Due to an error in the shipping of the audio proofs, MUSICAL SCHIZOPHRENIA 's release will be delayed by a few days (due July 24-27), so Roger & Paul have decided on a special pre-release offer  - how does a personalized autographed cd sound?!  This offer is good only for pre-release orders until we receive the cd's, then it will go away, so be sure to get your order in.

We've all seen some of the wonderful reviews coming in already (more coming too!) and the critics are loving it, and we know you will too.  There is simply something for everyone on this amazing cd, so go ahead, have a listen:  www.betterdazemusic.com/music 

"Musical Schizophrenia follows a stream of entrancing, all-new music that has been released by Paul Barrere and Roger Cole in 2015. The team has continued to make music that captures the pulse of their musicality: blues, rock, and a liquid sound that engages listeners of all genres. 

The duo has relentlessly moved forward in forging brand new music that suits their vision. Both Cole and Barrere possess a long list of accomplishments and multi-decade experience in the music industry, but the two decided to launch their own company after collaborating. With a mission of focusing more on artistry than on mainstream hype, the two have released singles this year such as “Breathe”, “The Quiet Man”, “Bad Blood”, “Who’s Right”, and now comes the new album, Musical Schizophrenia.

Cole has struggled with near-debilitating back problems for more than two years, and he has undergone aggressive treatment this year in response to a deterioration in his condition. Nevertheless, the music has continued. Persevering through his pain, Cole has joined forces with Barrere time and time again to make music, including Musical Schizophrenia

The new record offers the duo’s signature liquid, blues, and rock sounds entwined with powerful vocals and lyrics. Both Barrere and Cole collaborated to create the instrumental setup for each of the ten singles, as well as the lyrics and vocals." ~ Quoted Section Courtesy of Heather Hawkins, Hawkins Copywriting