October 16, 2016 - The team at Better Daze has announced the release of another new single, and again, they are delivering a message that speaks loudly amid their creative artistry. “You’re Annoying” differs from many of Better Daze’s other songs, however, in more ways than one.

In “You’re Annoying”, listeners get a taste of how diverse Roger Cole and Paul Barrere truly are. While they are well-know for their bluesy, grunge, and rock sounds, which reverberates through singles such as “Who’s Right”, “All That I Need”, and “Tricky Little Nicky”, Cole and Barrere took on a country sound for “You’re Annoying”.

Together, the duo shifted gears to deliver a very straightforward message: “You’re annoying, I didn’t ask you; but it seems your opinion is sure to last. I’m sure there’s nothing you haven’t been through; if you keep talking, I am gonna kick your…”

It’s likely that anyone listening to the song can relate to being in a situation where someone wouldn’t cease talking. Whether Cole and Barrere were delivering a message for a specific situation or person is unknown, but the two are excited to release their single as a lighthearted way to approach or walk away from such a situation.

The lyrics ring on: “You’re just amazing, almost divine; breathtaking insight, such a stunning mind. Now that you’ve gotten what you came to hear, you can take your enlightened brilliance out of here.”

“You’re Annoying” was created with a comedic undertone, and Cole and Barrere hope that people will enjoy it as much as they’ve enjoyed making it.

The duo worked together to produce the single, and they jointly provided rhythm guitar and backup vocals. Barrere delivered the lead guitar heard throughout “You’re Annoying”, and Cole provided lyrics, vocals, upright bass, and drums. The single was engineered and mastered by Cole.

Cole and Barrere have delivered a steady stream of new releases that offer sounds of multiple musical genres, and “You’re Annoying” is a testament to the duo’s everlasting wit and eclectic styling. In several of their singles, including “Political Freak Show”, engaging satire keeps listeners engaged and wondering what will come next.

Of course, they can switch gears again to flawlessly deliver the messages heard in “Breathe” and “All That I Need”.

“You’re Annoying” is now available for streaming and download on Apple, Amazon, and more.  ~ Heather Hawkins, Contributing Writer