"Listening to Musical Schizophrenia is a curious experience. You sometimes get the feeling that you’ve heard these songs before, a kind of musical deja vu. This is in part due to Cole and Barrere’s guitar playing being part of the musical DNA of the collective unconscious, familiar even if you don’t realize it. Cole and Barrere are not shy about their musical influences either – they might’ve copped Mark Knopfler’s guitar tone during a set break, hastily scribbling down his pedal settings. Other moments are strongly reminiscent of the dark brooding work of Dave Gilmour during Pink Floyd’s heyday, most notably on “Breathe”, which is strongly reminiscent of “Hey You”, from The Wall.

Both players fingers are like quicksilver lightning on the fretboard, bending steel to their wills to spill a piece of their soul. The guitars sometimes spit and rage, like on “Breakdown”, sometimes sigh, “The Quiet Man”, sometimes flit like sunlight on water, “Breathe”.

In the laid back swagger of Roger Cole and Paul Barrere, the pair reveal themselves to be loving devotees of six string rock ‘n roll. They also reveal themselves to be guitar wizards, but they’ll never come right out and tell you. Let me set that record straight right now, for all time. 

Musical Schizophrenia is a humble and heartfelt record, that screams louder than a million supernovas when you lean in and listen. Do so. Immediately." ~ J. Simpson, The Drainage



"For those of us on the listening end, there is the opportunity to get lost in a journey of possibilities, hopes, and expectations. It’s clear from the start that Cole & Barrere intend to create music that allows the listener to be taken places, with a dreaminess that pervades their songwriting."  ~ Chris, Crossradar



"The time draws near when the independent titans of rock will give rise to the mother of all indie classic, old-school rock albums that will become the center of the independent sonic solar system, the album that is Musical Schizophrenia...This is a majestic, soaring, almost spiritual album which features the duo of  Roger Cole & Paul Barrere at the very peak of their maturity, energy and excellence.  These guardians of authentic guitar-based rock, who together form the power duo of Roger Cole & Paul Barrere, have completed their very own personal history-making, world-shaking soundtrack that will rock your very soul." ~ Rick Jamm, Jamsphere



"The guitar sounds from Paul Barrere’s skillful hand are laced with syrupy-sweet tones that are so thick and rich that they make an immediate impact. Musical Schizophrenia is the type of album that makes people re-evaluate any pre-conceived notions and fully opens the door to an entirely new chapter & path for these two to connect to us all.” ~ Jeremy Gladstone, Sleeping Bag Studios



“For guitar aficionados, there's some gorgeous playing here, but this album's real appeal is the high quality songwriting.  Overall, this is an excellent album that displays a large musical range within their chosen genre, and an equally sizeable emotional range in their very well crafted lyrics. The songs vary from serious to satirical, from playful to poignant, all with the appropriate musical backing that reflects what the song is trying to convey, rather than merely a vehicle for virtuosity. For guitar aficionados, there’s some gorgeous playing here, but this album’s real appeal is the high quality songwriting.” ~ Alex Faulknew, The Faulkner Review



"The team of Roger Cole and Paul Barrere formed the label with the simple aspirations.  The only requirements were imagination, creativity, and quality.  They put the hard work in and the songs just started to flow out of the duo.  Over the last year they released a string of singles to give the world a taste of what they were laying down.  There are no genre restrictions and the songs have seemed to grab fans from all corners of the musical spectrum." ~ IndieBandGuru



"Better Daze is one of those collectives that plays from the heart and you can definitely hear that in their music." ~ Music Eye Reviews

The Quiet Man

"The song leads us through some unexpected chord progression which suits the enigmatic subject matter ( “He stands on the sidelines, feigning indifference…” runs the Sultans of Swing-esque chorus). Roger Cole’s understated vocal performance allows the poetic lyrics to shine, and there’s some tasteful lead guitar work throughout.” ~ Alex Faulkner, The Faulkner Review



"Is there any doubt that Paul Barrere & Roger Cole is one of the best guitar-based songwriting duos around? Not after you’ve heard “The Quiet Man”. While their musical style has shifted across various songs, their trademark guitar work and singing style is instantly recognizable, even if it is acoustic-driven. The lyrics are also quintessential Barrere & Cole, who are capable of telling a compelling story on just about anything." ~ Rick Jamm, Jamsphere



“Musical Schiozphrenia rings in with the slow burn psychedelic introversion of “The Quiet Man”, glowing with a static haze heat lightning aura…” ~ J. Simpson, The Drainage



“Bluesy sound and nostalgic mood accompanied by guitar sounds and deep full voices makes this record a must have for every blues fan.” ~ Music Eye Reviews


