The official IN MY TIME OF DYING  video release is here!

Music Industry Veterans Gain New Traction with Recent Re-Release

February 4, 2015 - Paul Barrere and Roger Cole of Better Daze Records officially released “In My Time of Dying” in 2013, but the single is attracting new attention.

The song, which was a single on the album Riding the Nova Train, was arranged by both Cole and Barrere. Barrere contributed the bluesy guitar runs heard throughout the single, while Cole recorded, edited, mixed, and mastered “In My Time of Dying”. The song has a deep rooted blues sound and lyrics that include, “In my time of dying, don’t want nobody to mourn, all I want for you to is, take my body home”.

 “In My Time of Dying” is a gospel song that has been recorded by numerous musicians. Classic rock, funk, and blues fan all rejoice at the version produced by Barrere and Cole. The single is currently available via platforms such as iTunes and Amazon Music. 

~ Heather Hawkins, Contributing Writer