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Posted on December 7, 2018

You can tell these guys are just having a lot of fun with this song. If anything Cole & Barrereare probably going to be remembered as one of the underground acts in this time that brought blues and rock back to their core basics. The duo’s songs are well written – in this case re-written – their instrumentation is spot-on, and its music that comes from two dudes who clearly know what they are doing.

The production is one of “Old Folks Boogie Redeux’s” strengths: Inspired flourishes, like the basslines fold effortlessly into the blues aesthetic. The percussion dances along to the deep rhythm and guitar riffs, while the lead vocals always have ample breathing room. But what really impressed me more than anything else, was not what was in the mix, but what was unexpectedly missing from it. I waited three minutes and twenty eight seconds for the explosive lead guitar solo to happen. It never did. Damn, that must have required a vast amount of restraint on the part of the players. I play guitar. I know what kind of a scintillating solo you can you can squeeze out over this inviting rhythmic foundation right here.

Hats off to Roger Cole & Paul Barrere for being able to refrain from any musical masturbation over a rhythm this dirty and enticing. Instead they toy around with track’s overall blues conventions – with its quaint narrative and its vivid imagery – using rhythm, nuance and melody, and a whole pile of sticky, gritty guitar riffs. ~ Rick Jamm, Jamsphere

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Coming Soon!
Posted on November 12, 2018

When Paul Barrere was a child, he memorized a line his father used to sing around the house: “Ya know that you’re over the hill, when your mind makes a promise that your body can’t fill”.

It was a line that Paul’s father heard from a comic when he was acting in vaudeville theater in New York City, and he just never could forget it. In singing it around the house, he passed the line on to Paul. Paul would go on to make a song called “Old Folks Boogie” based around that line, which was released in a 1977 record called ‘Time Loves a Hero’.

Today, Paul works with Roger Cole at Better Daze Music, where the two are constantly creating new and innovative tunes that stretch the limits of modern musicality. Roger recently asked Paul to re-create “Old Folks Boogie”, and Paul agreed.

Now, Better Daze Music has announced the official release of “Old Folks Boogie Redeux”. As part of its recreation, the song has received a facelift of sorts, offering a steel blues sound that’s a bit more modern than the original version.

Against a backdrop of blues and a hint of grunge, we hear lyrics such as “And you know that you’re over the hill, when your mind makes a promise that your body can’t fill; Old Folks Boogie, and boogie they will; cause to them the thought is as good as the thrill”.

The original “Old Folks Boogie” was released over 40 years ago, but Better Daze Music fans can catch the new version at the website, as well as at major digital music platforms such as iTunes on December 1, 2018. ~ Heather Hawkins, Contributing Writer

Posted on April 27, 2018

Roger Cole and Paul Barrere at Better Daze Music have made it their mission to deliver out-of-the-box music that their fans love, and along that journey, the duo has released numerous albums and singles that have been met with pure joy by listeners. Now, Better Daze has announced the release of a brand new, previously unreleased single.

“Send In The Canary” is the newest song to debut from the Better Daze team as part of the Lost In The Sound album. It was collaboratively created by Cole and Barrere, who’ve worked diligently together since the very beginning of Better Daze to deliver newfound sounds for music lovers.

For fans who enjoy Better Daze’s intellectual take on music making, “Send In The Canary” doesn’t disappoint. The opening lyrics offer a gritty introduction to the song’s meaning: “If I had my head in the clouds, wouldn’t I be taller; and if I keep my ear to the ground, don’t you think I’d be much smaller.”

The music and lyrics for “Send In The Canary” were crafted jointly by Cole and Barrere; the two also joined forces for the guitars and production. Cole’s vocals are heard on the new track, and he also offered the bass, drums, and engineering/mastering.

With lyrics like “Low tide at the gene pool; somebody broke the drain; seems like half the world’s gone stupid; the other half insane”, Better Daze’s latest single will leave listeners thinking about the direction of the world as a whole, as well as the individual journeys met by all.

Other songs on the Lost In The Sound album include “Let It Go”, “Your Annoying”, “All That I Need”, and “Final Curtain”.

“Send In The Canary” will be available for purchase and streaming on major digital music outlets on May 10, 2018. Find out more by following the Better Daze “Music” page! 

JamSphere Reviews 'Lost In The Sound'
Posted on December 18, 2017

If you are a Radiohead fan, with a penchant for legends like Pink Floyd and King Crimson, then Roger Cole & Paul Barrere will be an easy band to fall in love with. Thick haunting atmosphere, lots of bleeps and beeps, intense melodies, beautiful vocals and mystery-veiled lyrics, are part of the deal on their latest, freshly baked album “Lost in the Sound”. The riffs and parts are tight, intense little affairs with so much power as to build a cinematic degree of tension. These are well-oiled high-thread-count arrangements that draw their texture from an array of stringed instruments and keyboards, building lush layered harmonies. It’s a beautiful sound that shows it’s depth on repeat listens. Multiple listens reveal a rich complexity that becomes increasingly engaging. I encourage you to listen to “Lost in the Sound” several times prior to forming a conclusive opinion about this incredible album.

Where the somnambulant rock sway of opener ‘In My Prison’ and the  lead single ‘Lost In The Sound’ present a rich wealth of epic atmospheric and melodic finesse, mid-album highlight ‘Let It Go’ – with its rhythmic flourishes and darkly harmonic twists and turns – makes for borderline grandstanding stuff.

Elsewhere, the shrewd shifts and almost-imperceptible tonal changes on mid-album peaks ‘All That I Need’ and ‘Final Curtain’ capture the band’s knack for exquisite chord changes that reward a keen ear. Woven with sweeping arrangements – not least on ‘Political Freak Show’’ – Roger Cole & Paul Barrere have once more mined majesty from honoring the craft of the song, not to mention the profound air of musical wanderlust that is forged when Roger and Paul bang heads.

The duo has been able to indulge as many whims as they’ve felt right. Listen to the amusing ‘Your Annoying’, or the oblique and artsy ‘Indifference’, as well as my favorite, ‘Grain of Sand’. The sounds captured, as lusciously organic as they are, are perfect for the overall pitch of this release.

This is music stemming from a place that few artists can access. The songs are focused and determined. It’s like hearing the past half a century of rock music playing in one single album, which sounds—thrillingly and reassuringly—like the future to me! ~ Rick Jamm, JamSphere 

Excerpt taken from Rick Jamm's review of Lost In The Sound.  Click here to read the entire review.


Sleeping Bag Studios Reviews
Posted on December 12, 2017

Well would ya look at this lineup of tunes!  Practically plays like a greatest-hits album with the number of pre-released singles that are featured on Roger Cole & Paul Barrere’s latest record, Lost In The Sound.  Take note, independent musicians & bands from around the world…this is how ya do it…

 “Seems like half the world’s gone stupid, the other half insane.”  Amen brother, I hear ya on that.  That’s one of the great lines you’ll find in the lyrical insight of what’s damn near a punk-thrasher for these guys.  Groove-rock at the very least, “Send In The Canary” is an early highlight on the record that the DeLeo brothers would be plenty proud of if they’d written it themselves…Roger & Paul are locked into a sound that has them in a Stone Temple Pilots vibe.  Interesting cut in the sense that I wouldn’t expect this tune from the boys…I don’t know that many people out there that follow their music would either – I like that kind of surprise when I listen to new music, don’t you?  Loved the mix, loved the recording, loved the amount of control you can hear in the musicianship & instrumentation even though the song still retains that thrashing spirit of real rock in the air. Clever words from Roger, solid performance on the mic and great mix on the vocals – WICKED tone from Paul’s guitars…dammit, I mean, this song is just all-out FUN while still providing another layer of depth through the insightful, thought-provoking lyricism.  Bass is rippin’ it up, the beat is killer…”Send In The Canary” freakin’ ROCKS and is definitely an early highlight; as unexpected as it was, they really own this song’s every moment and prove they can rock as hard as they wanna.  It also sets off a chain reaction of new tunes to follow, with their title-track up next on the list.

Twelve seconds in, your jaw should drop to the floor and “Let It Go” should be tantalizing your eardrums already…because that, my friends…THAT is what you call a serious groove right there.  Roger & Paul sound like what you might imagine Tom Primus & The Heartbreakers could have been.  I didn’t get that wrong btw – Roger sounds like Tom Petty fronting Primus writing from a Heartbreakers approach – so I gave it a name.  And if that description doesn’t sound like something you’d want to listen, then brother, you are reading the WRONG page today…because a combination like that, on paper, would be extremely appealing to me already – and the reality is, this tune is that much better than the high expectations a description like that should induce.  Seriously…what’s NOT to love about “Let It Go?” 

I double-checked the previous review I wrote about “All That I Need” just to make 100% sure of the fact that I pointed-out the sick Sly & The Family Stone-esque groove that they put into this tune.  One of my favorite performances from Roger in the vocals adding to the slick bass tones and addictive movement of the song – “All That I Need” is like one big giant hook that never lets you go.  Definitely a great choice to include with this diverse set of tunes and certainly one that my ears welcomed back, I love this cut.  Read my full thoughts on “All That I Need” right here in my previous review.  You can also check out the review on the following song “Final Curtain” right here, which is a SLICK song to have worked into the lineup here – it’s actually a solo-tune from Roger Cole.  It’s a solid inclusion that fits right in here…Cole might get a little crazy and excited with those drums, but you can tell it must all have the full support of his cohort Paul if it’s showing up here on the new album, which says a lot about them both.  Another insatiable groove that really takes over Cole’s spirit though – he gets right into “Final Curtain” and I think it was without a doubt a great cut to include on this album overall.


There is so much more of this amazing review to read, so please click here  to see more of Jeremy Gladstone’s review of Lost In The Sound, on Sleeping Bag Studios.

Roger Cole & Paul Barrere Release New Album
Posted on December 10, 2017

The team at Better Daze is thrilled to announce the official launch of their brand new, highly anticipated album. ‘Lost In The Sound’ is now available for purchase on their website.

‘Lost In The Sound’ is the third album to be released by Roger Cole and Paul Barrere. It follows the albums Musical Schizophrenia, Riding the Nova Train, albums that have both earned the duo a following of fans that they extend their gratitude to.

‘Lost In The Sound’ features ten tracks: “In My Prison”, “Send in the Canary”, “Lost in the Sound”, “Let It Go”, “All That I Need”, “Final Curtain”, “Grain of Sand”, “Political Freak Show”, “Indifference”, and “Your Annoying”.

The album comes as a crown jewel for a team that has worked passionately throughout the year, overcoming personal struggles and medical issues to deliver the music that they love so much to fans who they cherish.

As with both of their previous albums since forming Better Daze, Cole and Barrere have collaborated every step of the way to create every inch of fabric that is the music heard on ‘Lost In The Sound’. Everything from vocals to instrumentals and engineering to mastering has been a joint effort by both Cole and Barrere.

The Better Daze team has become synonymous with their highly recognized sound, which takes a step away from the mainstream music heard on the charts today. Instead, Cole and Barrere have created a sound that resonates as a careful fusion of rock and blues with lyrics that are bold at times and mysterious at others.

“With most musical groups, either the music is great, or the lyrics are great,” said Rick Jamm with Jamsphere. “With Paul Barrere and Roger Cole, it’s definitely both. Each song has a life of its own, but each one has something in common: they are all poetic.”

The Better Daze team is thrilled to release ‘Lost In The Sound’ in time for the holidays, offering the gift of authentic, soul-awakening music to all who listen. More information can be found at http://betterdazemusic.com.  ~  Heather Hawkins, Contributing Writer

'Let It Go' Digital Release
Posted on November 9, 2017

The team at Better Daze Music has just announced the release of their latest single, 'Let It Go'.  Better Daze Music has released a steady stream of fresh singles to herald in the release of their upcoming album, "Lost In The Sound". According to the Better Daze team, the exact release date for the new album, as well as other details, will be available soon.

“Let It Go” includes vocals by Roger Cole and Paul Barrere, the duo behind Better Daze’s unique sound. Cole was also on the guitar, bass, and drums for “Let It Go”; he also mixed and mastered the single.

Barrere can be heard on the guitar for the track, and the two worked together on production of the upcoming single.

“It’s just a matter of time before we all lose our mind, we have to push it aside, just get on with it,” ring the vocals.

“Let It Go” offers an authentic blues and grunge sound that has become synonymous with the music created by Cole and Barrere. Their unique style is a reflection of their deep rooted strategy to celebrate raw music, intricate melodies, and a soulfulness that isn’t found in much of today’s mainstream music.

More vocals from “Let It Go” include, “When the world starts driving you crazy, finding it hard to think, let it go”.

“Let It Go” debuts today, November 9, 2017, on all major digital music platforms for streaming and download. Further details can be found at http://betterdazemusic.com. ~ Heather Hawkins, Contributing Writer, Hawkins Copywriting

JamSphere Reviews 'Let It Go'
Posted on October 21, 2017

Meaningful lyrics, amazing songwriting, superb heart-warming yet angry sound, musical teamwork, everything is so perfect in this track. Such a gorgeous and refined melody and philosophical lyrics is worth being remembered for all of the current generation. The guitarist uses swampy resonating sound so beautifully and the drummer plays simple but tight groove, with every drum fill-in is on the sweet musical spots. The bassist backs up the music stably as the boys sing the vocals with conviction. This is one of my current desert Island #1’s in the Roger Cole & Paul Barrere catalog. Yes, the track “Let It Go” is performed by a rock duo. Two proficient and passionate musicians who share the activities of a regular 4-piece band.

The credits read – Vocals (Roger Cole/Paul Barrere), Guitar (Paul Barrere), Bass, and Drums (Roger Cole). The track was Produced by Roger Cole/Paul Barrere and Mixed & Mastered by Roger Cole. This is a hauntingly awesome, rich and deep, philosophical song, simple and complex at the same time.

If you’re looking for another Roger Cole & Paul Barrere record that combines musical inspiration and travelling emotions, with grounded ideals, I would sincerely recommend “Let It Go”. You’ll play it over and over if you’re at all like me. Especially the portentous intro and opening verse, bathed in deep growling guitars and moody bass basslines:

“When the world starts driving you crazy / Finding it hard to think / Let It Go / Everything just goes hazy and your heads pounding to the brink / What’s left to do, there’s nothing left to do / Let It Go”

The track’s keystone is the irascible guitar lines, but the lyrics, melody, harmony, and additional music make an incredibly gorgeous song. The futility of human existence plays a key part in the song, and the lyrics reinforce the notion of life’s limits which pervades this exquisite, if moody, masterpiece.

