"Musicians are supposed to enjoy and have fun with their songwriting craft.  Our friends Paul Barrere and Roger Cole ofBetter Daze Records are well aware of this and continue to keep hitting the nail on the head.

The latest single release by the California-based independent music group is “Your Virtual Life” directly from their new album Musical Schizophrenia.  Better Daze Records continues to put out fresh sounding and thought provoking songs that hit all areas of the musical spectrum.  This one is no different and even has a Kazoo piece performed by the Kalamazoo Kazoo Orchestral Band.  Fun is the main ingredient but there is some seriousness in there.  “Your Virtual Life” takes a raw look at how the internet and social media waste people’s time. “Your virtual life is better than the real one, a social conquest big as your friends list, taking up all your time,” sings Cole." ~ IndieBandGuru