Better Daze Music has just announced the release of their latest single, the highly anticipated track “In My Prison”.

“In My Prison” comes at the heels of a stream of releases that have continued to attract and engage audiences. Recent singles have included “Final Curtain”, “Rising Star”, and “Summer Storm”. Now, audiences are getting their first taste of “In My Prison”, a grunge and rock track that tells the tale of a man in the throes of depression and uncertainty.

As with each of their tracks, the Better Daze Music team worked to create another song that wills the mind to expand and consider new possibilities.

Better Daze Music is headed by Roger Cole and Paul Barrere, a duo that continuously work to enthrall audiences of all ages and fans of varying genres. Straying from mainstream music, Barrere and Cole have leveraged their talents and years of industry experience to deliver unique, raw, thought-provoking music. With songs spanning from ballads to satire to old fashioned rock and roll, Better Daze Music has created and fine-tuned their own special recipe for creating music for the masses.

“In My Prison” weaves lyrics such as “in my prison, of indecision, how can my thoughts form?” and “The tower card will always show, no fortune teller here, no gypsies with their tarot cards, to quiet all your fears”.

The new single features vocals by both Cole and Barrere. Guitar credits go to Barrere, and Cole headed up the keyboard, bass, and drums for “In My Prison”.

The Better Daze Music team is proud to introduce a brand new single to their collection of carefully crafted music. Currently, Better Daze Music has three albums and the recent string of singles. These can all be found at the company’s website, as well as for streaming and download via major digital platforms. For instance, each track can be found for purchase via Apple and Amazon.

“In My Prison” is also expected to be available for purchase via these platforms. Lyrics and more will soon be available at http://betterdazemusic.com. ~ Heather Hawkins, Contributing Writer