LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, AUGUST 29, 2014 - The creative wizards at Better Daze Records are excited to announce a brand new single. Roger Cole and Paul Barrere, music industry experts, have created a fresh track, The Quiet Man, which becomes available today.


Cole and Barrere are talented, seasoned songwriters and musicians who decided to branch away from imposing mainstream media and follow their own creative journey. The new single, The Quiet Man, is a sultry, rhythmic track with lyrics that begin, “Gather round people, hear the tale of The Quiet Man, who in silent respite, maintains his site, through the darkest times of man.”


Citing musical influences such as Leonard Cohen and Dire Straits, Barrere and Cole infuse their own style into intricately written, highly-developed musical sounds and storylines. The Quiet Man has a hauntingly familiar sound that blues, rock, and country fans alike will appreciate. More information about the music being developed by Better Daze Records is exclusively available at www.betterdazemusic.com/music.