Recently, we have seen a large jump in the number of new fans from around the world discovering and enjoying RIDING THE NOVA TRAIN.  Due to this renewed interest, we are giving The TRAIN the attention is so rightly deserves.  For this reason, starting tomorrow, be on the lookout for out first ever sales ad!  We decided to sweeten the pot with a special offer - Get The Train and learn how you can get a free cd!    (offer applies to physical cd's only).  Sale begins 2/12/2015 with the launch of our new ad!

In addition, for those of you who already know that we have more than just Roger & Paul in our catalog, we want to remind you to two already existing albums, Gryphon Labs "Modern Mythology" and Fred Tackett's "Silver Strings".  Produced and engineered by our very own Roger Cole, who also does various performance on both albums, these are wonderful additions to any music collection.  

On Gryphon Labs' "Modern Mythology" we have wonderful guest appearances by Paul Barrere, Richie Hayward & Fred Tackett.  Says FAME reviewer Mark Tucker "Modern Mythology is completely instrumental, complex, baroque, jammin', a soupçon first of prog-shred, then of ensembles like Hermetic Science, Conventum, mid-period Gong, and finally of the entire spirit of the bondaries pushing art rock movement. And, sweet Christ, can Griffin pull out all the stops when he wants to! Unafraid is a hurtling juggernaut any top-flight prog band would be proud to call its own…once it caught its breath after the incandescent fury of the track subsided. This is an amazing instrument album with rocking tunes you just have to listen to over and over again...The entirety of Mythology is a glorious bath of hedonistic energetics and way-above-average chops.."  See entire3 review here:  http://www.acousticmusic.com/fame/p07328.htm

This is what Jessica Novak at RELIX mag had to say:  "...Silver Strings, demonstrates his ability to arrange smooth melodies and incorporate lyrics that blend into and complement the unique instrumentation rather than sit above it. While Tackett sings and moves from guitar to mandolin, mandocello and quattro, at any given time he’s accompanied by bass, cello, drums, percussion and backing vocals. Tackett mixes syncopated jazz and Latin rhythms in “Jamaica (Will Break Your Heart)” and later delves into bluesy grooves in “One Breath at a Time.” " Read complete review here:  http://www.relix.com/reviews/detail/fred-tackett-silver-strings

Starting tomorrow with the launch of our ad, Gryphpn Labs and Fred Tackett will only be available for a short time more then they will go away from our catalog forever, so order yours at these special prices now!