Well would ya look at this lineup of tunes!  Practically plays like a greatest-hits album with the number of pre-released singles that are featured on Roger Cole & Paul Barrere’s latest record, Lost In The Sound.  Take note, independent musicians & bands from around the world…this is how ya do it…

 “Seems like half the world’s gone stupid, the other half insane.”  Amen brother, I hear ya on that.  That’s one of the great lines you’ll find in the lyrical insight of what’s damn near a punk-thrasher for these guys.  Groove-rock at the very least, “Send In The Canary” is an early highlight on the record that the DeLeo brothers would be plenty proud of if they’d written it themselves…Roger & Paul are locked into a sound that has them in a Stone Temple Pilots vibe.  Interesting cut in the sense that I wouldn’t expect this tune from the boys…I don’t know that many people out there that follow their music would either – I like that kind of surprise when I listen to new music, don’t you?  Loved the mix, loved the recording, loved the amount of control you can hear in the musicianship & instrumentation even though the song still retains that thrashing spirit of real rock in the air. Clever words from Roger, solid performance on the mic and great mix on the vocals – WICKED tone from Paul’s guitars…dammit, I mean, this song is just all-out FUN while still providing another layer of depth through the insightful, thought-provoking lyricism.  Bass is rippin’ it up, the beat is killer…”Send In The Canary” freakin’ ROCKS and is definitely an early highlight; as unexpected as it was, they really own this song’s every moment and prove they can rock as hard as they wanna.  It also sets off a chain reaction of new tunes to follow, with their title-track up next on the list.

Twelve seconds in, your jaw should drop to the floor and “Let It Go” should be tantalizing your eardrums already…because that, my friends…THAT is what you call a serious groove right there.  Roger & Paul sound like what you might imagine Tom Primus & The Heartbreakers could have been.  I didn’t get that wrong btw – Roger sounds like Tom Petty fronting Primus writing from a Heartbreakers approach – so I gave it a name.  And if that description doesn’t sound like something you’d want to listen, then brother, you are reading the WRONG page today…because a combination like that, on paper, would be extremely appealing to me already – and the reality is, this tune is that much better than the high expectations a description like that should induce.  Seriously…what’s NOT to love about “Let It Go?” 

I double-checked the previous review I wrote about “All That I Need” just to make 100% sure of the fact that I pointed-out the sick Sly & The Family Stone-esque groove that they put into this tune.  One of my favorite performances from Roger in the vocals adding to the slick bass tones and addictive movement of the song – “All That I Need” is like one big giant hook that never lets you go.  Definitely a great choice to include with this diverse set of tunes and certainly one that my ears welcomed back, I love this cut.  Read my full thoughts on “All That I Need” right here in my previous review.  You can also check out the review on the following song “Final Curtain” right here, which is a SLICK song to have worked into the lineup here – it’s actually a solo-tune from Roger Cole.  It’s a solid inclusion that fits right in here…Cole might get a little crazy and excited with those drums, but you can tell it must all have the full support of his cohort Paul if it’s showing up here on the new album, which says a lot about them both.  Another insatiable groove that really takes over Cole’s spirit though – he gets right into “Final Curtain” and I think it was without a doubt a great cut to include on this album overall.


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