots, blues, rock and progressive rock music, they have been inching themselves toward more alternative song craft as well as tackling more socially conscious themes. Here they hit their stride with a full frontal tongue-in-cheek political confrontation and a twisted art-rock sound to blow your seventies socks off!  Can there really be any doubt that this is Roger Cole & Paul Barrere’s most shimmering moment? Not only is this by far their most accessible sound, but it also has their highest concentration of excellent lyrics, harmonies and layered instrumentation. Their music is not to be taken lightly. Nearly all aspects of it are creative." ~  Video Music Stars, Political Freak Show review



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