The single, “Let It Go”, releases officially on the 9th of November 2017


This article is an excerpt from Rick Jamm's review of 'Let It Go'.  You can read the complete review by clicking here.

'In My Prison
Posted on July 23, 2017

Better Daze Music has just announced the release of their latest single, the highly anticipated track “In My Prison”.

“In My Prison” comes at the heels of a stream of releases that have continued to attract and engage audiences. Recent singles have included “Final Curtain”, “Rising Star”, and “Summer Storm”. Now, audiences are getting their first taste of “In My Prison”, a grunge and rock track that tells the tale of a man in the throes of depression and uncertainty.

As with each of their tracks, the Better Daze Music team worked to create another song that wills the mind to expand and consider new possibilities.

Better Daze Music is headed by Roger Cole and Paul Barrere, a duo that continuously work to enthrall audiences of all ages and fans of varying genres. Straying from mainstream music, Barrere and Cole have leveraged their talents and years of industry experience to deliver unique, raw, thought-provoking music. With songs spanning from ballads to satire to old fashioned rock and roll, Better Daze Music has created and fine-tuned their own special recipe for creating music for the masses.

“In My Prison” weaves lyrics such as “in my prison, of indecision, how can my thoughts form?” and “The tower card will always show, no fortune teller here, no gypsies with their tarot cards, to quiet all your fears”.

The new single features vocals by both Cole and Barrere. Guitar credits go to Barrere, and Cole headed up the keyboard, bass, and drums for “In My Prison”.

The Better Daze Music team is proud to introduce a brand new single to their collection of carefully crafted music. Currently, Better Daze Music has three albums and the recent string of singles. These can all be found at the company’s website, as well as for streaming and download via major digital platforms. For instance, each track can be found for purchase via Apple and Amazon.

“In My Prison” is also expected to be available for purchase via these platforms. Lyrics and more will soon be available at http://betterdazemusic.com. ~ Heather Hawkins, Contributing Writer

JamSphere Reviews 'In My Prison'
Posted on July 10, 2017

"“In My Prison” is a mesmerizing record, it seduces you to listen again and again. The guitar playing is vintage stuff taken from the book of six strings with an electric soul. It is distinctive in its style, depth and clarity. Through the years Paul Barrere has shown his versatility on a range of guitars, and other instruments. These are all brought to bear on this track. Roger Cole on the other hand delivers the amazing keyboards, bass and drums. The singing too, is hypnotic and articulate. The lyrics are suggestive and compelling without being obvious. They allow you to draw meaning from your own experiences. Ladies and gentleman, once again Roger Cole and Paul Barrere prove themselves to be musicians of the highest order.

I became a Pink Floyd devotee in the 70s, as they had a sound that defied characterization. They accumulated all my musical needs into one perfectly classy package – rock, classic, folk, pop, and blues strains flooded their sound and filled my soul. However they are all but gone now, bar a couple of solo albums by some still active members.

So now, in a world of mediocrity and vulgarity, a simple American duo displays all the enormous talent, subtlety and class that Pink Floyd once fed me. I have listened to their music many times over but I’m sure, that like Floyd, I have only scratched the surface of Cole and Barrere’s musical rewards.

A little less pretentious, and a little more visceral than Floyd, Roger Cole and Paul Barrere deliver yet another musical and lyrical masterpiece with “In My Prison”. This time around, they use all the elements at their disposable, so over and above the melody and harmonics, there is plenty of distorted noises and dissonance to bring the nature of the song home – “In My Prison / Of indecision / How can my thoughts form? / The tower card will always show / No fortune teller here / No gypsies with their tarot cards / To quiet all your fears.”

Excerpts taken from Rick Jamm's JamSphere review of 'In My Prison'.  Click here to read more of this incredible review!

Website Updates
Posted on July 10, 2017

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SBS Reviews 'In My Prison'
Posted on July 10, 2017

"The boys have got a lot going right for them here…and it starts with the pacing and space in this song.  “In My Prison” is really well mapped out; lots of space for the instrumentation to shine – and it does.  From the thick bass-tones from Roger that drive the rhythm & groove to the purely wild guitar solos from Paul – this track reveals its elements nice & slowly as different parts are mixed in, resulting in an atmosphere that has a classic sound & vibe without reaching too far back.  Relevant for today’s music, “In My Prison” has just enough of an alternative edge, or Pink Floyd-ness to it that I can definitely hear why people would dig this new single of theirs…they’ve got something with widespread appeal here.

But I maintain…it’s the movement and structure that lead these guys to victory this time around.  Those bass-lines really lead the way with confidence – I’m loving those.  The keyboards from Cole as well, they add a ton of flavor and character into this tune…listen to the way these two elements really fill the space while Paul does his guitar-thang around the 2:30 mark with a brilliantly played solo.  It should be noted – this ain’t the boys first rodeo…they certainly know where their strengths lie and get the best out of themselves and their defined roles in this project by sticking to doing what they both do best.  Another way of saying that, is that they’re playing it smart – the results are in and they’ve got themselves another solid tune here.  The groove on “In My Prison” is massively thick and completely appealing.

Cole’s lead vocals are on-point…kind of sounds like Tom Petty a bit, only in a Pink Floyd realm where the sound is twisted, bent and fantastical – I’d assume that for what he was looking for on this song, he’s nailed the tone he’s after.  Everything seems to fit really well here…you can tell the boys are feelin’ this one and Paul’s backup vocals hit those harmonies perfectly.  Together they sound like they’re ‘right in the pocket’ here and they keep this one tight through their performances and shared duties in production.  Some artists/bands have trouble self-editing or working together when it comes to the studio-side of life – not these two guys…maybe they might have at one time but things have been rolling in the right direction for Roger & Paul for some time now.  “In My Prison” is no exception to their recent winning streak – I think they’ve got another solid tune here that doesn’t sound desperate to light the world on fire…a track that just has the sly integrity of just being a really damn good song." ~ Jeremy Gladstone, Sleeping Bag Studios

This article contains excerpts from Jeremy Gladstone's review of 'In My Prison'.  To read the complete SBS review, click here.


SleepingBagStudios Reviews 'Final Curtain'
Posted on May 24, 2017

"Nothing can keep him away from the music…nothing slows his creativity or will to make MORE of it – but at the same time, with a song like “Final Curtain” – you have to certainly recognize that Roger has stared down the face of his mortality head-on and perhaps realities or perspectives are changing as a result.  I honestly found “Final Curtain” to remind me more of a song like Queen’s “The Show Must Go On” than anything else…even though the two songs are in completely different styles, thematically these objects might be closer than they appear in the mirror.  There are many clues inside this song that, if written from an intensely personal place as Roger often does…might actually cause genuine worry amongst his fans.  The lyrical imagery & descriptions in the emotions and feelings experienced in the main storyline of “Final Curtain” are heartbreakingly real, brilliantly insightful & honestly observational.  I dig the rhythm of the muted-strings and the kick-in to the song’s main energy & riffs…the beginning of “Final Curtain” is super-strong and the groove in this beat never quits from there.  Solid transitions, harmonies are well-placed and the overall ideas of this song are truly bulletproof; it might be a little lower-fi in the production than some of the tunes I’ve heard from RC & PB together – but that might be purposeful as it seems to really fit the style of the sound of “Final Curtain.”  I had a few moments where I felt like the drums from Joe Travers might be gettin’ a bit chaotic back there…but most of the time I appreciated the added energy, enthusiasm and power they put into this tune.  Roger has fantastic moments on the vocals in this song, both in the verse itself and even more exceptional moments within the backing-layers where he really lets it out with tones and ‘ohhhhhhs’ that fit the atmosphere 100%...

I will leave you with some of Roger’s own words to end this review today…because I think in a way this particular line says a lot about him and his endless passion, respect and love for music…perhaps even a strong hint as to why he’s doing all that he does & gets out of bed the next day to do it all again but twice as hard…  He says in the song’s chorus:  “The story’s long since over, but the encore never ends.”

The music will always live on.  Long may you run brother-man." ~ exerpts from Jeremy Gladstone's SBS review of 'Final Curtain'


There is so much more to read, so click here to see more of Jeremy's awesome review of Roger Cole's 'Final Curtain'

JamSphere Reviews 'Final Curtain'
Posted on May 24, 2017

"Roger Cole is anything but predictable. Other than the fact that excellence flows in abundance from his river of musical and artistic expression, his music (usually together with his partner in crime Paul Barrere) is always engaging on an emotional level. Here on his solo effort, the single, “Final Curtain”, Cole is not content to repeat himself, nor is he afraid to confront difficult subjects or at least ideas that many artists don’t frequent.

Just listen to the wit and wisdom in the words: “The look that you see in my eyes / Someone you don’t recognize, a stranger / The sarcasm within the smiles / Has worn thin from endless miles / There’s anger.” In part the song directly points to the obsession of the fakers living within a false reality instead of accepting what’s really right there in front of them and ceasing to pretend.  And not surprisingly for those familiar with Roger Cole, he delivers this stuff with his usual emotive smoothness.

The grittiness is there, the guitars and bass take a lead role and there is strong taste of progressive rock influences here, which may be the way it differs the most from some of the previous works. I think it is fair to say that as you listen to this Roger’s voice comes to the forefront of the musical landscape.

In the end I think fans will find much to chew on here – Roger Cole is crafting music way beyond the masses. This is wonderful sonic art. Roger, on his own, or as the duo Roger Cole and Paul Barrere, remains one of the most consistent, insightful and emotive independent rock acts on this planet. After spinning this single a couple of handfuls of times, it just keeps getting better and better!"  ~  excerpts from Rick Jamm's review of 'Final Curtain'

click here to read Rick Jamm's complete review of Roger Cole's 'Final Curtain' on JamSphere



Posted on May 19, 2017

Fans following Better Daze Music have been thrilled by a series of new releases that have trickled out, each one offering its very own mood, feel, and message. Better Daze Music is excited to announce that they have just launched the first digitally available solo single by Roger Cole, “Final Curtain”.

While most of the music released by Better Daze Music is a collaboration of both founders, “Final Curtain” features just one part of the duo. With always-dynamic artistry and a nearly-haunting message, “Final Curtain” tells the tale of the beginning of the end.

Better Daze Music’s Roger Cole has become well known for intriguing listeners with perplexing lyrics, and the newest single’s release won’t leave listeners disappointed.

In ‘Final Curtain’, fans listen as Roger Cole spells out the end of the “last goodbye”. “Looks like it’s gonna be another long winter; feels like it’s gonna be a very long day; cold eyes, deep inside don’t they smolder; looks like it’s gonna be a very short stay,” sings Cole.

Music, lyrics, vocals, guitars, and bass were all contributed by Cole, as well as producing, engineering, and mastering. Joe Travers contributed the drums for the single.

Other lyrics in ‘Final Curtain’: “Keep it simple, let’s just say; the final curtain of this play is closing; no need to point out all the scenes; of heart to hearts and pretty screams, exploding.”

Right now, ‘Final Curtain’ is available for download and streaming on major digital platforms. Fans can also hear the new single by visiting the Better Daze Music website. ~ Heather Hawkins, Contributing Writer

SBS Talks About The "Lost In The Sound" Video
Posted on April 8, 2017

Hear what Sleeping Bag Studios guru, Jeremy Gladstone, has to say about our video for "Lost In The Sound". Coming in at 21:00, we were very taken in by his words, and couldn't be more thrilled at his view of not just the visuals, but the meaning of the song as well.  The video itself comes in at 27:00.  

While you are watching, check out the hilarious videos in between the review and video!  We got such a kick out of the music!


SBS Episode 60

Jambands Interviews Paul Barrere
Posted on December 26, 2016

You have been generously candid with the public regarding your health issues. Can you give us an update?

I seem to be doing pretty well. The reason that I did come forward and bring it to the public’s eye is because the whole thing started with the Hepatitis C virus. It’s something that people, especially in my age group, should all be checked for. It’s a horrible virus that can cause cancer, which is what happened to me. I was cured of the Hep C and then they found a tumor. They treated the tumor with this new treatment called Y90, where they inject it right into the tumor, into the liver. So far, it seems to have arrested it. It’s been a year-and-a-half with no growth, no mastication, and no signs of the cancer moving anywhere else. My only drawback is fatigue. But then again, I’m old.

Tell me why when you work on your solo material, you do so with Roger Cole, and not, say, Fred Tackett, for instance?

First and foremost, they are not solo records. They are Paul Barrere and Roger Cole records. When we started doing this, when Riding the Nova Train came out, it was a collaboration. I said to Roger, it shouldn’t be a Paul Barrere solo thing. It should be the two of us. For me, it was an opportunity to do something completely different from Little Feat. When you talk about Paul and Fred, everyone relates it to Little Feat. I wanted another avenue to express myself. That’s why I like doing this stuff with Roger. We come at it from a whole different perspective. I also get to be a little freer in my guitar playing. I don’t have the constrictions of fitting in with a whole band. We’re much more finite in our arrangements.

Can you elaborate on that whole different perspective?

I don’t want to say pop, because we’re still very eclectic. If you listen to the EP, there is a song like “You’re Annoying,” which is a country send-up, to “Political Freak Show,” to “Lost in the Sound,” which is very epic. Or, something more simple, like “Grain of Sand.” It enables us to have more control over the situation than what Little Feat would produce. I really enjoy it. I like the recording process. I like the time we spend fine-tuning lyrics, arrangements. There’s no real pressing need to have things done. It’s an easy and comfortable way to create music.

The EP seems to be divided almost exactly evenly between songs that you take the lead vocal and songs when Roger does, including splitting one. Is this balance intentional or just the way things shook out?

It’s more intentional than anything else. With the two styles so diverse, the nice thing about being involved with Roger’s music is that it taught me a lot. I’m hoping that is reciprocal when we do something that is more in my vein. The hardest thing is getting people to pick up on it and not just want to have a Little Feat record from me. So many fans expect it to be a Little Feat record, and it’s never going to be a Little Feat record. If I wanted to do a Little Feat record, I’d record with Little Feat.

Has work started on Volume Two?

We’ve just started knocking around a few songs.

Have you given thought to forming a band with Roger to perform this music live, or are you content with it being a studio endeavor?

I’m satisfied in that aspect. The thought of actually putting together a band, rehearsing, and trying to crack into live performing to where you are going to be financially comfortable is kind of overwhelming for me. The last thing I want to do is get in a van which is probably what would happen. Clubs, and so forth, to me would be a step backwards from a performing angle. We did one performance together, but both of us have health issues that don’t enable us to really get out there and do it; me, with my liver, and he’s got a broken back. We also have different approaches. He likes to do music as it is recorded, where I like to improvise a lot. I’ve never been one to copy myself from night to night.

