Thank you SleepingBagStudios for an amazing review of Musical Schizophrenia! 

"...It’s been a pleasure to watch & listen to these two find their way and truly develop that rhythm between them over time. And perhaps before listening to their latest album I might have argued that these two had already found a groove that worked for them on their previous records…but after listening to Musical Schizophrenia, there’s no doubt whatsoever – Roger Cole & Paul Barrere are clicking together 100% of the time in their music now and the evidence is a truly tight, entertaining set of new tunes...Massively impressed with the way this talented duo has continually shown improvement in their music and that the hard-work and efforts put in can yield an evolution in sound like you’ll hear on an audible-adventure like Musical Schizophrenia. ~ Jeremy Gladstone, SleepingBagStudios

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We are so ecstatic to have been getting some truly aweome reviews of Musical Schizophrenia, and were over the moon when we read what our friend, Jeremy at SleepingBagStudios thought about it.  As you all know, we are very supportive of Indie music, and this is a site that truly stands behind indie artists by getting them heard.  If you have not yet been to the page, click on our links here and do so now!  I have been turned on to some wonderful artists and music through SBS, so go ahead, click the link and let your musical senses have free reign.