JAMSPHERE & INDIE BAND GURU have reviewed IN MY TIME OF DYING and have given it their stamp of approval!


"This track could easily have come out at the time of the Chicago Blues explosion during the late forties and early fifties. Often you listen to one of those seminal Blues artists from that era and wonder, “what if they had captured this person at the top of their game, doing some of their better material with better musicians, in a more modern recording studio?” Well, here is that recording!

If a person has any affection for this genre and doesn’t love this song as soon as they put it on, then he or she must be seriously out of tune. There’s no hidden meaning here or elaborated arrangement to absorb; this is the ABC of how it all started back in the day. In fact, if you’re an established musician, you should play this occasionally, to make sure that you haven’t strayed too far from the basic heart and soul of what we bastardize as rock music today.

If you’re only just listening, then buckle up, relax and enjoy the ride, because Paul Barrere & Roger Cole will be chauffeuring you in the best possible manner. The bass and guitars pound like a slow train through your brain, while the vocal is strong as ever. Cole and Barrere obviously had a vision their minds when they produced this track. This is what modern-day blues artists want to sound like, and older blues players could have potentially sounded like."

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"It takes a certain amount of faith in your skills to tackle a song that has been recorded many times before.  Even more confidence is needed when you take a shot at a gospel song that has been sung by many congregations through the years.  Our friends Paul Barrere and Roger Cole are doing just that with the song “In My Time Of Dying”."

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