"...there's a soothing comfort to this track and fans of rhythm, blues and rock will want to drop into the Barrere & Cole vibe." ~ Leona Devaz, Weekend Notes
Moto's Monkey

"Moto’s Monkey is … a piece of blistering funk rock that surges with flashes of wah-wah and an insistent vocal melody that brings to mind Dylan’s Subterranean Homesick Blues. Both members contribute vocals in a very inventive way, singing at
the extremes of their range…It leads to a biting guitar solo section in the middle.” ~ Alex Faulkner, The Faulkner Review



“…the assembly and production on “Breakdown” is a real salute to a classic time of great writing and clever choices in rock’s past. It’s great to hear sounds like these made so well in today’s modern world…there is simply not enough music out there like this right now." ~ Jeremy Gladstone, Sleeping Bag Studios



“Breakdown is a gritty rock track with a turbulent, claustrophobic lyric about feeling the pressure and “people running in every direction on a psychopathic caffeine high“. The cascading backing vocals that echo the lead vocal on the chorus make for a very effective hook, and there’s a fantastically wiry guitar solo near the end.” ~ Alex Faulkner, The Faulkner Review



"On “BREATHE”, Cole and Barrere’s wailing guitars weave around the searching, melodious vocal phrases underpinned by stately, energetic drumming with never a note out of place. From its opening acoustic strains to its final note, the song is both as poignant and dazzling as they come.  All I can do is say thank you to Paul Barrere & Roger Cole for this musical reawakening, smile, and keep listening."  ~ Rick Jamm, Jampshpere

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"Breathe is a slow paced, haunting song that begins with finger picked acoustic and shows their Pink Floyd influence. It features a ghostly lead vocal that sits far back in the mix and there’s also some very intricate drum fills which are allowed to shine owing to the sparse nature of the track." ~ Alex Faulkner, The Faulkner Review



"The song's production is melodic in an atmospheric and psychedelic type of way and relies heavily on wonderfully arranged guitars and a steady but very alive drum beat.   What gets me the most about "Breathe" though, is the honesty of the lyrics." ~ Lee LaBrae, SOE

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“This just may be the tune I turn to from now on when life and my ever buzzing brain make it hard to just sit still, be in the moment, and as the song says — Breathe.” ~ Lee LaBrae, SOE



"Through their own label, Barrere and Cole inject their own flavor of expression and creativity into each of their unique works. WE got the opportunity to ask the duo a few questions about their current works and where they’re headed in their musical careers for the rest of 2015!" ~ Interview with Jaqueline Cassell for Entertwine.net

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"...Even more impressive is that each song seems to have its own style and genre.  It takes a true talent to be able to play in a multitude of styles...It is a classic sounding rock song with an almost psychedelic feel." ~  Indieguru 

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"Breathe is a powerful melody with energetic vocals and captivating beats and if that wasn't enough the visuals featured in the music video are both breath-taking and relaxing in equal measure." ~ Boulent Mustafa, The Musings of OceanicBlue 



"The haunting tune…hooks listeners with an entrancing melody and palpable lyrics that leave a striking message." ~ News Chicago


Who's Right

“Who’s Right” is not a futurist blast of hyperpop. It is not a sonic sculpture, commenting on race, gender, or politics. It does not adhere to the limited scope of pop music and its concerns…It IS, however, a lazy strum, full of warming melodies and molasses harmonies. It features a laid-back mosey that is hard to find in today’s hyper-focused musical clime.” ~ J. Simpson, The Drainage 



"…Paul Barrere and Roger Cole weave their rock n’ roll magic based on an acoustic-guitar driven rhythm and some tasty, soulful lead solos -and what a beautiful, heart-felt recording this turns out to be!" ~ Rick Jamm, Jamsphere



“With heroic guitars, great harmonies and light piano-keys accompanying the background beat, this becomes a truly memorable moment on the album…” ~ Jeremy Gladstone, Sleeping Bag Studios



"Who’s Right is more of a traditional pop/rock song that could have been recorded in the 1970’s, with rich Eagles-style harmonies on its catchy chorus." ~ Alex faulkner, The Faulkner Review



"Pop rock with country spice, beautiful and powerful voice delivering melody to perfection accompanied by bittersweet harmonies. Strong lyrics, great composition and performance." ~ Music Eye Reviews



"The soft vocal style and mellow melody bring back memories of a simpler time in music.  The mix is very welcoming and provides the feeling that the duo is playing the song only for you.  It stays very catchy as they show off their talent in both songwriting and instrumentation." ~ Indie Band Guru


Bad Blood

“…It’s the most affecting song about addiction I’ve heard since Neil Young’s classic The Needle and The Damage Done.” ~ Alex Faulkner, The Faulkner Review


"Bad Blood sits somewhere between rock and blues, with a swampy, dirty acoustic-driven rhythm and harmony."  ~ Rick Jamm, Jamsphere

