The team at Better Daze is thrilled to announce the official release of their latest single, a sultry and bluesy track entitled “All That I Need”.

Roger Cole and Paul Barrere have collaborated yet again to mastermind an entrancing new track that captures the mind and soul. Cole and Barrere jointly produced “All That I Need” and constructed the music and lyrics for their new song. Cole engineered the single. 

With lyrics including “I like the way that you move, like you got nothing to prove; It’s something to see, can’t believe this fortunate high, you know it’s such a surprise”, the song describes a man’s love interest and his preference to go home with her. Barrere’s vocals can be heard throughout “All That I Need”, and Cole provides back up vocals for the song. 

The fluidity of the song is attributed to the careful musicality of Barrere and Cole. The acoustic guitar, organ, bass, and drums heard within “All That I Need” were provided by Cole, and the electric guitar that pierces throughout “All That I Need” was served up by Barrere.

“We’ll have a rockin’ good time, when you move you’re so fine, wrong was never so right; how ‘bout we leave the floor, go home and close the door,” Barrere can be heard singing toward the end of the new track.

In recent months, the team at Better Daze has released a consistent stream of captivating singles that have received high reviews from various outlets. Cole and Barrere have become widely regarded as having a smooth and eclectic style that infuses blues, rock, and grunge into a brand new style of music that doesn’t fit into the square peg of mainstream styling. Barrere and Cole’s music is delivered in a way that can seamlessly fit into the soundtrack of life.

Recent releases from Better Daze, including “Political Freak Show”, truly give listeners something to think about while offering melodies that aren’t easily forgotten. ~ Heather Hawkins, Contributing Writer