To our international friends regarding shipping fees.  Some of you may have noticed that the shipping cost has increased.  The reason for that is the USPS has now made the decision that despite packaging, the contents of the package change it's description, thus increasing the cost of the postage For example:  we use a soft envelope within the required guidelings, and the cost is just over $5.  Then we put the cd into that envelope, it becomes a package because the contents made it rigid, and so the cost increases.  Now, the price is the same across the board, regardless of which country you live in because the most cost effective way to send it is via 1st mail, which is a standard price according to weight.  So, the cost to the UK, for instance, is the same as the cost to Austrailia or any other country.  For those who have placed your order during the promotional offer the shipping cost will, of course, be honored by us.  We do not feel you should pay extra because the USPS can't get itself together. We do not make up the rules - the USPS does that.  

Now, we have been studiously researching all forms of delivery options, but we have not come up with any other affordable solutions at this time.  If you have ideas or suggestions, we would love to hear them, please contact us at info@betterdazemusic.com.  We apologize for any inconvenience to our wonderful international friends and fans.