Music, especially in a digital format, seems, unfortunately, to be devalued now more than ever. Why is that?

It’s not just music. It’s the progression of humanity at this point. We’ve become a throwaway-based economy: You get something. You use it. You toss it. I think movies is another similar industry. Books, definitely.

Is performing becoming more difficult or does it provide some relief?

Being onstage is always fun. I thoroughly enjoy the interaction between musicians. Fred and I have a sort of sixth sense between us when we perform. We can basically almost read each other’s minds, and take songs that we do into different places from night to night. I’ve been trying to keep those (shows) down to working a weekend a month. So, you’re not on that constant jag of being on the road. That’s the thing that beats me up more than performing; the travel, the lack of sleep, getting on and off buses, in and out of hotel rooms. That kind of got old. But, I still like performing.

When you’re off the road for a long period of time, do you start to miss it more, or less?

I think I missed it less. But, there are certain situations that I really enjoy doing. The Dead Feat shows with Anders Osborne in New Orleans during Jazz Fest. It’s a jam fest. Who wouldn’t want to be involved with that? Things like that are exciting and great to do, and in a fun town.

How much longer do you want to do this?

I keep cutting back on my schedule. Mainly because, at 68, I’m comfortable financially, shall we say. I like relaxing. These past couple years being home so much has been wonderful. My kids say, “It’s unbelievable having you around so much. When are you leaving? “ (Laughs) I’ll continue doing it as long as I feel up to it. Who knows what tomorrow brings? Every day is a blessing. ~ excerpt from Larson's Sutton's Interview with Paul Barrere

There is so much more to read, but due to space restrictions, we only posted a portion of Larson Sutton's wonderfully extensive interview with Paul.  Read more: http://www.jambands.com/features/2016/12/23/paul-barrere-still-lost-in-the-sound/?2#ixzz4TyjRgY1E

EPK Page Temporary Removal
Posted on December 14, 2016

We have temporarily removed our EPK page due to ongoing issues,  This page will be put back in place in the near future.  If you need any pictures for publication, company bio or other  information, please contact us at the following email address:  betterdazerecords2@gmail.com.

TunedLoud! Reviews "Lost In The Sound"
Posted on December 7, 2016

“Lost In The Sound” tells it all, a provocative, thoughtful, and intellectually, but saddening exploration of a range of problems surrounding the demise of planet earth by way of disrespectful human behavior. The song demonstrates once again Roger Cole & Paul Barrere’s coherence – philosophically and musically, with its pondering harmonic textures producing a sonic mosaic of atmospheric, dolorous affects.

A masterpiece of lyrical poetry, musical artistry and dramatic cohesiveness, the track is a wake-up call to the devastation we are causing: “In a world filled with greed and power, and conquests reaching for the sky / We’re stripping away all the ancient beauty.” And the consequences we are experiencing: “Mama comes to take you down, you can’t escape the shaking ground / Caused by endless cold neglect, we should have shown her more respect.”

The grand sweep of this track is unparalleled in modern indie rock music. From its beginning to its gorgeous, instrumental middle and melancholy final, “Lost In The Sound” takes the listener on an unforgettable trek through mankind’s failures.

Expect grand arranging gestures, sumptuous vocal harmonies, layered acoustic and electric guitar tracks plus a scorching lead solo and many other rock niceties, not the least of which is some fine drumming work. The wall of sound is thick enough to make Phil Spector proud, and yet there is a quality of air and space that is hard to describe.

In addition to the tapestry of sound, the lyrics are exceptional. They may not jump out at first – but stand alone as individual poetic expressions. Imaginative, evocative phrases (“Freedom is finding a place in your mind by taking a moment to leave it behind” or “The laughing face within the masses captures you with a single stare”) bring to mind great writers like Thomas Hardy.

Stringing these individual pearls, and fusing music and verbal expression into one larger common thread is a remarkable achievement, and which is why intelligent music never grows old.

The key tonalities present in the composition give this slightly psychedelic influenced masterpiece the classical music feel that drives it above and beyond mere progressive rock.  This is truly one of Roger Cole & Paul Barrere’s finest moments! ~ TunedLoud! review



Lost In The Sound can also be heard, along with Grain of Sand, on TunedLoud! Hit Radio Station.  Click here to go directly to the page and save to your favorites bar to hear Roger an dPaul and some other great artists as well!

All Your Questions Answered About "Lost In The Sound"
Posted on December 3, 2016

"Lost In The Sound" Goes Live!

December 3, 2016 - Better Daze has announced the release of the first of a two-part album series. Lost in the Sound, Volume 1, went live on Black Friday 2016.

According to Better Daze, the EP will include exclusive songs that won’t be available anywhere else. Lost in the Sound, the single from which the album series gets its name, will only be available on the EP. While Better Daze typically releases their new singles on digital platforms such as Amazon and iTunes for streaming and download, the first taste of Lost in the Sound that listeners will be treated to will come only on Lost in the Sound, Volume 1.

**note from Better Daze: Choosing to stay eco-friendly, we will not be releasing a physical cd for Lost In The Sound, Volume 1.  You can get the digital version of the ep, which are the 44 wav files that are used in the production of cd’s, and contain lyrics/credits booklet and cover art.  But you’ve asked for a listen, and we will oblige!  Tune in Sunday, December 4, 2016 @ 12 a.m. Est, when the single, Lost In The Sound, will go live on our music page!

Lost in the Sound, Volume 1, will offer Paul Barrere and Roger Cole’s newest and freshest music in an album that will leave listeners in anticipation of the next album release. 

Over the recent months, Barrere and Cole have created and released a diverse list of singles which have included Grain of Sand, You’re Annoying, and All That I Need. Reviews have been astoundingly positive for the newest music from Better Daze.

Rebecca Cullen of Stereo Stickman said this about Grain of Sand: “The song is beautiful, the sound is reminiscent slightly of some perhaps undetectable moments of stripped back, acoustic rock from times gone by, but it’s melody, it’s riffs, and it’s theme are entirely incomparable, and so the overall effect is just really fresh, and quite inspiring to listen to.”

Better Daze has delivered everything from blues to grunge to country to comedy in their latest singles. For instance, the gritty All That I Need offers lyrics such as “Put on that bright colored dress and some stilettos I guess, just to mess with their mind. Laugh at the look in their eyes…until they realize that we left them behind.”

In You’re Annoying, fans were treated to a parody-type country-themed song with lyrics including “You’re annoying, I didn’t ask you, but it seems your opinion is sure to last. I’m sure there’s nothing you haven’t been through. If you keep talking I am gonna kick your…”

Lost in the Sound will offer a deep look into the wrath of Mother Nature, and Better Daze has released the following lyrics: “In a world filled with greed and power, and conquests reaching for the sky; we’re stripping away all the ancient beauty, Mother Nature holds her head to cry.”  ~ Heather Hawkins, Contributing Writer

Jampshere Reviews "Lost In The Sound"
Posted on November 28, 2016

“Lost In The Sound” is an intriguing song, and a valuable introduction for the uninitiated to the wild range of talents and interests of the duo Roger Cole & Paul Barrere, and is a showcase for their musical virtuosity. From the posing questions of how we will survive what we have done to the earth, to anyone seeing the cover art and understanding all too well the otherwise implied notion of a world returned to a type of wild and barren space vacated of rampant technology and comfortable certainties.

“Lost In The Sound” follows the counter-cultural ideas as well as the precepts of many outspoken critics of mainstream society, exploring the decadence of a world gone beyond what commerce, science and technology seemingly promised to provide initially.

“In a world filled with greed and power, and conquests reaching for the sky

We’re stripping away all the ancient beauty

Mother Nature holds her head to cry, screaming

Can you, can you, can you hear me now

Can you, can you, find your way somehow”

The mood of thoughtful exploration of the issue at hand is established, and we are in for another wondrous mind ride that Roger Cole & Paul Barrere are so singularly famous for. The track also focuses on aspects of this tension within an individual’s needs, thoughts and ways of surviving in what is soon to be an encumbering apocalyptic future characterized by uncertainty and a devastated world.

Time after time I turn it around by spending my days Lost in the Sound

Freedom is finding a place in your mind by taking a moment to leave it behind

There’s times when your well runs dry, to find inspiration you only must try”

But Roger Cole & Paul Barrere both know that mankind has gone too far in its endless search for riches, while totally disregarding any respect for nature, and must now pay the price.

“Mama comes to take you down, you can’t escape the shaking ground

Caused by endless cold neglect, we should have shown her more respect

Mama comes to take you down, you can’t escape the shaking ground”

“Lost In The Sound” is simply one of the best Adrenalin-pumping, epic rock songs ever produced by Roger Cole & Paul Barrere.  It climaxes with the most exciting instrumental music they have ever recorded too – unlike anything any other rock band has produced outside of the progressive rock era.

Listen very closely to the incredible acoustic guitar work, as well as the rousing electric guitar solo. The vocal harmonies are simply scintillating, and the drumming is brilliant. Towards the end, just be quiet if you can, and close your eyes, because when the song is over you will feel cheated at having to return to real life. ~ Rick Jamm, Jamsphere.


To read the entire review, click here.

Stereo Stickman Reviews "Lost In The Sound"
Posted on November 22, 2016

As is often the way with music from songwriters Paul Barrere and Roger Cole, Lost In The Sound opens up with a beautifully crisp and hypnotic dual guitar part that paves the way for a highly creative and striking soundscape of imagery and depth. As the beat and the vocal hit, the energy lifts, and the poetic core of the song begins to present itself.

The whole track is consistently changing. The melodies evolve progressively, so there’s never a moment at which your attention is not held by the sound and the emerging story. Lyrically, the poetry is as sublime as ever, the meaning behind the words holds great value, and the various levels, as it were, that come together to make the song, each bring something unexpected, gradually increasing in intensity, always keeping things interesting.

The value of the song right now is perhaps much greater than it would have been in the past. Humanity’s abuse of Mother Nature has far surpassed the tolerable levels, and the danger of this is something that’s likely to come back to us times a thousand – and in fact already is. Mother Nature no longer shows mercy. The quick succession of events and the potential break down of the world’s crucial systems is reflected in the quickness of the song, in the swift slide from verse to hook to instrumental break to bridge, in the manic and occasionally quite haunting sound of that final melody, and indeed in the words that are used and repeated so as to stay with you long after listening.

Can you, Can you hear me now..

The guitar solo flies in at a fairly early stage, with beautiful relevancy and power. The melodies lift up, fall away, as does the beat, and then the final section builds and builds on it’s own tribal-like style of rhythmic vocal harmonies until the ultimate fade out. And despite there being so much happening in such a short space of time, the experience does indeed appear to end quite abruptly; as may life, the story as we know it, the current state of the world. The effect of this within the music is an almost certain replay, re-listen, perhaps louder, and once more after that to let it all sink in. Just about the best way to make sure the point is put forth and taken note of, the conversation is started and kept alive. It’s another incredibly strong display of songwriting and musicianship from a skillful and passionate team of creatives.

You can’t escape the shaking ground, caused by endless cold neglect, we should have shown her more respect.

~ Rebecca Cullen, Stereo Stickman

To read Rebecca's article in it's entirety, please click here.  And don't forget to check out some of the other great indie artists on Stereo Stickman too.  Coming soon, Rebecca interviews Roger and Paul!

Jamsphere Reviews
Posted on November 11, 2016

"After enough time, almost all bands run their course. But about 30 seconds into “Grain Of Sand”, you realize that Barrere & Cole are nowhere near that point and may in fact only be scratching their surface.

With gifted but unpretentious singing, fluid guitar and keyboard work everywhere and a down-home, juiced-up rhythm to their songs; Paul Barrere & Roger Cole don’t strive to blow listeners away with a wall-of-sound noise or cutting-edge effects. Theirs is hearty rock and roll, where the duo paves their own way and makes music on their own terms.

On “Grain Of Sand”, there’s no hype, no gimmick, no pretense, and no excess. If you own any Tom Petty, Neil Young, Jackson Browne, Eric Clapton, and very early Bruce Springsteen music, then you can slip this acoustic-driven track somewhere in-between that grouped collection.

This music is good because it’s honest, simple, and straight from the heart.  And “Grain Of Sand” proves that someone out there still knows how to write truly poignant songs. With most musical groups, either the music is great, or the lyrics are great.

With Paul Barrere & Roger Cole, it’s definitely both. Each song has a life of its own, but each one has something in common: They are all poetic. This song shows a depth and character that we don’t really get to see in most other music today.

So put away whatever else you have clogging your ears and listen to music that feels like the artists are deeply connected to what they are doing and truly care about what they are releasing. Once again, you have to give Paul Barrere & Roger Cole credit for consistently putting out great material." ~ Rick Jamm, Jamsphere

To read the rest of this awesome review, please click here.  While you are there, we urge you to travel around the site and discover some new artists and their music. Also feel free to go to Jamsphere's sister page, TunedLoud! Hit Radio Station, where you can hear some fantastic indie artists, and read some great reviews - including ours!   This is a station we like to listen to regularly!


"Grain of Sand" Now Available
Posted on November 8, 2016

“Grain of Sand” lives up to the expectations of what Better Daze fans are always hopeful for - another carefully woven tune that makes people sit back and think about life from a new perspective.

“Grain of Sand” opens with, “I’m nothing more, a grain of sand upon the shore, a grateful human - a part of the plan, ain’t it grand, ain’t it grand, when I step back and see, the frightening need to find a place in infinity, can’t they see, oh can’t they see”.

In the new song, listeners hear a man traversing the sands of time and comparing himself to a single grain. “It really don’t matter if you’re on top of the hill, or down at the bottom fighting still, I have no delusions there’s no more or less to gain, when it draws to conclusions everybody’s the same”, listeners hear toward the end of the single.

The song offers a bluesy, mellow sound that makes it easy for listeners to become captivated in the lyrics and musical artistry of “Grain of Sand”.

Barrere and Cole yet again demonstrate their intellectual perspectives and infuse them directly into the fabric of their music, offering deep thoughts that inspire listeners to think about life in a new and different way. All in all, “Grain of Sand” offers listeners a brief escape from the daily grind, as do all of Better Daze’s singles.

