Recently, a news story came to our attention that we feel strongly about and wish to bring further attention to.  It is the story of Clara, the pitt bull who was savagely attacked and had to be euthanized, and the fight to get justice for her.  This is very dear to our heart as our very own  Roger Cole owns a pitt bull (many of you have already seen Jake's pics on our Facebook page), and we know what loving, wonderful animals they can truly be.  We sincerely hope that the perception of these dogs can be changed, and that people can start showing just a bit more humanity and compassion.

 We ask that you do nothing more than go to their Facebook page,  JUSTICE FOR CLARA, and "Like" it, and if you have a fur baby of your own, please feel free to join the cause with your own "I Am Clara" pic.  You can click the link here, or, you can go to our links page and get their FB address from there.

Let us all stand strong together and "Stop The Hate!"