Good afternoon all, LJ here with a Roger update.  We are happy to announce we have raised 56% of the money Roger needs to get his surgery.  Unfortunately though, we have only raised enough for him to pay for the pain relief medication and a few doctors visits.  The out of pocket expenses have really been a difficult blow for him and I am here appealing to you all yet again to share the link as far as possible.  I know that you have all done all that you could, so we ask that we all work together to get this spread far and wide as possible, in the hopes that even more people can see it and maybe help.  

A second page has been set up for Roger by a charity that is set up specifically to help musicians, called Sweet Relief Musicians Fund.    Sweet Relief, if they get the donations, will assist Roger with his household, medical and general living expenses, but they cannot help unless we get the word out, so I am attaching both links here for you to choose from and share.  

Thank you for all that you have done. ~  Lorelei Jones, BDR Admin.

Roger Cole Go Fund Me

Sweet Relief Musicians Fund/Roger Cole