Since their debut album, Riding the Nova Train, Better Daze has been making music for those who’ve grown tired with the typical mainstream sound. The duo’s mission is to create “music for the sake of music”, as is demonstrated in their long list of projects, albums, and singles at Better Daze.  Paul Barrere and Roger Cole are proving that mainstream music isn’t necessarily where the richest vocals and instrumentals can be found. With a respect to what’s popular today, the Better Daze team collaborates to create engaging, thought-provoking music that ranges genres including blues, rock, grunge, and even country. Listeners delight in love ballads, comedic trills, and storytelling songs, and more when they hear Barrere and Cole’s musical concoctions. 

“Grain of Sand” can now be found on the Better Daze website for instant streaming, and it is also available on Amazon and the Apple iTunes store for download. ~ Heather Hawkins, Contibuting Writer

Stereo Stickman Reviews Grain of Sand
Posted on November 2, 2016

"...it was a genuine pleasure to grab an early listen to some brand new music from the creative duo that is Paul Barrere and Roger Cole.

Grain Of Sand opens up with a Simon and Garfunkel style flicker of reflective guitar playing, and what follows is this familiar riff throughout, warm in it’s expression and ambiance, and beautifully accompanied by a very real and raw vocal performance just loaded with feeling and honesty.

The song is beautiful, the sound is reminiscent slightly of some perhaps undetectable moments of stripped back, acoustic rock from times gone by, but it’s melody, it’s riffs, and it’s theme are entirely incomparable, and so the overall effect is just really fresh, and quite inspiring to listen to.

What you can really tell about this songwriting team is that their knowledge and love of real and classic music is strong and thoroughly genuine. The way this particular song unfolds and evolves throughout, really pays tribute to the structure of many of the songs that we know and love from legends of the past. At one point a guitar solo appears, and it comes unexpectedly in a way – the song works well as an acoustic guitar track, you can imagine a live and intimate performance of it, perhaps even solo – but this addition fits brilliantly. It’s another moment at which you can sit back and really just appreciate the knowledge these artists have of what works well in music..."  ~ Rebecca Cullen, Stereo Stickman

We are pleased at the wonderful responses to Grain of Sand we are getting!  To read more of Rebecca's wonderful review of Grain of Sand, click on the title right here.  While you are there, we urge you to have yourselves a look around the page, there are some truely great artists on there with music just waiting to be heard. We like this page so much, it has now been added to our Links We Love section!

Stereo Stickman Reviews Political Freak Show
Posted on October 24, 2016

"Political Freak Show is a song that brings a sort of classic, Pink Floyd inspired style of songwriting and performance, and fuses it with a brilliantly appropriate, addictively rhythmic, circus-like folk-rock back bone.

The track undoubtedly has a very raw and organic sound to the recording, which, in all honesty, makes it all the more accessible and relevant. Among other things, it gives you plenty of space within which to really soak up that melody line, and to try to grasp the array of unusual and utterly original lyrics and the ideas at which they are pointing. There’s poetry in these lyrics, and the reflective nature of the lines and the thoughts expressed has a certain freshness to it that is not often heard in a lot of modern music.

The leading vocal has a fairly vintage sounding presentation to it, which works well within the overall feel of the music, but that organic, folk-like musicality and the sheer unpredictability of the lyricism, add something completely new to the mix. It’s like a favourite song from the sixties has been lightly sprinkled over a beautifully bizarre new song about the current state of the world. It feels and sounds very now, and that’s not what you might expect from listening to just a snippet of the song.

To listen fully is to let the track really get inside your head, and this, in all honesty, is where songs like this belong. Anything that provokes thought in such a way, that opens the mind to alternate views of reality – makes you re-consider, re-analyse things – is more than worth letting into your consciousness. On the other hand, musically speaking, the track very much belongs at a live show. In many ways, you can hear the energy of the music and the rhythm, you can feel the passion of the ideas and the performance, and all in all – it’s a truly refreshing kind of musical artistry for this time in our lives. To really take on the concept and the substance that makes up the songwriting, it would be crucial, and probably immensely enjoyable, to witness Roger Cole and Paul Barrere performing the song live. In amidst a set of much more of their original material, of course. The opening lyric is one to grab your attention in itself, and it only gets more and more interesting from there on in. Well worth a listen." ~ Rebecca Cullen, Stereo Stickman


A great big thank you to Rebecca at Stereo Stickman for this fantastic review, and if you haven't already gone to the page and roamed around to check out some of the great indie artists, please click this link and do so now.   There's some truely talented musicians on there, and you never know what's out there unless you look, so come on and give link above a click, we love this page!


‘You’re Annoying’ Now Available for Streaming and Download
Posted on October 16, 2016

October 16, 2016 - The team at Better Daze has announced the release of another new single, and again, they are delivering a message that speaks loudly amid their creative artistry. “You’re Annoying” differs from many of Better Daze’s other songs, however, in more ways than one.

In “You’re Annoying”, listeners get a taste of how diverse Roger Cole and Paul Barrere truly are. While they are well-know for their bluesy, grunge, and rock sounds, which reverberates through singles such as “Who’s Right”, “All That I Need”, and “Tricky Little Nicky”, Cole and Barrere took on a country sound for “You’re Annoying”.

Together, the duo shifted gears to deliver a very straightforward message: “You’re annoying, I didn’t ask you; but it seems your opinion is sure to last. I’m sure there’s nothing you haven’t been through; if you keep talking, I am gonna kick your…”

It’s likely that anyone listening to the song can relate to being in a situation where someone wouldn’t cease talking. Whether Cole and Barrere were delivering a message for a specific situation or person is unknown, but the two are excited to release their single as a lighthearted way to approach or walk away from such a situation.

The lyrics ring on: “You’re just amazing, almost divine; breathtaking insight, such a stunning mind. Now that you’ve gotten what you came to hear, you can take your enlightened brilliance out of here.”

“You’re Annoying” was created with a comedic undertone, and Cole and Barrere hope that people will enjoy it as much as they’ve enjoyed making it.

The duo worked together to produce the single, and they jointly provided rhythm guitar and backup vocals. Barrere delivered the lead guitar heard throughout “You’re Annoying”, and Cole provided lyrics, vocals, upright bass, and drums. The single was engineered and mastered by Cole.

Cole and Barrere have delivered a steady stream of new releases that offer sounds of multiple musical genres, and “You’re Annoying” is a testament to the duo’s everlasting wit and eclectic styling. In several of their singles, including “Political Freak Show”, engaging satire keeps listeners engaged and wondering what will come next.

Of course, they can switch gears again to flawlessly deliver the messages heard in “Breathe” and “All That I Need”.

“You’re Annoying” is now available for streaming and download on Apple, Amazon, and more.  ~ Heather Hawkins, Contributing Writer

Hear You're Annoying Early!
Posted on October 3, 2016

Usually you sign up, then you get to hear Paul & Roger's latest singles a full 48 hours before the official release. Well, not this time.  This time, we're changing it up!  We thought 2 more weeks was way too long to wait, so we split the difference for you.  That's right, on Monday, October 10th, we'll send you a private SoundCloud link for "You're Annoying" that you can listen to for 24 hours, as many times as you like.  After that, you will have to wait until October 16th for it's official release.

So be sure to sign up with your email address soon so you won't miss out on hearing "You're Annoying" before anyone else!

*note:  we don't like to send lots of emails, so if you don't see yours, please check your spam box and be sure to add us to your primary box, or approve us so you won't miss out on any future emails from us!

Jamsphere Reviews All That I Need
Posted on October 2, 2016

Roger Cole & Paul Barrere: "All That I Need" - lots of surprises, tricks and dazzling organ licks!

The latest single by duo Roger Cole & Paul Barrere, entitled “All That I Need” is so well composed and executed that it will easily stand the test of time. It is good music through and through; clever, exciting, beautiful and moving. These guys really know what they are doing and boy can they play.

Roger Cole & Paul Barrere don’t appear to be too much swayed by music fashions or commercial pressures of the music business when they record their tracks and that is one of the reasons why just about all their releases, including “All That I Need”, will sound as fresh and exciting tomorrow as it does today.

“All That I Need” a steady and relentless foot-tapping alternative rocker. Suitably titled and very clever, it has lots of surprises, tricks and dazzling organ licks and the usual great guitars backing everything up.  Paul Barrere plays the jester with his lead vocals, and effortless electric guitar escapades. Not to be outdone, sidekick Roger Cole provides a lot of the thrills and excitement with his amazing organ antics and oh what a cracking job he does with the bass and drums too.

It is typical of Roger Cole & Paul Barrere to add expression with the use of dynamics and subtle phrasing to enhance a melody as they promptly do on this magical piece. The music is mesmerizing and quickly grabs your attention.

After a few bars it bursts into life taking you on a journey through a passionately lustful track that never gets boring, simply because a couple of incredibly skillful and creative performers won’t allow you to lose interest for a second.

The impact of each composition Roger Cole & Paul Barrere release is enhanced by the contrast between it and the previous one, as well as the next one, but despite the great variety of their styles within the vast rock idiom, it all flows and makes musical sense.

Musically the duo is in a different league to many of their current contemporaries, especially if you consider the musical progressions within each piece and the expertise of each musician. Technically brilliant with a lot of feel and a real understanding of music, Roger Cole & Paul Barrere are versatile musicians.

They provide great beats and rhythms, and hugely augment their music with creative, expressive and skillful guitar and vocal arrangements. If you want to hear something dramatically different from the drop-D monster rock, then give “All That I Need” a few listens and you will be much rewarded – this is the bare essence of rock n’ roll. ~ Rick Jamm, JamSphere

TunedLoud! Reviews All That I Need
Posted on September 25, 2016

Right now these guys are just about as good as rock n’ roll entertainment gets. Paul Barrere and Roger Cole continually and undeniably amped up their performances, sound, and entertainment levels in perfect harmony for the benefit of the ear and audience.

Their latest track “All That I Need” sounds like it reflects the product of a true combination of hard work and fun that carries an actual ‘ old but new and improved’ Paul Barrere and Roger Cole through 2016 with a rock n’ roll sound that will have you feeling good, dancing around, and singing this song for many years to come.

Notwithstanding that this is classified as an alternative rock track, “All That I Need” give us this sort of psychedelic, blues-type, funky toe tapping roadhouse sound that will grab you and make you move with the music. Kudos for the excellent vocal harmonizing as Paul Barrere gives an excellent vocal texture, quality and emotion that fit exactly to bring everything together with understood authenticity.

The master of all trades, Roger Cole, provides his usual dose of the highest quality of musicianship for our pleasure, including some tasteful organ lines, that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Steve Winwood record.

“All That I Need” has a great tempo, great rhythm, and what I love about Paul Barrere & Roger Cole the most: the guitars. For those who love blues, rock, and guitar, you couldn’t hope for a better track. Not that the boys have included any transcendental guitar riffs or pyrotechnical solos: it’s all about the groove and textures.

However if you had to ask me for only one reason to purchase this track, it would be for the organ – Simply because this is an instrument that has almost completely lost its rightful place in modern music, to the multitasking capabilities of the synthesizer.

My personal opinion is that the synth is a mind-impacting instrument, while the sounds of the organ go straight for the gut. In sexual terms I would perceive the synth as an instrument conducive to masturbating, while the organ represents full-on coitus for any real musician, especially if it’s with a Hammond.

Not sure what Roger Cole was playing here, but his organ certainly does its thing on this track. And I’m grateful for hearing that sound again.

The key as usual, to all the good music that Paul Barrere & Roger Cole put out, regardless of the genre or sub-genre they’re dealing with, is that they always sound like they’re playing the music that they’re most passionate about. And “All That I Need” is no exception to the rule.

Moreover, if you’re wondering how their brand of rock sounds as authentic as some of those legendary rock n’ roll bands from a few years back –  the answer is simple, they actually are those guys! ~ TunedLoud!

SBS Reviews All That I Need
Posted on September 18, 2016

“All That I Need” made an immediate impact and impression.  As soon as I started “All That I Need” and immediately got into the rhythm and stomp of its intro…the drums head into a supreme groove and just past ten-seconds in I see the comment ‘Let’s Shuffle’ – and I had to crack a smile because I was instantly thinking that same very thing.  The drums and low-end groove in the bass maintain an excellent relationship throughout the entire structure of “All That I Need” – which of course, makes sense given that Roger is playing both.  His credits continue to extend to the backing vocals, acoustic guitar, organ, producing, engineering, writing the lyrics…wait a minute here…Paul – are you busy snacking and checking your e-mail?  You’ve got Roger working overtime brother!

Thankfully…the man in questions pulls his feet from his ottoman and duff from his chair to really put the heart & soul into this track.  I might have just poked him in the ribs for not being as all-over this track as Roger is…but I gotta hand it to Paul on this one – for me it was those accenting lead-guitar notes that fit this song so perfectly I couldn’t take my ears off’em at times.  For the record…given that I’ve listed all Roger’s credits…I should note that Paul splits the duties on the lyrics/production and takes the lead on singing this tune; he’s not just kicking tumbleweeds waiting for a chance to solo, I assure you.  More than involved here as you’d expect – he’s got a great sound to the tone of his voice that really matches the energy, style and groove of “All That I Need” tremendously well.  It’s got that like…Sly & The Family Stone kind of cool going-on throughout the entire cut…reminds me of that slick sound & sweet funk of a track like “If You Want Me To Stay,” maybe closer to the Chili Peppers version in terms of how “All That I Need” sounds like in its recording.  In any event, I really like what I’m hearing from Roger Cole & Paul Barrere once again here on this new-single of theirs.

AND…Roger…buddy…pal…you don’t think I’d let this review finish off without mentioning the killer organ-solo you laid down right?  You know me better than that!  As the song approaches the two-minute mark, you can hear the warm glow of the organ-keys start to spring to life – and soon afterwards, you’re right smack in the middle of an intense solo and real highlight-addition to the music of “All That I Need.”  These guys are leaving no stone unturned right now in their writing and really getting to the core of their grooves and fully expanding and exploring the ideas in the music they create – and I’ve got a lot of love for that.  I’m seriously impressed by these guys and just how strongly they continue to grow as the bond between them thickens and the music tightens-up as a result…I’ve really enjoyed their evolution in sound and I’m stoked that they’re making music with passion, rhythm and skills all coming together as one & sounding as strong as it does now.  The last singles of this duo have all left an impact and they continue to show they’re on the right path…only instead of showing promise & potential like in their earliest-work, they’re now delivering, in-full.  Awesome rhythm & groove on “All That I Need” that you just can’t ignore…uplifting energy, solidly written and expertly performed – what’s not to love?" ~  Jeremy Gladstone, Sleeping Bag Studios, Canada

Read more of Jeremy's review of All That I Need here

Jamsphere Reviews Right Outta Wrong
Posted on September 7, 2016

"This song isn’t just about guitar playing and it’s not just about the blues. It’s about a love for the music and a love for each other. These attitudes ooze forth from the music like syrup onto pancakes on a cold December morning. These guys are brothers where it matters, in heart and soul and in the time of playing together.

