Dat bass, dat Bass!  Jeremy Glasdstone of SleepingBagStudios can't get enough of "Dat bass!!!"  What a fun time we had reading this review.

"...I like, and very much admire, that these two guys never seem to be able to sit still…they’ve tried a musical-cornucopia of styles and sounds and I really think it’s admirable to be fearless like that when it comes to recording and creating music.  I think it leads to taking chances…I think it leads to creative breakthroughs…I think it leads to incredible jams and grooves that lead to songs like THIS.  “Political Freak Show” is a shitload of fun from the moment it starts.

...What I really like though, is plentiful here on “Political Freak Show” – the piano/keyboard melody for instance…that’s fantastic.  The subtle synth in the background, the harmonies come out sounding spectacular…the beat is CRISP and snaps with perfect strength & punch in the mix – how about those for starters?

I say for starters…but really, you don’t want to get me started on DAT BASS.  OMG, DAT BASS!  I mean, c’mon!  Hand these guys the award for one seriously intense rhythm and groove lining the walls of this song…DAT BASS is incredible people!  What a seriously impressive bass-line!  I’m not saying there isn’t anything else going on here on this song…clearly, I’ve already demonstrated that…but DAT BASS is mesmerizing – I could listen to this groove all day long.  The complexities and intricacies of the bass-line are pulled off with stunning perfection here and really lead the rhythm to a dynamic place that allows the vocals to find their own perfect moments around it and let the guitars do their own thing and cut loose when the time calls for it.  Definitely think they’ve put together a strong combination of music & lyrics on “Political Freak Show” – but it’s also clearly that instrumentally, they’ve also brought their A-game to this entire recording and committed to every ticking second.  The result is a highly entertaining song that has rad theatrics and a very accessible spin on a progressive style of writing.  This duo continues to impress…it’s always awesome to hear what they’ve come up with next.

And I’m just gonna say it one more time, because I’m seriously that jazzed about it…but…well…listen to DAT BASS will ya?  100% awesomeness."

Now, I'm going to go out on a limb here folks and say that Jeremy really likes dat bass!  To read the review in all it's gloriously fun entirety click this here link

Roger Cole & Paul Barrere – “Political Freak Show” – Single Review