Fans following Better Daze Music have been thrilled by a series of new releases that have trickled out, each one offering its very own mood, feel, and message. Better Daze Music is excited to announce that they have just launched the first digitally available solo single by Roger Cole, “Final Curtain”.

While most of the music released by Better Daze Music is a collaboration of both founders, “Final Curtain” features just one part of the duo. With always-dynamic artistry and a nearly-haunting message, “Final Curtain” tells the tale of the beginning of the end.

Better Daze Music’s Roger Cole has become well known for intriguing listeners with perplexing lyrics, and the newest single’s release won’t leave listeners disappointed.

In ‘Final Curtain’, fans listen as Roger Cole spells out the end of the “last goodbye”. “Looks like it’s gonna be another long winter; feels like it’s gonna be a very long day; cold eyes, deep inside don’t they smolder; looks like it’s gonna be a very short stay,” sings Cole.

Music, lyrics, vocals, guitars, and bass were all contributed by Cole, as well as producing, engineering, and mastering. Joe Travers contributed the drums for the single.

Other lyrics in ‘Final Curtain’: “Keep it simple, let’s just say; the final curtain of this play is closing; no need to point out all the scenes; of heart to hearts and pretty screams, exploding.”

Right now, ‘Final Curtain’ is available for download and streaming on major digital platforms. Fans can also hear the new single by visiting the Better Daze Music website. ~ Heather Hawkins, Contributing Writer