There are musicians that have nothing left to prove except the fact that they can still make great music. Paul Barrere is clearly one of these. His legacy goes all the way back to the heyday of Little Feat, where he played guitar and slide guitar, sang lead and handled backing vocals.

A mature and consummate musician today, Paul enjoys a working partnership with Roger Colethat functions just about perfectly. The two have their own record label in BetterDaze Music, as well as an artistic collaboration that has spawned a long series of excellent music releases – both singles and albums. The duo also liberate their creative spirits by producing video clips to match their music.

I’ve always loved the works of these two phenomenal artists, and I’ve always leaped at the chance to hear any of their new releases thrown my way.  Listening to “Right Outta Wrong” brings back a lot of fond memories while making new ones. There is no way one can listen to the blues and not tap your feet while reminiscing of times gone by.

Roger Cole’s guitar is as emotional as good blues harmonica, while Paul Barrere’s voice is as muscular and deep as it needs to go. Together Roger Cole & Paul Barrere’s sound and style on “Right Outta Wrong” proves that you don’t have to have slept in boxcars or picked cotton in order to be a great blues musician; you just have to be human." ~ Rick Jamm, Jamsphere

Click here to read Rick Jamm's review of Right Outta Wrong on Jamsphere, the internets best Independent Music Magazine!

"All That I Need" Official Announcement
Posted on August 30, 2016

The team at Better Daze is thrilled to announce the official release of their latest single, a sultry and bluesy track entitled “All That I Need”.

Roger Cole and Paul Barrere have collaborated yet again to mastermind an entrancing new track that captures the mind and soul. Cole and Barrere jointly produced “All That I Need” and constructed the music and lyrics for their new song. Cole engineered the single. 

With lyrics including “I like the way that you move, like you got nothing to prove; It’s something to see, can’t believe this fortunate high, you know it’s such a surprise”, the song describes a man’s love interest and his preference to go home with her. Barrere’s vocals can be heard throughout “All That I Need”, and Cole provides back up vocals for the song. 

The fluidity of the song is attributed to the careful musicality of Barrere and Cole. The acoustic guitar, organ, bass, and drums heard within “All That I Need” were provided by Cole, and the electric guitar that pierces throughout “All That I Need” was served up by Barrere.

“We’ll have a rockin’ good time, when you move you’re so fine, wrong was never so right; how ‘bout we leave the floor, go home and close the door,” Barrere can be heard singing toward the end of the new track.

In recent months, the team at Better Daze has released a consistent stream of captivating singles that have received high reviews from various outlets. Cole and Barrere have become widely regarded as having a smooth and eclectic style that infuses blues, rock, and grunge into a brand new style of music that doesn’t fit into the square peg of mainstream styling. Barrere and Cole’s music is delivered in a way that can seamlessly fit into the soundtrack of life.

Recent releases from Better Daze, including “Political Freak Show”, truly give listeners something to think about while offering melodies that aren’t easily forgotten. ~ Heather Hawkins, Contributing Writer

Indie Band Guru Reviews Political Freak Show
Posted on August 19, 2016

"When an artist is a skilled songwriter they can easily craft a song that hits on what is going on in current events in a timely matter.  This can help the song gain some attention outside of the normal fanbase and get some viral spread around the internet.  Our friends from Better Daze Music have done just that with their latest track “Political Freak Show”.

Their brand new single, “Political Freak Show” is here to blend in with the craziness of the American presidential race. The newest song from Roger Cole and Paul Barrere puts a funhouse twist on politics, and it paints a colorful picture for listeners to mull over. 

Get Ready For the Election with “Political Freak Show”

This one blends some interesting sounds and an almost progressive feel to their alt-rock sound.  The bouncy song will get heads bopping along as the lyrics dive into the serious issues that most elections end up being a choice between the lesser of two evils. The pounding piano melody pushes the track forward with an eerily strange energy.  The addition of exotic sounds makes “Political Freak Show” one of their most interesting songs yet." ~ Keith Pro, Indie Band Guru

Website Updates 08.15.2016 - 08.20.2016
Posted on August 15, 2016

Please note that we will be making changes during the week of August 15 - 20, 2016, so please expect a few glitches along the way.  

Links Page:

We will be adding in more streaming sites - We already have many sites from around the world to be sure that everyone has access to our wonderful music, but we will be adding more, and sadly, removing a few.  Many of these icons have links attached directly to them when possible (we don't always have access to the links in other countries, hence, not all of the icons have them), so all you have to do is click on the icon.  There have been many changes to the streaming world this year and we do struggle to keep up with them as it is not always easy, but we do our best for you all.  If you know of a site in your country that is not listed here, please do let us know about it so we can pass it along to others.

Also on this page, we will be adding in our top reviewers pages and links.  Pages such as Jamsphere, Sleeping Bag Studios and TunedLoud! will be added on, again, with clickable icons for usability.  We love these pages, and Rick Jamm and Jeremy Gladstone, and if you haven't yet checked out their pages, please do so now - we aren't the only great entertainers out there and have found some really fantastic indie artists via these pages - we simply can't say enough about them!

Reviews Page:

Our Reviews page will be getting a more of a reader friendly look utilizing columns (we hope!) instead of a running page with links in lieu of quotes so you can scroll through and choose the song review of your liking and click that link.  We think there is getting to be a bit much to scroll through and this will help you to find that special review you are looking for much easier.  Curious about "Time Of Dying"?  Just click that link and you are there, no more scrolling down the page until you find it.  That easy.


I only ask that you have a bit of patience as I usually experience some technical difficulty during these times of updating and I, LJ, do my best to keep these instances to a minimum, though I still make some mistakes.


SleepingBagStudios Reviews Political Freak Show
Posted on August 4, 2016

Dat bass, dat Bass!  Jeremy Glasdstone of SleepingBagStudios can't get enough of "Dat bass!!!"  What a fun time we had reading this review.

"...I like, and very much admire, that these two guys never seem to be able to sit still…they’ve tried a musical-cornucopia of styles and sounds and I really think it’s admirable to be fearless like that when it comes to recording and creating music.  I think it leads to taking chances…I think it leads to creative breakthroughs…I think it leads to incredible jams and grooves that lead to songs like THIS.  “Political Freak Show” is a shitload of fun from the moment it starts.

...What I really like though, is plentiful here on “Political Freak Show” – the piano/keyboard melody for instance…that’s fantastic.  The subtle synth in the background, the harmonies come out sounding spectacular…the beat is CRISP and snaps with perfect strength & punch in the mix – how about those for starters?

I say for starters…but really, you don’t want to get me started on DAT BASS.  OMG, DAT BASS!  I mean, c’mon!  Hand these guys the award for one seriously intense rhythm and groove lining the walls of this song…DAT BASS is incredible people!  What a seriously impressive bass-line!  I’m not saying there isn’t anything else going on here on this song…clearly, I’ve already demonstrated that…but DAT BASS is mesmerizing – I could listen to this groove all day long.  The complexities and intricacies of the bass-line are pulled off with stunning perfection here and really lead the rhythm to a dynamic place that allows the vocals to find their own perfect moments around it and let the guitars do their own thing and cut loose when the time calls for it.  Definitely think they’ve put together a strong combination of music & lyrics on “Political Freak Show” – but it’s also clearly that instrumentally, they’ve also brought their A-game to this entire recording and committed to every ticking second.  The result is a highly entertaining song that has rad theatrics and a very accessible spin on a progressive style of writing.  This duo continues to impress…it’s always awesome to hear what they’ve come up with next.

And I’m just gonna say it one more time, because I’m seriously that jazzed about it…but…well…listen to DAT BASS will ya?  100% awesomeness."

Now, I'm going to go out on a limb here folks and say that Jeremy really likes dat bass!  To read the review in all it's gloriously fun entirety click this here link

Roger Cole & Paul Barrere – “Political Freak Show” – Single Review

CrossRadar Reviews Political Freak Show
Posted on July 29, 2016

"Imagine you’ve been invited to a party, except when you arrive at the party you can’t find the person who invited you in the first place. Not only that but it turns out it’s not even a party at all, but some kind of bizarre carnival where people are wobbling around on stilts and jostling each other for a giggle.

...True, this is the kind of music that could quite easily have been produced three decades ago, but there is something inherently charming about the fact. It’s a bit like those times when you dig out some old vinyl that has been kicking around for ages but never really got given a spin, only to discover that in that collection of records there are some undiscovered gems, and they seem to sound as fresh as ever...

...Lyrically we’re treated to some gloriously abstract and cryptic imagery; “High heeled cougar with spots walking down the midway / Sniffing that penguin’s bouncing on a trampoline.” At times it’s as though someone has taken some of the Beatle’s wooziest lines and stirred them up with a few of Pavement’s more angular imagery, and that’s exactly the right kind of recipe for songwriting that leaves the listener as baffled as they are satisfied. The crazy circusesque music perfectly matches the lyrics, painting a picture of a mad festival of fun, with people wandering around enjoying themselves while being simultaneously pleasantly confused." ~ Chris, Crossradar

Read more of Chris' unique, fun review of Political Freak Show on CrossRadar here



TunedLoud! Reviews Political Freak Show
Posted on July 21, 2016

"...Clever without being pretentious, Roger and Paul are two talented musicians and songwriters who have yet put a foot wrong – if you haven’t at least listened to one of their previous releases you’re missing out on some of the best honest, organic music coming from the independent scene. I find it hard to understand why Roger Cole & Paul Barrere don’t have a far greater profile; perhaps they are just too clever and sincere for the majority.

“Political Freak Show is a master class in the composition of popular progressive music classics, and reaffirms the composers’ status as major contributors to the independent rock genre. Starting right here, their work should weave itself through the popular music culture for quite a while…if there was any logic or artistic criteria applied..." ~ Rick Jamm, Jamsphere Magazine

Click here to read more of Rick Jamm's amazing review of Political Freak Show

If you have not yet tagged this radio station on your favorites bar, now is a great time to do it.  There is something for everyone on here and we have made it a regular part of our day!

Posted on July 10, 2016

JULY 10, 2016 - The team at Better Daze Music is excited to announce the upcoming release of their brand new single, “Political Freak Show”. The newest song from Roger Cole and Paul Barrere puts a funhouse twist on politics, and it paints a colorful picture for listeners to mull over.

The intricately woven song offers a blend of intriguing melodies and encoded lyrics that offer a metaphor comparing trained performing animals to today’s politicians. As the presidential campaigns heat up, “Political Freak Show” offers a message that many Americans already have on their minds.

“Get your tickets for the dancing bear, he’s now performing, pulling tricks for the man in the chair, attacks without warning,” Cole sings in the opening verses of “Political Freak Show. “A $5 ticket will win a free prize, it’s worth about a nickel and that’s the surprise, so step right up, cause everybody wins.”

“Political Freak Show” is the latest single released from the duo at Better Daze Music and comes on the heels of the release of recent singles, such as “The Quiet Man”, “Breathe”, “Mary”, “Sail Away”, and “Your Virtual Life” from the Musical Schizophrenia. The twelve-track album has received overwhelming positive feedback from sources such as News Chicago, Weekend Notes, The Drainage, OceanicBlue, and The Faulkner Review.

“Political Freak Show” has again proven the artistry behind the Better Daze team and the ability of both Cole and Barrere to collaborate and create thought-provoking, captivating sounds and lyrics. “Political Freak Show” is up-tempo and satirical, offering layers of meaning behind each verse. With the release of “Political Freak Show”, Better Daze Music has taken a hot-button topic of today and given it a whole new meaning.

Barrere played the rhythm guitar for “Political Freak Show”, and Cole offered the drums, bass, piano, vocals, and lead guitar for the new song.



Posted on June 8, 2016

We are so excited to inform you all that the last two songs from Musical Schizophrenia, Moto's Monkey & Breakdown are now available on iTunes and Amazon, and for streaming.  See what the critics said:

"Moto’s Monkey is … a piece of blistering funk rock that surges with flashes of wah-wah and an insistent vocal melody that brings to mind Dylan’s Subterranean Homesick Blues.” ~ Alex Faulkner, The Faulkner Review

“…the assembly and production on “Breakdown” is a real salute to a classic time of great writing and clever choices in rock’s past. It’s great to hear sounds like these made so well in today’s modern world…there is simply not enough music out there like this right now." ~ Jeremy Gladstone, Sleeping Bag Studios



Posted on May 31, 2016

We wanted to create a song that makes you feel as if you are on a remote island with your partner, and have the beautiful, crystal clear waters to frolick in.  We think we hit the nail on the head with Sail Away, and Indie Band Guru apparently agrees with us.  Don't let those little moments pass you by, grab your partner, put on Sail Away, and get lost in the moment.

"Just keep churning out the hits!  That seems to be the motto of our friends from Better Daze Records." ~ Indie Band Guru

Click here to read Sail Away review Indie Band Guru


Posted on May 13, 2016

We can't get enough of Jamsphere!  Thank you to Rick Jamm at Jamsphere for yet another beautiful review.  Much to our delight, we received a message from the wonderful folks there that this review will be published in their brand new magazine, Tuneloud!  Can't say thanks enough.  For those of you who haven't gone to their page yet, or haven't clicked on any of the links for Jamsphere posted in our Reviews page, you are missing out.  I have become a regular reader and have been turned on to many new artists through the page, so if you are a music lover, do yourself a favor and click the link below.

Now, on to the review.  

"...The song is somewhat different from the typical Roger Cole & Paul Barrere fare you might have. It is a little ‘softer’, more Folk-Americana orientated, in a full acoustic guitar style you would expect from the likes of America, Crosby Stills Nash and Young or Jack Johnson...The song is successfully realized by both Roger Cole’s great vocal and Paul Barrere’s harmonizing. Again the musician work, completely executed by the duo, is just amazing...Everything you likely already cherish about Roger Cole & Paul Barrere is present here, heartfelt and immaculate singing and harmonies, a strong and distinct composition from both artists, and superb musicianship..." ~ Rick Jamm, Jamsphere


Click here to read the entire Jamsphere Review of Sail Away 


Click here to see Tuneloud!, the newest magazine offered up by one of our favorite music mags, Jamsphere: 


Posted on April 28, 2016

APRIL 28, 2016 - The team at Better Daze Music has announced the release of the latest single from their Musical Schizophrenia album. “Sail Away” offers a mellow, curiously upbeat glimpse into the soul of a man looking for unconditional love.


