Lost In The Sound CD:

Get the full cd now! Including our top streamed song "You're Annoying", and other fan favorites such as the title track and "Political Freak Show". PLUS, 2 new songs, Indifference, and Bring In The Canary (go to our music page to hear a sample of these fantastic songs and remember to click on the arrows to see the lyrics and credits too)!

Price: $10.00

Musical Schizophrenia CD:

"The album, musically and lyrically, is superb. The 10 tracks on “Musical Schizophrenia” are all excellent examples of the all-encompassing term – ‘rock’. The arrangements are lush and creative while the instrumentation emphasizes acoustic as well as electric textures. Roger Cole & Paul Barrere can rock, but they also have more of a deep subtle feel to their blues-based rock themes, which is in the same caliber as Tull, Floyd and Dire Straits – without forgetting the Americana singer-songwriter influences in the spirit of Tom Petty, Neil Young and Steve Miller." ~ Rick Jamm, Jamsphere Magazine

Price: $7.99

Riding The Nova Train CD:

"The men of Better Daze Records show a deep rooted bluesy feel on the song with just an acoustic guitar, stand up bass, and some emotion filled lyrics. This raw style makes for a very enjoyable version to the classic song. " ~ Keith Pro, Indie Band Guru, "In My Time of Dying" review

Price: $5.00