“Grain of Sand” lives up to the expectations of what Better Daze fans are always hopeful for - another carefully woven tune that makes people sit back and think about life from a new perspective.

“Grain of Sand” opens with, “I’m nothing more, a grain of sand upon the shore, a grateful human - a part of the plan, ain’t it grand, ain’t it grand, when I step back and see, the frightening need to find a place in infinity, can’t they see, oh can’t they see”.

In the new song, listeners hear a man traversing the sands of time and comparing himself to a single grain. “It really don’t matter if you’re on top of the hill, or down at the bottom fighting still, I have no delusions there’s no more or less to gain, when it draws to conclusions everybody’s the same”, listeners hear toward the end of the single.

The song offers a bluesy, mellow sound that makes it easy for listeners to become captivated in the lyrics and musical artistry of “Grain of Sand”.

Barrere and Cole yet again demonstrate their intellectual perspectives and infuse them directly into the fabric of their music, offering deep thoughts that inspire listeners to think about life in a new and different way. All in all, “Grain of Sand” offers listeners a brief escape from the daily grind, as do all of Better Daze’s singles.

Since their debut album, Riding the Nova Train, Better Daze has been making music for those who’ve grown tired with the typical mainstream sound. The duo’s mission is to create “music for the sake of music”, as is demonstrated in their long list of projects, albums, and singles at Better Daze.  Paul Barrere and Roger Cole are proving that mainstream music isn’t necessarily where the richest vocals and instrumentals can be found. With a respect to what’s popular today, the Better Daze team collaborates to create engaging, thought-provoking music that ranges genres including blues, rock, grunge, and even country. Listeners delight in love ballads, comedic trills, and storytelling songs, and more when they hear Barrere and Cole’s musical concoctions. 

“Grain of Sand” can now be found on the Better Daze website for instant streaming, and it is also available on Amazon and the Apple iTunes store for download. ~ Heather Hawkins, Contibuting Writer