Roger Cole and Paul Barrere at Better Daze Music collaborated on “Sail Away”, masterfully contributing the music, lyrics, vocals, back-up vocals, instrumentals, engineering, and mastering that led to the fine-tuned final version.

“Sail Away” starts out with the lyrics “I’d like to sail away into a brighter day, float upon a dream’s wind, just let the light of day push all the clouds away, feel your love again and again”. The song conveys a poignant message of a man who wants to escape reality to find a lost love, and a man who wants someone to take his hand and “love him until the end of his days, to always hold him tight, light up his darkest nights, tolerate his foolish ways”. At the end of the song, he says, “Sometimes I feel there’s nothing quite like the ocean, a single appeal that fills you like a lover’s emotion”.

“Sail Away” has already received positive feedback from reviewers. Alex Faulkner at The Faulkner Review said, “…a mid-paced acoustic track incorporating exotic percussion, which fits with the theme of escaping from a humdrum life to an idyllic one: ‘On a distant shore, our troubles will be no more, hold each other closed in the sands…spend our days peacefully in a self-made reality, listening to the waves rushing in...’. The vocal melody is echoed in some lovely acoustic lines on guitar.”

The Better Daze Music team is excited to announce the release of their latest single, which hails from the Musical Schizophrenia album. The new album includes ten tracks, offering recently released singles such as “The Quiet Man”, “Moto’s Monkey”, “Breathe”, “Who’s Right”, “Bad Blood”, and “Mary”.


“Sail Away” can now be found on iTunes and Amazon. More information is available at http://betterdazemusic.com.





Indie Band Guru Reviews Just Keep Walking
Posted on March 17, 2016

Indie Band Guru gives Roger & Paul another amazing review!  "The song is a mellow Americana piece that creates a warmth that seems to surround the listener.  The accompanying music video shares some amazing scenery to fully paint the picture."

Click here to read more

Jamsphere Reviews Just Keep Walking
Posted on March 12, 2016

Roger Cole & Paul Barrere:  "Just Keep Walking" is an amazing stream of consciousness acoustic-rock tune.  Roger Cole & Paul Barrere's songs have a tendency to embed themselves into self-serving memory for some reason.  Perhaps it's the artists; perhaps it's the songs, perhaps it's the harmonies, perhaps it's the production.  Then again,maybe, perhaps it's everything. Even in the slower and more somber mid-tempo tunes, like this latest acoustic release, there is something that awakens you- leads you on to some type of discovery.  Whether it be inner or outer discovery is your own choice.  But realization of yourself and your world is a never ending pricess.  Maybe we woild all be better in a simpler, ess complicated time.  But, here we are/  And we have no choice except to learn, evolve, believe - and Just Keep Walking.

If you like wonderous harmonies, creative effort, and a classic acoustic-rock sound from a bygone age - this is definitely a treat and essential to any music collection...It was a time when you put the record on your turntable and sprawled in a comfortable chair or sat on the floor and let the music take you compeletly away.  Or maybe you go together with friends and sat around just listening to new releases like this, reading every word in the liner notes on the jacket.  This is what I think we have lost.  Thank you Roger Cole and Paul Barrere, for reminding me!  ~ Rick Jamm, Jampshere Magazine

Click here to read the entire review.

Official Just Keep Walking Video
Posted on February 29, 2016

We are so happy to get back to creating videos with the official Just Keep Walking video.  This song is near and dear to our hearts and we hope to share that with you.  Keep posted for the digital release of Just Keep Walking, and please be sure to like, comment. Come on and share your thoughts with us, we use this info to get to know our wonderful fans and we would like so very much to know what you think of the work we do.  And, as Mr. Paul would say, sharing is caring!

Just Keep Walking Official Video

Posted on December 18, 2015

Watch Highlights from our recent show at Kulak's Woodshed!  

We had such a good time, we decided to let those of you who couldn't attend or stream the live show get a peek.  A big shout out and thank you to Kulak's Woodshed in Hollywood and their amazing staff for having us.

Paul Barrere, Roger Cole To Perform Live
Posted on December 1, 2015

Roger and Paul are very excited about their upcoming show at Kulak’s Woodshed on December 10, 2015.  Says Paul, “I’m looking forward to playing at Kulak’s with Roger so that you can get a good taste  of the hard work we’ve done on all of our songs in an attempt to bring you all a BETTERDAZE.”

Kulak’s Woodshed, who opened their doors in 1999 in North Hollywood, is a favorite of many up and coming artists, as well as Grammy winners!  A wonderful, intimate location with seating for 49, is quite popular.  Fans are able to sit up close to their favorite artists, talk to them, and feel like you are sitting in your own living room!   It is this close proximity to the fans that Paul and Roger decided upon Kulak’s to be the first place for them to perform together.  And they couldn’t be happier!  At just $10/person, you can’t beat the price for an up close and personal meeting with the guys.  LJ will be taking pictures to put on our Media page on our website, so come and show your love for the guys and we will show it to the world! 

Paul & Roger will be performing a collection of songs from both Musical Schizophrenia and Riding The Nova Train, so that you can see both playing and singing.  You’ve seen the behind the scenes videos on YouTube of the two playing a few of the songs acoustically.  There has been such a positive response to them we have decided acoustic is the way to go!  

Says Roger, “I’m looking forward to performing the music in a live setting after all the work we have put in in the studio.  I hope to see some familiar faces and meet some new ones.  It’s been a lot of fun re-arranging these songs for acoustic guitars, and should be a good time for all.”

Here is the link for Kulak’s so you can go have a look see for yourself and learn a bit about the venue that indie artists are flocking to:


Kulak’s Woodshed

5230 ½ Laurel Canyon Blvd.

North Hollywood, CA

Right Outta Wrong on CD & Digital
Posted on November 16, 2015

Come listen to this beautiful song by Paul Barrere & Roger Cole, and just click on the iTunes or Amazon link to go directly to the site and get your download now.  Even better, get the Riding The Nova Train album at the new price of just $8.oo + s&h.  If you are a fan of Paul & Rogers, or of Paul Barrere, you simply must have this album for your collection!  There is something for everyone to enjoy here.

And in case you haven't heard it yet, Paul & Roger have also released Musical Schizophrenia, with a more of a classic rock feel to it, so don't forget to have a listen to that as well and see what the critics are loving so much.

TRICKY LITTLE NICKY Available on Amazon
Posted on November 10, 2015

Paul Barrere and Roger Cole at Better Daze Records have announced the digital release of a previously recorded track. “Tricky Little Nicky”, now available for download on Amazon.  For an easier time finding the single on Amazon, just go to our Music page and click on the cover and you will see the Amazon button right there.

“Tricky Little Nicky” takes a humorous, adult look at classic children’s nursery rhymes, and the single was the first that Cole and Barrere worked on. Now, it’s available as a digital download for the very first time.

A few lyrics include, “The man on the moon, got a pocket full of spoons, got everybody seeing stars, running all the action, dealing satisfaction, out behind the lunatic bar”. ~ Heather Hawkins Contributing Writer




Better Daze & Streaming
Posted on October 20, 2015

We are pleased to let you know that you can now find sites we are streamed on via Better Daze Music's new section on our links page.  You may notice that some have direct links, some only lead you to the webpage itself.  This is due to some sites being international and not available here in the United States, so while I can get you to the page, I cannot get you to our specific link.  We know this is the only way some of you can hear our music, so go ahead and stream away! 

Riding The Nova Train New Prices
Posted on October 18, 2015

We are happy to announce that the price for Riding the Nova Tain has come down to just $8 for the physical disc and $7 for the digital version. This is due, in part, because of renewed interest in The Train seems to have incresed and we wanted to be sure that everybody can get a copy. For those of you who didn't already know, we do have the digital version, but we do not sell it on iTunes or Amazon because they like to have compressed versions and the copy we send to you is uncompressed and in all it's glory!

Order yours today!

IndieBandGuru Reviews "Your Virtual Life"
Posted on October 2, 2015

"Musicians are supposed to enjoy and have fun with their songwriting craft.  Our friends Paul Barrere and Roger Cole ofBetter Daze Records are well aware of this and continue to keep hitting the nail on the head.

The latest single release by the California-based independent music group is “Your Virtual Life” directly from their new album Musical Schizophrenia.  Better Daze Records continues to put out fresh sounding and thought provoking songs that hit all areas of the musical spectrum.  This one is no different and even has a Kazoo piece performed by the Kalamazoo Kazoo Orchestral Band.  Fun is the main ingredient but there is some seriousness in there.  “Your Virtual Life” takes a raw look at how the internet and social media waste people’s time. “Your virtual life is better than the real one, a social conquest big as your friends list, taking up all your time,” sings Cole." ~ IndieBandGuru

Your Virtual Life Downloads Available
Posted on September 28, 2015

We are pleased to announce that "Your Virtual Life", from the album Musical Schizophrenia, can now be bought via digital download on both iTunes and Amazon!  Just click on the music tab, find your song and click the icon for a direct link to all individual songs we have available digitally.

Custom Necklaces from Silver Star Jewelry Store
Posted on September 28, 2015

We would like to extend a great big shout out and thank you to Tracy P. of Silver Star Jewelry for making us these wonderful custom logo necklaces.  Tracy, a long time friend of Roger, created these wonderful necklaces bearing Roger and Paul's individual logos, and if you have a chance, we suggest you go have a look (info provided below).  Ladies, each piece is handcrafted and unique - you can be sure no one else has one like it, and gentlemen - what better way to say I love you to that special lady in your life and let her know that she too is beautifully unique?  

Click here to go to Silver Star Jewelry on Facebook.

Or, send Tracy a message: silverstarjewelrystore@gmail.com

New Page For LJ!
Posted on September 19, 2015

We are pleased to tell you that LJ has finally gotten her own Fiverr page!.  She often gets asked about the promo videos and logo reveals, so now she's offering them up for everyone.  These reveals are great to use for personal stuff as well, so go ahead, let's show LJ we support her and get one for yourself!  You can also go to her YouTube page, just click here (and don't forget to click like)!  


I am Guitar Player Reviews Breathe
Posted on September 11, 2015

"全球音樂資訊盡在「我是結他手」!" , Yeah~!

各位網友大家好,又是新歌速遞的時間了,我是本節目的主持人 香港 網絡創作歌手 溫注澄 啊,今天我將會為大家介紹一首很特別、很好聽的歌曲,歌名叫Breathe,歌曲是由Better Daze Records 的成員Roger Cole和Paul Barrere 所創作, 歌曲製作很有心機,品質好高。網絡樂壇越來越百花齊放了,好!!

The music quality of this song is great, the voice of the singer is attractive and enough technique to handle this song, and the musical arrangement is cool and nice, if you are looking for listening a new song , this is one of your choices. 音樂製作很高質素,歌手的聲音很吸引和有足夠技巧處理此歌,如果你最近找新歌聽,這首是你的一個好選擇。Well Done!"

If you like this song, remember to buy it in a legal way (Link to Buy)

SleepingBagStudios Reviews Musical Schizophrenia
Posted on August 30, 2015

Thank you SleepingBagStudios for an amazing review of Musical Schizophrenia! 

"...It’s been a pleasure to watch & listen to these two find their way and truly develop that rhythm between them over time. And perhaps before listening to their latest album I might have argued that these two had already found a groove that worked for them on their previous records…but after listening to Musical Schizophrenia, there’s no doubt whatsoever – Roger Cole & Paul Barrere are clicking together 100% of the time in their music now and the evidence is a truly tight, entertaining set of new tunes...Massively impressed with the way this talented duo has continually shown improvement in their music and that the hard-work and efforts put in can yield an evolution in sound like you’ll hear on an audible-adventure like Musical Schizophrenia. ~ Jeremy Gladstone, SleepingBagStudios

Click here to read the entire review.

We are so ecstatic to have been getting some truly aweome reviews of Musical Schizophrenia, and were over the moon when we read what our friend, Jeremy at SleepingBagStudios thought about it.  As you all know, we are very supportive of Indie music, and this is a site that truly stands behind indie artists by getting them heard.  If you have not yet been to the page, click on our links here and do so now!  I have been turned on to some wonderful artists and music through SBS, so go ahead, click the link and let your musical senses have free reign. 


A Message To Our Intl. Friends & Fans
Posted on July 30, 2015

To our international friends regarding shipping fees.  Some of you may have noticed that the shipping cost has increased.  The reason for that is the USPS has now made the decision that despite packaging, the contents of the package change it's description, thus increasing the cost of the postage For example:  we use a soft envelope within the required guidelings, and the cost is just over $5.  Then we put the cd into that envelope, it becomes a package because the contents made it rigid, and so the cost increases.  Now, the price is the same across the board, regardless of which country you live in because the most cost effective way to send it is via 1st mail, which is a standard price according to weight.  So, the cost to the UK, for instance, is the same as the cost to Austrailia or any other country.  For those who have placed your order during the promotional offer the shipping cost will, of course, be honored by us.  We do not feel you should pay extra because the USPS can't get itself together. We do not make up the rules - the USPS does that.  

Now, we have been studiously researching all forms of delivery options, but we have not come up with any other affordable solutions at this time.  If you have ideas or suggestions, we would love to hear them, please contact us at info@betterdazemusic.com.  We apologize for any inconvenience to our wonderful international friends and fans.   

The CD's Have Arrived!
Posted on July 29, 2015

We are pleased to tell you that the CD's have arrived and look fantastic.  At this time, we are no longer offering autographed copies. You may also notice the packaging is different from previously released albums.  The reason for that is Better Daze wants to do our part to be more eco friendly.  We believe we must all work together to save our beautiful and amazing planet.

We would also like to take this opportunity to tell you about our new manufacturer, Unified Manufacturing.  With wind powered manufacturing (and a backup system of solar power), we felt they were the best fit for us.  In addition to utilizing eco-friendly power sources, they also plant a tree for each order they have received - 34,210 so far.  To put that into simpler terms we can all wrap our heads around, they use the following analogy:  An American-sized football field can hold 401 trees. So, with more than 75 football fields of trees saved, that's a small forest"   And finally, as if that isn't enough, they also use soy-based inks for printing, and give a portion of our profits yearly to green orgs.  Can they get any better?  Oh, yeah, they printed some beautiful cd's for us!

We hope you enjoy Musical Schizophrenia and rest easy knowing that your purchase helped to make our planet a better place.

