"Lost In The Sound" Goes Live!

December 3, 2016 - Better Daze has announced the release of the first of a two-part album series. Lost in the Sound, Volume 1, went live on Black Friday 2016.

According to Better Daze, the EP will include exclusive songs that won’t be available anywhere else. Lost in the Sound, the single from which the album series gets its name, will only be available on the EP. While Better Daze typically releases their new singles on digital platforms such as Amazon and iTunes for streaming and download, the first taste of Lost in the Sound that listeners will be treated to will come only on Lost in the Sound, Volume 1.

**note from Better Daze: Choosing to stay eco-friendly, we will not be releasing a physical cd for Lost In The Sound, Volume 1.  You can get the digital version of the ep, which are the 44 wav files that are used in the production of cd’s, and contain lyrics/credits booklet and cover art.  But you’ve asked for a listen, and we will oblige!  Tune in Sunday, December 4, 2016 @ 12 a.m. Est, when the single, Lost In The Sound, will go live on our music page!

Lost in the Sound, Volume 1, will offer Paul Barrere and Roger Cole’s newest and freshest music in an album that will leave listeners in anticipation of the next album release. 

Over the recent months, Barrere and Cole have created and released a diverse list of singles which have included Grain of Sand, You’re Annoying, and All That I Need. Reviews have been astoundingly positive for the newest music from Better Daze.

Rebecca Cullen of Stereo Stickman said this about Grain of Sand: “The song is beautiful, the sound is reminiscent slightly of some perhaps undetectable moments of stripped back, acoustic rock from times gone by, but it’s melody, it’s riffs, and it’s theme are entirely incomparable, and so the overall effect is just really fresh, and quite inspiring to listen to.”

Better Daze has delivered everything from blues to grunge to country to comedy in their latest singles. For instance, the gritty All That I Need offers lyrics such as “Put on that bright colored dress and some stilettos I guess, just to mess with their mind. Laugh at the look in their eyes…until they realize that we left them behind.”

In You’re Annoying, fans were treated to a parody-type country-themed song with lyrics including “You’re annoying, I didn’t ask you, but it seems your opinion is sure to last. I’m sure there’s nothing you haven’t been through. If you keep talking I am gonna kick your…”

Lost in the Sound will offer a deep look into the wrath of Mother Nature, and Better Daze has released the following lyrics: “In a world filled with greed and power, and conquests reaching for the sky; we’re stripping away all the ancient beauty, Mother Nature holds her head to cry.”  ~ Heather Hawkins, Contributing Writer