Roger Cole & Paul Barrere:  "Just Keep Walking" is an amazing stream of consciousness acoustic-rock tune.  Roger Cole & Paul Barrere's songs have a tendency to embed themselves into self-serving memory for some reason.  Perhaps it's the artists; perhaps it's the songs, perhaps it's the harmonies, perhaps it's the production.  Then again,maybe, perhaps it's everything. Even in the slower and more somber mid-tempo tunes, like this latest acoustic release, there is something that awakens you- leads you on to some type of discovery.  Whether it be inner or outer discovery is your own choice.  But realization of yourself and your world is a never ending pricess.  Maybe we woild all be better in a simpler, ess complicated time.  But, here we are/  And we have no choice except to learn, evolve, believe - and Just Keep Walking.

If you like wonderous harmonies, creative effort, and a classic acoustic-rock sound from a bygone age - this is definitely a treat and essential to any music collection...It was a time when you put the record on your turntable and sprawled in a comfortable chair or sat on the floor and let the music take you compeletly away.  Or maybe you go together with friends and sat around just listening to new releases like this, reading every word in the liner notes on the jacket.  This is what I think we have lost.  Thank you Roger Cole and Paul Barrere, for reminding me!  ~ Rick Jamm, Jampshere Magazine

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