Posted on July 19, 2015


Due to an error in the shipping of the audio proofs, MUSICAL SCHIZOPHRENIA 's release will be delayed by a few days (due July 24-27), so Roger & Paul have decided on a special pre-release offer  - how does a personalized autographed cd sound?!  This offer is good only for pre-release orders until we receive the cd's, then it will go away, so be sure to get your order in.

We've all seen some of the wonderful reviews coming in already (more coming too!) and the critics are loving it, and we know you will too.  There is simply something for everyone on this amazing cd, so go ahead, have a listen:  www.betterdazemusic.com/music 

"Musical Schizophrenia follows a stream of entrancing, all-new music that has been released by Paul Barrere and Roger Cole in 2015. The team has continued to make music that captures the pulse of their musicality: blues, rock, and a liquid sound that engages listeners of all genres. 

The duo has relentlessly moved forward in forging brand new music that suits their vision. Both Cole and Barrere possess a long list of accomplishments and multi-decade experience in the music industry, but the two decided to launch their own company after collaborating. With a mission of focusing more on artistry than on mainstream hype, the two have released singles this year such as “Breathe”, “The Quiet Man”, “Bad Blood”, “Who’s Right”, and now comes the new album, Musical Schizophrenia.

Cole has struggled with near-debilitating back problems for more than two years, and he has undergone aggressive treatment this year in response to a deterioration in his condition. Nevertheless, the music has continued. Persevering through his pain, Cole has joined forces with Barrere time and time again to make music, including Musical Schizophrenia

The new record offers the duo’s signature liquid, blues, and rock sounds entwined with powerful vocals and lyrics. Both Barrere and Cole collaborated to create the instrumental setup for each of the ten singles, as well as the lyrics and vocals." ~ Quoted Section Courtesy of Heather Hawkins, Hawkins Copywriting 



Album Review by Crossradar
Posted on July 16, 2015

"...For those of us on the listening end, there is the opportunity to get lost in a journey of possibilities, hopes, and expectations..." ~ Chris, Crossradar

Looks like the guys have done it again!

"...As the album progresses, we are taken through a range to styles, with ‘Moto’s Monkey’ heading in more of a psychedelic direction. The swirling guitar tones wash around the listener, while the lead vocal churns out in a staccato fashion. Lurching forward, ‘Breakdown’ gets things more down and dirty with some thundering bass tones and blistering distorted guitars that really start to sing as the solo rings out, while ‘Breathe’ pulls things back again..." 

Click here to read more of Crossradar's review.

Posted on July 12, 2015
"Overall, this is an excellent album that displays a large musical range within their chosen genre, and an equally sizeable emotional range in their very well crafted lyrics. The songs vary from serious to satirical, from playful to poignant, all with the appropriate musical
backing that reflects what the song is trying to convey, rather than merely a vehicle for virtuosity. For guitar aficionados, there’s some gorgeous playing here, but this album’s real appeal is the high quality songwriting." ~ Alex Faulkner, The Faulkner Review
Go Fund Me Update
Posted on June 19, 2015

Good afternoon all, LJ here with a Roger update.  We are happy to announce we have raised 56% of the money Roger needs to get his surgery.  Unfortunately though, we have only raised enough for him to pay for the pain relief medication and a few doctors visits.  The out of pocket expenses have really been a difficult blow for him and I am here appealing to you all yet again to share the link as far as possible.  I know that you have all done all that you could, so we ask that we all work together to get this spread far and wide as possible, in the hopes that even more people can see it and maybe help.  

A second page has been set up for Roger by a charity that is set up specifically to help musicians, called Sweet Relief Musicians Fund.    Sweet Relief, if they get the donations, will assist Roger with his household, medical and general living expenses, but they cannot help unless we get the word out, so I am attaching both links here for you to choose from and share.  

Thank you for all that you have done. ~  Lorelei Jones, BDR Admin.

Roger Cole Go Fund Me

Sweet Relief Musicians Fund/Roger Cole

SOE Reviews MARY
Posted on June 19, 2015

Another great review from SOE for MARY.

"..it’s clear that these guys are songwriters true and pure. In addition to its touching lyrics, “Mary” features an dynamic pairing of guitar and piano that provides a melody which absolutely draws you in as you listen. It’s observational, thought-provoking, and a even little bit haunting." ~ Lee Labrae, SOE

Click here to go to SOE's review of MARY. 

SOE Review of Breathe
Posted on June 14, 2015

"The song's production is melodic in an atmospheric and psychedelic type of way and relies heavily on wonderfully arranged guitars and a steady but very alive drum beat.   What gets me the most about "Breathe" though, is the honesty of the lyrics." ~ Lee LaBrae, SOE

Click here to read more from Lee @ SOE

Jamsphere Review of The Quiet Man
Posted on May 23, 2015

"Is there any doubt that Paul Barrere & Roger Cole is one of the best guitar-based songwriting duos around?" ~ Rick Jamm, Japsphere

We are so excited about another fantastic review by Jamsphere!  

"Like almost all other music by Paul Barrere & Roger Cole, this is a track for literary, thoughtful adults: subtle, beautiful, poetic narratives over acoustic folk and blues roots. The more you know, the more you appreciate it, and it gets better with every listen. Barrere & Cole’s style is evocative of so many emotions, feelings, longings, joys and sorrows intertwined."

Click here to read more of the JAMSPHERE review. 

We're In Print!
Posted on May 12, 2015

Thank you Jamsphere!  They liked BREATHE so much, they published the review in their monthly printed magazine!  You can still order a copy of your own, just follow the link provided below.  If you do order a printed copy, you can contact us and send your copy (return postage must be provided) in for Paul and Roger to sign.  What a fantastic gift this would make for the Paul & Roger fan in your life, or treast yourself -  we will even personalize it for you!  See previous news post for link to read the entire review.

Jamsphere Printed Issue for April

Music Video Competition
Posted on May 12, 2015

We are pleased to announce that we are currently in the lead for the AVR Music Video Competition!  Thank you to those that voted, and if you haven't voted yet, please click on the link below to cast your vote.  There is no sign in necessary, no emails to get bombarded with - simply  click on the link and choose the five star rating and, VOILA! you're done.  We would also love it if you can leave some comments, don't tell Paul and Roger what you think - in fact, tell the whole world. 

Click here to give us a 5 star rating!


Goodbye To Jango
Posted on April 29, 2015

To all of our international Jango users, we will be leaving Jango effective May 9, 2015.  While it has been a great deal of fun meeting people from around the world, we find that we have outgrown Jango's services.  You can find us on other pages such as SoundCloud and Tunecore.  We hope to see you all come over to visit us at www.betterdazemusic.com.

Posted on April 28, 2015

Hey folks, check out this awesome new interview with Paul & Roger on Entertwine!  http://entertwine.net/rising-artist-better-daze/

Rogers Go Fund Me Page on BDM
Posted on April 21, 2015

UPDATE: We are pleased to tell you that you can now read Rogers whole story and make donations right here on Better Daze Music.  Please be sure to come on by and read all about the injury which has so changed Rogers life, and if you are able, you can easily click  the button  right next to his pic to make a donation.  We will update you all regarding Rogers condition as the info becomes available, and Roger himself will be talking to you all soon.

We would also like to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who has already made a donation, and to  those of you who are sharing so that we may get our plea out there.  We have the best fans in the world.

Thank you Jamsphere for another awesome review!
Posted on April 11, 2015

"On “BREATHE”, Cole and Barrere’s wailing guitars weave around the searching, melodious vocal phrases underpinned by stately, energetic drumming with never a note out of place. From its opening acoustic strains to its final note, the song is both as poignant and dazzling as they come." 

"Uncannily, this recording has the true experimental and psychedelic sound that started the Floyd era. What an authentically beautiful production this is in 2015. Barren of today’s glossy studio gimmicks…and dear Lord, I think I can actually hear real drums in the track!"

Click here to read the rocking JAMSPHERE review of BREATHE.



Media Page Update
Posted on April 8, 2015

Hey everybody, we have updated the media page with new Roger & Paul pics, so be sure to check it out!

Posted on April 8, 2015


Click below to see BREATHE feature article:

New York

Los Angeles


Posted on April 1, 2015

BREATHE - now available for listening and download!

APRIL 1, 2015 - Musicians Roger Cole and Paul Barrere of Better Daze Records have announced a brand new single. The duo is known for their outlaw brand of music, which is set apart from mainstream music. The new single is no exception and offers uniquely woven musicality punctuated with a ghostly sound.

 “Breathe” is the newest release from Better Daze Records. The single’s music and lyrics were co-written by Cole and Barrere. Cole provided vocals, bass, drums, percussion and gardening tools for the track, while both Cole and Barrere contributed the guitars for “Breathe”

 The haunting tune of the new track hooks listeners with an entrancing melody and palpable lyrics that leave a striking message. More information about the new single from Better Daze Records can be found at www.betterdazemusic.com.


~Heather Hawkins, Contributing Writer

Posted on March 23, 2015

COMING APRIL 1, 2015 - Musicians Roger Cole and Paul Barrere of Better Daze Records have announced a brand new single. The duo is known for their outlaw brand of music, which is set apart from mainstream music. The new single is no exception and offers uniquely woven musicality punctuated with a ghostly sound.

“Breathe” is the newest release from Better Daze Records. The single’s music and lyrics were co-written by Cole and Barrere. Cole provided vocals, bass, drums, percussion and gardening tools for the track, while both Cole and Barrere contributed the guitars for “Breathe”

The haunting tune of the new track hooks listeners with an entrancing melody and palpable lyrics that leave a striking message. More information about the new single from Better Daze Records can be found at www.betterdazemusic.com.

About Better Daze Records

Creating “music for the sake of music”, Paul Barrere and Roger Cole are the musicians and driving forces behind Better Daze Records. Wanting to avoid the guidelines set forth by big labels and distributors in the name of mainstream music, the two set out to create Better Daze Records. Through their own label, Barrere and Cole inject their own flavor of expression and creativity into each of their unique works.


 Better Daze Records

Website: www.betterdazemusic.com/music

Email Us:  info@betterdazerecords.com


~  Heather Hawkins, Contributing Writer





Posted on February 26, 2015

JAMSPHERE & INDIE BAND GURU have reviewed IN MY TIME OF DYING and have given it their stamp of approval!


"This track could easily have come out at the time of the Chicago Blues explosion during the late forties and early fifties. Often you listen to one of those seminal Blues artists from that era and wonder, “what if they had captured this person at the top of their game, doing some of their better material with better musicians, in a more modern recording studio?” Well, here is that recording!

If a person has any affection for this genre and doesn’t love this song as soon as they put it on, then he or she must be seriously out of tune. There’s no hidden meaning here or elaborated arrangement to absorb; this is the ABC of how it all started back in the day. In fact, if you’re an established musician, you should play this occasionally, to make sure that you haven’t strayed too far from the basic heart and soul of what we bastardize as rock music today.

If you’re only just listening, then buckle up, relax and enjoy the ride, because Paul Barrere & Roger Cole will be chauffeuring you in the best possible manner. The bass and guitars pound like a slow train through your brain, while the vocal is strong as ever. Cole and Barrere obviously had a vision their minds when they produced this track. This is what modern-day blues artists want to sound like, and older blues players could have potentially sounded like."

Click link above to read complete review.


"It takes a certain amount of faith in your skills to tackle a song that has been recorded many times before.  Even more confidence is needed when you take a shot at a gospel song that has been sung by many congregations through the years.  Our friends Paul Barrere and Roger Cole are doing just that with the song “In My Time Of Dying”."

Click above to read more from INDI BAND GURU!

Posted on February 11, 2015

Recently, we have seen a large jump in the number of new fans from around the world discovering and enjoying RIDING THE NOVA TRAIN.  Due to this renewed interest, we are giving The TRAIN the attention is so rightly deserves.  For this reason, starting tomorrow, be on the lookout for out first ever sales ad!  We decided to sweeten the pot with a special offer - Get The Train and learn how you can get a free cd!    (offer applies to physical cd's only).  Sale begins 2/12/2015 with the launch of our new ad!

In addition, for those of you who already know that we have more than just Roger & Paul in our catalog, we want to remind you to two already existing albums, Gryphon Labs "Modern Mythology" and Fred Tackett's "Silver Strings".  Produced and engineered by our very own Roger Cole, who also does various performance on both albums, these are wonderful additions to any music collection.  

On Gryphon Labs' "Modern Mythology" we have wonderful guest appearances by Paul Barrere, Richie Hayward & Fred Tackett.  Says FAME reviewer Mark Tucker "Modern Mythology is completely instrumental, complex, baroque, jammin', a soupçon first of prog-shred, then of ensembles like Hermetic Science, Conventum, mid-period Gong, and finally of the entire spirit of the bondaries pushing art rock movement. And, sweet Christ, can Griffin pull out all the stops when he wants to! Unafraid is a hurtling juggernaut any top-flight prog band would be proud to call its own…once it caught its breath after the incandescent fury of the track subsided. This is an amazing instrument album with rocking tunes you just have to listen to over and over again...The entirety of Mythology is a glorious bath of hedonistic energetics and way-above-average chops.."  See entire3 review here:  http://www.acousticmusic.com/fame/p07328.htm

This is what Jessica Novak at RELIX mag had to say:  "...Silver Strings, demonstrates his ability to arrange smooth melodies and incorporate lyrics that blend into and complement the unique instrumentation rather than sit above it. While Tackett sings and moves from guitar to mandolin, mandocello and quattro, at any given time he’s accompanied by bass, cello, drums, percussion and backing vocals. Tackett mixes syncopated jazz and Latin rhythms in “Jamaica (Will Break Your Heart)” and later delves into bluesy grooves in “One Breath at a Time.” " Read complete review here:  http://www.relix.com/reviews/detail/fred-tackett-silver-strings

Starting tomorrow with the launch of our ad, Gryphpn Labs and Fred Tackett will only be available for a short time more then they will go away from our catalog forever, so order yours at these special prices now!

Official Video Release!
Posted on February 4, 2015

The official IN MY TIME OF DYING  video release is here!

Music Industry Veterans Gain New Traction with Recent Re-Release

February 4, 2015 - Paul Barrere and Roger Cole of Better Daze Records officially released “In My Time of Dying” in 2013, but the single is attracting new attention.

The song, which was a single on the album Riding the Nova Train, was arranged by both Cole and Barrere. Barrere contributed the bluesy guitar runs heard throughout the single, while Cole recorded, edited, mixed, and mastered “In My Time of Dying”. The song has a deep rooted blues sound and lyrics that include, “In my time of dying, don’t want nobody to mourn, all I want for you to is, take my body home”.

