"Imagine you’ve been invited to a party, except when you arrive at the party you can’t find the person who invited you in the first place. Not only that but it turns out it’s not even a party at all, but some kind of bizarre carnival where people are wobbling around on stilts and jostling each other for a giggle.

...True, this is the kind of music that could quite easily have been produced three decades ago, but there is something inherently charming about the fact. It’s a bit like those times when you dig out some old vinyl that has been kicking around for ages but never really got given a spin, only to discover that in that collection of records there are some undiscovered gems, and they seem to sound as fresh as ever...

...Lyrically we’re treated to some gloriously abstract and cryptic imagery; “High heeled cougar with spots walking down the midway / Sniffing that penguin’s bouncing on a trampoline.” At times it’s as though someone has taken some of the Beatle’s wooziest lines and stirred them up with a few of Pavement’s more angular imagery, and that’s exactly the right kind of recipe for songwriting that leaves the listener as baffled as they are satisfied. The crazy circusesque music perfectly matches the lyrics, painting a picture of a mad festival of fun, with people wandering around enjoying themselves while being simultaneously pleasantly confused." ~ Chris, Crossradar

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