JULY 10, 2016 - The team at Better Daze Music is excited to announce the upcoming release of their brand new single, “Political Freak Show”. The newest song from Roger Cole and Paul Barrere puts a funhouse twist on politics, and it paints a colorful picture for listeners to mull over.

The intricately woven song offers a blend of intriguing melodies and encoded lyrics that offer a metaphor comparing trained performing animals to today’s politicians. As the presidential campaigns heat up, “Political Freak Show” offers a message that many Americans already have on their minds.

“Get your tickets for the dancing bear, he’s now performing, pulling tricks for the man in the chair, attacks without warning,” Cole sings in the opening verses of “Political Freak Show. “A $5 ticket will win a free prize, it’s worth about a nickel and that’s the surprise, so step right up, cause everybody wins.”

“Political Freak Show” is the latest single released from the duo at Better Daze Music and comes on the heels of the release of recent singles, such as “The Quiet Man”, “Breathe”, “Mary”, “Sail Away”, and “Your Virtual Life” from the Musical Schizophrenia. The twelve-track album has received overwhelming positive feedback from sources such as News Chicago, Weekend Notes, The Drainage, OceanicBlue, and The Faulkner Review.

“Political Freak Show” has again proven the artistry behind the Better Daze team and the ability of both Cole and Barrere to collaborate and create thought-provoking, captivating sounds and lyrics. “Political Freak Show” is up-tempo and satirical, offering layers of meaning behind each verse. With the release of “Political Freak Show”, Better Daze Music has taken a hot-button topic of today and given it a whole new meaning.

Barrere played the rhythm guitar for “Political Freak Show”, and Cole offered the drums, bass, piano, vocals, and lead guitar for the new song.