 “In My Time of Dying” is a gospel song that has been recorded by numerous musicians. Classic rock, funk, and blues fan all rejoice at the version produced by Barrere and Cole. The single is currently available via platforms such as iTunes and Amazon Music. 

~ Heather Hawkins, Contributing Writer

Posted on February 4, 2015

We are very happy to announce that due to the ever increasing interest from our many new fans, we are reintroducing our wonderful first album RIDING THE NOVA TRAIN.  In recent months we have seen streaming  of the singles for this album soar (and still soaring up & up!) and interest in it is growing so much that  we have decided  it's time to give The Nova Train the attention it so richly deserves.  Thanks to our fans, bloggers, and wonderful reviews we have gotten from some great music mags and online radio such as Sleeping Bag Studios with Jeremy in Canada, Weekend Notes in Australia and Jamsphere right here in the U.S., we are reaching more music fans than ever before!

So, for the next few months, we will feature a new video for a select few songs from RIDING THE NOVA TRAIN which have not yet been done as well as video features and reviews already in the works from our wonderful friends (always interesting to hear what they have to say).

Fret not you fans who want more of the new releases!  While we are reintroducing RTNT we will be in the studio creating the rest of the album for you all.  In addition, we have completed our promised 5th and last new release for you all to hear soon.  This one is easily a favorite of both Roger and Paul and sure to delight all of you as well!

Posted on January 26, 2015

SBS talks about Roger & Paul, and features MARY video.  

We are so pleased to have the promised MARY feature from SleepingBagStudios (click here to go to SBS homepage).  Listen carefully for some info on a new project we are working with Jer on bringing you, and don't forget leave a comment and like.  While you're in there doing all that (what great fans we have!), don't forget to check out past broadcasts for some great new Indie Artists and insight from Jer.

Posted on January 8, 2015

"The use of guitars on their tracks allows the instrument to `talk’ and evoke emotion – from happiness and joy to sadness and grief, without ever falling into the guitar heroics, style of playing." ` Jamsphere review.

We are so excited about the Jamsphere review of MARY, the latest single by Roger and Paul.  "These are grown men at the top of their game, so sit back with a pair of headphones on and a cold beer or a glass of wine and just listen. Roger Cole & Paul Barrere are simply spectacular, playing together seamlessly. And even if they were tone deaf, Roger Cole & Paul Barrere could probably be excellent short story writers, as their messages and thoughts come across loud and clear throughout their lyrics."

Click here to read the complete review of MARY!

Posted on January 6, 2015

For those wonderful fans and friends who have been following us on Soundcloud, over the course of the next few days, we will be updating our page to reflect all of our recent changes.  As you all may have noticed, the page is seriously outdated, and we apologize for our oversight!  Since we are unsure of what will happen once we begin to alter the page, we ask that if we lose you, please come back!

In addition to Soundcloud, we will be updating some other social media sites you may not even be aware that we are on!  Stay tuned in for announcements as the pages are updated and posted.

Posted on December 16, 2014

Click here to read the rockin' review and article by INDIE BAND GURU!

We are so proud to have gotten reviewed by the folks at INDIE BAND GURU, a wonderful site which points out somre great indie music and artists.

"The latest release by Cole and Barrere is the aptly titled “Who’s Right”.  The soft vocal style and mellow melody bring back memories of a simpler time in music.  The mix is very welcoming and provides the feeling that the duo is playing the song only for you.  It stays very catchy as they show off their talent in both songwriting and instrumentation.  "

Click on the link above to read the entire article, and a great BIG THANKS to the peeps at INDIE BAND GURU!

Posted on December 15, 2014

"Cole gained inspiration for the song from a personal experience. When he first moved to Hollywood at the age of 18, Cole met a homeless woman named Mary..." click here to read the complete release and get the full story.  MARY can now be purchased on Amazon!  Just go to our music page, click on MARY and you can connect right from there.  And don't forget to come to our News page to read the back story of how MARY came to be.

MARY Release Date Set
Posted on December 8, 2014

“Mary you can’t cry for us all, we are just children, sometimes we fall...."  The haunting melody and crisp message of the song ring clear, speaking of the highs and lows of a homeless woman’s life.

DECEMBER 8, 2014 - Roger Cole and Paul Barrere of Better Daze Records have announced the upcoming release of their newest single, MARY, set for release December 15, 2014. The haunting melody and crisp message of the song ring clear, speaking of the highs and lows of a homeless woman’s life.

Cole gained inspiration for the song from a personal experience. When he first moved to Hollywood at the age of 18, Cole met a homeless woman named Mary while looking for his first job. “Day after day I used to try to help her out by bringing her food and such. Seeing each other, getting to know Mary, she told me her story. She had been forgotten about by her family and now lives on the streets. It hit me very hard, so I decided to tell Mary's story - a story that is all too common among our homeless.”

Mary depicts the life of a homeless woman who is searching for a meaning for it all. The piercing chorus leaves listeners with a thought-provoking message: “Mary you can’t cry for us all, we are just children, sometimes we fall, just doing time in the grand illusion.” More information about the new single is available at www.betterdazemusic.com.   


~Heather Hawkins, Contributing Writer

Posted on December 2, 2014

"The music and ethos comes right from the heart and is warming to see two musicians, with long legacies still really driven to empower audiences."  As always, our friends from Down Under, WEEKEND NOTES, has given WHO'S RIGHT  a glowing review! Many thanks to our friend, Leona Devaz, for her wonderfully creative questions, we like the outside of the box feel of her questions, and think you will too!  Click here to read Leona's wonderful interview with Roger & Paul.  Find out what a day in the life of Roger & Paul is like, why music is like food, and much more.  

Posted on December 2, 2014

We always like to hear what others think of our music and we are grateful that Music Eye seems to have taken a shine to us!  Thank you Music Eye!   Click here to read more of  the WHO'S RIGHT review.


BAD BLOOD Jamsphere Review
Posted on November 12, 2014

We are excited that BAD BLOOD has been reviewed by Jamsphere and they had some wonderful things to say!

 Here's an excerpt from that article:

“Bad Blood” is melodic, clever and organic. Right now these guys are just about as good as rock entertainment gets."

To read the complete article and review, click here:  http://jamsphere.com/reviews/paul-barrere-and-roger-cole-bad-blood

Follow this link to see us on the webzine cover page:  http://jamsphere.com/ 

WHO'S RIGHT Available for listening
Posted on November 11, 2014

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, OCTOBER 11, 2014 - The latest single to come from Better Daze Records sends a poignant message. Who’s Right comes from the perspective of someone who is thanking the people who generously helped them in the past, despite how he treated them.

The newest single from Better Daze Records is another token of the unique brand of artistry that Roger Cole and Paul Barrere carefully infuse into their music. Who’s Right was written by both Cole and Barrere, and the vocals are performed by Roger Cole. The duo was responsible for the full instrumentals, production, engineering, recording, editing, mixing, and mastering the new single.

Who’s Right offers hues of blues and rock with a melancholy sound. With lyrics that include “Who’s right, who’s right to, say the things that I have said to you; I’d like, I’d like to, thank those that helped get me through”, Who’s Right shows a glimpse into the regret one man feels about mistreating the people who helped him in the past.

 ~ H. Hawkins, Contributing Writer

Posted on October 18, 2014

Sign In or Sign Up (click here) for  TuneIn radio, put in your location, and find out if it is available in your local area, or what station on the internet is playing this edgy song by Roger and Paul.   You can also listen to it every 12 minutes past the hour on the player on the bottom of the page.  

Bad Blood Review
Posted on October 14, 2014

Music Eye Reviews  gave us an amazing review we're rather proud of.  This is what they had to say about BAD BLOOD:

... "Bad Blood". Bluesy and dark, deep and intellectual lyrics delivered by emotional, soft, yet strong vocals and accompanied by clever harmonies. "Bad Blood" reminds me a little of Pink Floyd. Rock music spiced with jazzy psychedelic elements and effects. In the music video we can see the lyrical character battling with his inner demons. Song and music video fits perfectly together and creates an emotional lasting effect. 

Click on the link above to read for yourself and to watch the video.  We are eager to read your comments!  And don't forget to comment and rate BAD BLOOD on iTunes and Amazon

Posted on October 3, 2014

Better Daze Records Releases Second Single


LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, OCTOBER 03, 2014 - Roger Cole and Paul Barrere of Better Daze Records have announced the official release of their second single. The new track, Bad Blood, provides a glimpse into the struggle of someone who is desperately battling drug addiction.


Better Daze Records is focused on creating a totally unique sound, as can be clearly heard in the melody and vocals of Bad Blood. “Sun light, so bright, searing through my soul, blood burns, guts churn, the needle takes its toll,” Roger Cole sings. The song is a powerful reminder of the descent into darkness that comes with drug addiction.


Bad Blood was completely written and produced by the duo at Better Daze Records. Roger Cole and Paul Barrere wrote the lyrics, carried all the instrumental and vocal parts, engineered, recorded, edited, mixed, and mastered the new single. Infusing their music industry experience and artistry, Roger Cole and Paul Barrere have again created a unique sound that strays from mainstream.


The release of Bad Blood follows Better Daze Records’ release of The Quiet Man. More information is available at www.betterdazemusic.com.


About Better Daze Records


Creating “music for the sake of music”, Roger Cole and Paul Barrere are the musicians and driving forces behind Better Daze Records. Wanting to avoid the guidelines set forth by big labels and distributors in the name of mainstream music, the two set out to create Better Daze Records. Through their own label, Cole and Barrere inject their own flavor of expression and creativity into each of their unique works. 


~ Heather Hawkins, Contributing Writer


Pauls Ice Bucket Challenge
Posted on September 23, 2014

Paul has been challenged, and challenges others!  As we all know, Paul Barrere, and all of us here at Better Daze, are proud supporters of The ALS Society.  Recently, our very own Mr. Paul participated in the ever popular Ice Bucket Challenge.  Called out by friend Andy Davidson, Paul bravely doused himself with the icy water, like the tough guys we all know he is.

So, rules are that after you have completed the challenge, you then challenge others, so....…Mike "Fluff" Cowan, Chris "Crispy" Jones, and Scott Whitcomb - YOU HAVE BEEN CHALLENGED!  And, just for sport, we are challenging all of YOU to take the plunge, then share your videos to our Facebook page.

Please help us to help the millions of people out there to fight this terrible disease - and have fun doing it! 

Posted on September 15, 2014

We are excited to introduce our new "Videos" page with the official Quiet Man video!  Now you can see all of our YouTube videos in one place - on our official Better Daze Music Videos page.  You can also share the featured video to your own social networks and help us to share the happy!

Posted on September 8, 2014

Recently, a news story came to our attention that we feel strongly about and wish to bring further attention to.  It is the story of Clara, the pitt bull who was savagely attacked and had to be euthanized, and the fight to get justice for her.  This is very dear to our heart as our very own  Roger Cole owns a pitt bull (many of you have already seen Jake's pics on our Facebook page), and we know what loving, wonderful animals they can truly be.  We sincerely hope that the perception of these dogs can be changed, and that people can start showing just a bit more humanity and compassion.

 We ask that you do nothing more than go to their Facebook page,  JUSTICE FOR CLARA, and "Like" it, and if you have a fur baby of your own, please feel free to join the cause with your own "I Am Clara" pic.  You can click the link here, or, you can go to our links page and get their FB address from there.

Let us all stand strong together and "Stop The Hate!"

Posted on August 29, 2014

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, AUGUST 29, 2014 - The creative wizards at Better Daze Records are excited to announce a brand new single. Roger Cole and Paul Barrere, music industry experts, have created a fresh track, The Quiet Man, which becomes available today.


Cole and Barrere are talented, seasoned songwriters and musicians who decided to branch away from imposing mainstream media and follow their own creative journey. The new single, The Quiet Man, is a sultry, rhythmic track with lyrics that begin, “Gather round people, hear the tale of The Quiet Man, who in silent respite, maintains his site, through the darkest times of man.”


Citing musical influences such as Leonard Cohen and Dire Straits, Barrere and Cole infuse their own style into intricately written, highly-developed musical sounds and storylines. The Quiet Man has a hauntingly familiar sound that blues, rock, and country fans alike will appreciate. More information about the music being developed by Better Daze Records is exclusively available at www.betterdazemusic.com/music.

Posted on August 14, 2014

Want to get a free NUMBER SIX DANCE song download?  Simply go to BetterDazeMusic.com, sign in, watch the new NUMBER SIX DANCE video, then send us an email with your comments to:  info@betterdazemusic.com.  Once your email address has been confirmed, we will send the link for your free song download.    It’s that easy!

Posted on August 3, 2014

 “I’m really excited about these new songs Roger and I have created.  New directions, new flavor, giving me a lovely canvas for some sweet, tasty licks.” said Paul Barrere, while discussing the new material.

“The Quiet Man”, with its storybook style narrative, has a cool, laid back beat to groove to while considering the situations of the character.  This is a perfect first release to give us an idea of their new sound, which is completely different from their any of their previous collaborations together.

Roger, always hard at work in every aspect of the studio, said of the new sound, “I’m very happy with the new approach on the upcoming material.  All the attention to details has opened the door for some solid tunes, allowing our creativity to flow into some exciting new music.”

So stay tuned folks for Roger & Paul’s newest single, the “The Quiet Man” coming soon to Better Daze Music!

RTNT Now Available on iTunes, etc.!
Posted on July 26, 2014

Want to download RTNT to your iTunes?  Well now you can, it’s as simple as going to our Music page, click on the single you want, then click the iTunes icon.  Singles are also available on Amazon – whatever works for you!


Prefer streaming?  We’ve got you, my friends!  You can catch us on streaming sites such as iHeartRadio, Google Play, Spotify, and many more!  


Coming on our next update, Roger talks about what’s going on in the studio here at BDR!  Get the low down on what’s new with Roger & Paul, and the exclusive insiders scoop on Roger’s upcoming rockin’ solo single!  Stay tuned!



Posted on May 29, 2014

Hey everybody welcome back

We are excited to announce that we have signed a new publishing deal for songs from the album “Riding the Nova Train” with major publishing company “Music by the Sea” to be used in film and TV!

After jumping medical hurdles since the release of “Riding the Nova Train”, both Paul and Roger are feeling better and have been back at the writing table.  We are currently recording some very exciting new songs, which will start being available for download very soon!

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for project updates! 

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