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"Better Daze Records is focused on creating a totally unique sound, as can be clearly heard in the melody and vocals of Bad Blood." ~ Stephen Vicino, Music Existence



"Rock music spiced with jazzy psychedelic elements and effects. In the music video we can see the lyrical character battling with his inner demons. Song and music video fits perfectly together and creates an emotional lasting effect." ~ Music Eye Reviews


Just Keep Walking

"The song is a mellow Americana piece that creates a warmth that seems to surround the listener.  The accompanying music video shares some amazing scenery to fully paint the picture." ~ Keith Pro, Indi Band Guru



"There’s a world-weary melancholy in the music, but the message is positive: “Just Keep Walking that same old road…follow your dreams now and you’ll never grow old….”." ~ Alex Faulkner, The Faulkner Review



Roger Cole & Paul Barrere:  "Just Keep Walking" is an amazing stream of consciousness acoustic-rock tune.  Roger Cole & Paul Barrere's songs have a tendency to embed themselves into self-serving memory for some reason.  Perhaps it's the artists; perhaps it's the songs, perhaps it's the harmonies, perhaps it's the production.  Then again,maybe, perhaps it's everything. Even in the slower and more somber mid-tempo tunes, like this latest acoustic release, there is something that awakens you- leads you on to some type of discovery.  Whether it be inner or outer discovery is your own choice.  But realization of yourself and your world is a never ending pricess.  Maybe we woild all be better in a simpler, ess complicated time.  But, here we are/  And we have no choice except to learn, evolve, believe - and Just Keep Walking.  ~ Rick Jamm, Jamsphere



"These are grown men at the top of their game, so sit back with a pair of headphones on and a cold beer or a glass of wine and just listen. Roger Cole & Paul Barrere are simply spectacular, playing together seamlessly." ~ Rick Jamm, Jamsphere

"I just love their fusion of blues, country, folk and rock. Their lyrics always tell you a story or describe an experience and make you think. The use of guitars on their tracks allows the instrument to `talk’ and evoke emotion – from happiness and joy to sadness and grief, without ever falling into the guitar heroics, style of playing." ~ Rick Jamm, Jamsphere

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“…The chorus is one of the most memorable here and perhaps contains the album’s most profound line: “We are just children, sometimes we fall…doing time in the grand illusion…” ~ Alex Faulklner, The Faulkner Review



“MARY” is a great thought-provoking track that should give encouragement to real musicians and music lovers everywhere. ~ Jeena Johnson, Soundlooks



"... it’s clear that these guys are songwriters true and pure. In addition to its touching lyrics, “Mary” features an dynamic pairing of guitar and piano that provides a melody which absolutely draws you in as you listen. It’s observational, thought-provoking, and a even little bit haunting." ~ Lee LaBrae, SOE 

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Sail Away

“…a mid-paced acoustic track incorporating exotic percussion, which fits with the theme of escaping from a humdrum life to an idyllic one: “On a distant shore, our troubles will be no more, hold each other closed in the sands…spend our days peacefully in a self-made reality, listening to the waves rushing in...”. The vocal melody is echoed in some lovely acoustic lines on guitar.” ~ Alex Faulkner, The Faulkner Review



"The song is somewhat different from the typical Roger Cole & Paul Barrere fare you might have. It is a little ‘softer’, more Folk-Americana orientated, in a full acoustic guitar style you would expect from the likes of America, Crosby Stills Nash and Young or Jack Johnson...Everything you likely already cherish about Roger Cole & Paul Barrere is present here, heartfelt and immaculate singing and harmonies, a strong and distinct composition from both artists, and superb musicianship..." ~ Rick Jamm, Jamsphere


Your Virtual Life

"Better Daze Records continues to put out fresh sounding and thought provoking songs that hit all areas of the musical spectrum.  This one is no different and even has a Kazoo piece performed by the Kalamazoo Kazoo Orchestral Band.  Fun is the main ingredient but there is some seriousness in there.  “Your Virtual Life” takes a raw look at how the internet and social media waste people’s time." ~ Indie Band Guru



 “Your Virtual Life closes the album and it’s a fine way to finish; both musically and lyrically it recalls The Kinks. Ray Davies’ style of acerbic social observation gets a modern reboot – an apt word, as the lyrics satirize those who spend more time surfing the internet than living ‘real life’. Over a bluesy acoustic shuffle full of seventh chords, Cole parodies this modern obsession that has become all pervasive: “Your virtual life, better than the real one….a social conquest as big as your friends list, taking up all your time…”, which makes for a very catchy chorus. A quirky kazoo section highlights the dry humour behind the words." ~ Alex Faulkner, The Faulkner Review